Sperm freezing

Sperm freezing

Sperm freezing procedure is becoming increasingly popular among couples who are unable to spend time together. At present, many health related problems are arising which affect the fertility of both men and women. The problem of not having children is known as infertility. Infertility is not a problem related only to women, it can happen to men also. In today’s time, the happiness of having children can be achieved at any age. If you want to avoid the problem of infertility in future and have the happiness of having a child, then there are procedures like egg freezing for women and sperm freezing for men.

Sperm freezing has been explained in detail in this article. Through this article, you will know about what is sperm freezing, who can get sperm freezing done, how sperm freezing is done and what is its cost.

The process of storing sperm for a long time is called sperm freezing. Many people freeze their sperm , including those who do not currently want to have children, but would like to in the future.

What is sperm freezing

Sperm freezing
Sperm freezing

The process of sperm freezing is also known as sperm banking or cryopreservation. Sperm freezing is a great way for couples to preserve their chances of having or conceiving a child in the future. This procedure becomes necessary when a male partner is at high risk with testicles.

Scientists freeze the sperm using a special process, then place it in liquid nitrogen at -196°C. Thus sperm can be stored for many years while maintaining its proper quality.

Who prefers sperm freezing?

The person who works in such a place, where he is not able to meet his wife for a month and stays together for a few days. In this condition the chances of having a child are very less. In such a situation, the use of sperm freezing is very beneficial. Individuals may also consider sperm freezing for other conditions, including:

People with cancer – You may consider freezing sperm if you have or have recently been diagnosed with testicular cancer or prostate cancer , and if you are planning to have children in the future. Should take. Because procedures used in the treatment of cancer such as: surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy can result in deterioration in sperm quality or infertility . Therefore, if you are going to undergo cancer treatment, you should get sperm freezing done.

Older men – If you are approaching old age, you may choose to freeze your sperm to preserve your chances of having children in the future. Because semen quality declines with age, sperm concentration, morphology (size and shape), and motility all decline.

In addition, aging increases the risk of autism , schizophrenia , and other conditions, which can lead to reduced semen volume, and some people become infertile.

Hazardous occupations – If you work in hazardous workplaces or are deployed in the military, you may choose to freeze your sperm, as accidents or chemical exposures can result in damage to sperm or fertility . Some individuals freeze their sperm before traveling to other areas of the world because of the Zika virus fear that Zika virus can be passed to someone else through semen.

Individuals undergoing surgery or medical procedures – If for any reason you have had surgery on your sex organs , you may decide to undergo sperm freezing to preserve your chances of having a biological child in the future.

In addition, men who have had a vasectomy may also decide to store their sperm.

People concerned for other reasons

who want to start testosterone replacement therapy .
Couples undergoing in vitro fertilization or other fertility treatments.
Reasons for sperm freezing – Reasons for sperm freezing
There are a number of conditions that can hinder future fertility. Reasons for having sperm freezing may include:

  • Thinking about having children at an older age
  • Medical reasons, such as pelvic or testicular surgery, treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy , and diabetic conditions, which can cause erectile difficulties .
  • Male sterilization .
  • Participating in high-risk occupations or sports.
  • Abstain from your sexual partner.

The above reasons may encourage any man to consider sperm freezing.

Where is sperm freezing done ?

The best place to freeze and store sperm is to go to a sperm bank or fertility clinic. “Because it is important to freeze the sperm sample within 1 to 2 hours of collecting it.”

You can also use a sperm freezing home banking kit, such as Legacy or Dadi, to collect a sperm sample. This kit provides special containers for collecting sperm samples at home and sending them to a laboratory for testing and freezing.

Therefore, if you want to get sperm freezing done, you should contact a sperm bank or fertility clinic or consult your doctor.

Sperm freezing process _

  • Before freezing sperm, blood tests are required to check for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • Apart from this, before collecting the sperm sample, the person concerned is advised not to have sex for 2 to 3 days.
  • It may be recommended to give a sperm sample in a private room at the fertility clinic or sperm bank at your convenience. The quality of the sperm sample is collected in the clinic itself, and the fresh sperm is frozen immediately. The number and activity of live sperm cells begins to decrease over time, within minutes of ejaculation . Due to which the chances of having children in future may be reduced.
  • After masturbation , the sperm sample is collected in a sterile cup. In some cases, your partner may be able to help you collect the sample.
  • If you feel uncomfortable collecting the sample at a clinic or sperm bank, you can also collect your sample at home. Just keep in mind that the sample will have to be carefully transported to the clinic within an hour.
  • During sperm freezing, the sample is first tested to analyze the quantity, shape and movement of the sperm. Through this test, it is determined how many more samples will be needed for freezing. Usually, around three to six samples can be collected for a more likely pregnancy, the number of samples to be collected depends on the quality of your sperm .
  • These samples are separated into several vials and frozen by a laboratory technician who specializes in protecting sperm cells with cryoprotectant agents.
  • If sperm is not present in the sample you provide or you are not able to ejaculate , a surgeon can extract sperm directly from the testicle .

How much does sperm freezing cost

If someone wants to get sperm freezing done, the first question that comes in his mind is what is the cost of sperm freezing? Let us tell you that the cost of sperm freezing may vary depending on the time, place and clinic. Also, if you are doing it for a medical reason, sperm freezing may be covered by insurance.

The cost of sperm freezing can be as low or as high as Rs 50,000 for the first year, which includes all the necessary testing and freezing. Later, its price has to be paid every year or every month.

How effective is sperm freezing ?

Sperm freezing has been done successfully for a long time, although some sperm may not be preserved in the process of sperm freezing. During molting, more than 50 percent of the spermatozoa are saved.

f the sperm sample is of high quality, a decrease in sperm after molt should not pose any problem in successfully conceiving a healthy child . Also experts say that, “Sperm does not lose its effectiveness with the freeze/thaw process and has the same fertilization potential as fresh sperm.”

How long do sperm remain frozen ?

If high quality samples are properly stored in liquid nitrogen, they can be stored and preserved indefinitely. Frozen sperm has no fixed expiration date. Modern cryopreservation technology is so advanced that the health and integrity of the spermatozoa remain the same in the process.