Starfruit During Pregnancy

Starfruit During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may have cravings for strange things at times. If you suddenly develop a craving for starfruit during pregnancy, you should not pacify it immediately. First find out whether you can consume it during pregnancy or not.

You will be happy to know that you can consume ‘starfruit’ during pregnancy. Starfruit, better known as kamarkha, can be among the healthy things to eat during pregnancy. It is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E. It contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, folic acid, sodium, magnesium and fiber etc. This fruit helps to overcome problems like headache, fever, cough and high blood pressure. However, you are still advised to consult your doctor before consuming it.

Starfruit During Pregnancy
Starfruit During Pregnancy

What is starfruit?

‘Starfruit’ is a type of fruit found in Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines and India. There are some ridges on the sides of the fruit. It resembles a star when cut in cross-section. This fruit can be eaten raw, cooked or preserved, apart from this you can also consume its juice.

Is it good to eat starfruit during pregnancy?

Starfruit is consumed for its medicinal properties and is used as a natural remedy for many ailments. It has a mildly acidic flavor similar to that of plum, pineapple or lemon. It has a slightly sour-sweet taste. There is also a lot of nutrition present in it which is good for the health of you and the baby. However, people who have kidney disease should avoid eating starfruit, as it can be very harmful for you and can lead to some serious illness.

Nutritional Value of Starfruit

nutrientsQuantity (per 100 grams )
carbohydrates6.7 grams
protein1.04 grams
dietary fiber2.08 grams
vitamin C34.4 mg
Vitamin E0.15 mg
calcium3 mg

Benefits of eating starfruit for pregnant women 

Starfruit is one of the things pregnant women crave for during pregnancy. Starfruit known as Kamarkha is a sour sweet fruit that tastes great. Let us know what are the benefits of consuming kamarkha during pregnancy:

1. Increases Immunity

Starfruit helps in increasing immunity and stamina. It strengthens your immune system to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses and thus prevents the production of free radicals in the body.

2. Good for the eyes 

Vitamin A is found in plenty in it, starfruit is very beneficial for the eyes. It also nourishes your eyes and protects the eyes from infection or any kind of disorder. Eating starfruit during pregnancy cures eye problems.

3. Treats Digestive Problems

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy, which is faced by most pregnant women. Eating starfruit helps in curing constipation and other digestive problems. This nutritious fruit also helps in treating diarrhea. But before you consume starfruit to treat digestive problems, it is recommended that you first consult your doctor about consuming it.

4. Lowers high blood pressure

Starfruit is rich in potassium, which helps reduce high blood pressure during pregnancy. It also lowers hypertension which is one of the main causes of heart stroke.

5. Eases urine flow

Starfruit has been known since ancient times to act as a diuretic, which helps the urinary tract function properly. If you consume honey with starfruit juice during pregnancy, it will be very beneficial for you.

6. Prevents Cancer

Starfruit has antioxidant properties that help prevent the growth of cancer cells during pregnancy.

7. Lowers high cholesterol level

If starfruit is consumed regularly, it lowers the level of bad cholesterol. It also helps prevent health issues caused due to the presence of high cholesterol in the body.

8. Reduces Oral Infections

Drinking fresh starfruit juice helps in curing viral infections, influenza and oral infections. Apart from this, consuming starfruit also increases your stamina and energy.

9. Controls hormones and stress

Starfruit helps prevent the problem of cramps in pregnant women. It controls hormones and also reduces stress.

10. Helps in healthy growth of the child 

Starfruit is an excellent source of vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. All the nutrients found in it help in the development of the baby during pregnancy.

Due to the many benefits of starfruit, it is considered a good option to consume during pregnancy. Its sour-sweet taste may seem like a mixture of lemon and pineapple. If you do not like its tangy flavor, then you can eat it by mixing it with other drinks or dishes. But keep in mind that you must consult your doctor before including it in your pregnancy diet.