Spices to Boost your sex drive

Spices to Boost your sex drive

Let us know about Spices to Boost your sex drive. There are some spices that can increase your sex time, yes, India is a country of spices and the second most populous country in the world. Although the two facts seem disorganized, they are actually connected! Research proves that some spices affect (increase) our sex life.

Indian spices to Boost your sex drive

Spices to Boost your sex drive
Spices to Boost your sex drive

fenugreek seeds

Saponins found in fenugreek seeds play a vital role in increasing the production of the male hormone testosterone , which in turn causes an increase in male libido .


These green seeds increase the energy of your body and remove fatigue, and help in completing your relationship building process.


It warms up the body and probably adds to the hotness in bed!


Fennel is very effective in increasing the sex drive , it contains an estrogen-like substance (estirol) that increases libido. Having a handful of fennel seeds after dinner can help in increasing the sex drive.


It helps improve male erectile dysfunction (ED)


Saffron is very effective in increasing sex drive, that is why in old films, mother-in-law used to force daughters-in-law to mix saffron in milk on the first night.


It is one of the most popular natural aphrodisiacs. Researches prove that nutmeg has the same effect on sexual behavior as Viagra . Make sure to add some nutmeg to your kheer for a romantic night in!


These increase your energy levels. Clove also has the best aromatherapy scent which helps in improving your sexual behavior.


Eating green chillies with garlic is an age-old (tested) way to enjoy sex for a long time . Peel off the top layers, crush the cloves and then saute in butter, and your partner is ready to enjoy the night long!


The ‘G’ brother of garlic helps you to tingle the ‘ G’ spot easily. It increases sex drive and stimulates sexual performance.