Sorry message for wife

Sorry message for wife

Sorry message for wife: Let’s know about Sorry message for wife. The relationship between husband and wife is linked to the threads of love, trust, respect and understanding. It is also common to have arguments in this relationship, but many times a small talk causes a rift in the relationship. As soon as this happens, you should immediately say sorry. This neither moves the matter forward nor does the relationship sour. Especially when the wife gets angry, then it becomes more necessary to say sorry. We understand that the art of convincing a girl is not easy, so to help you out, we have come up with sorry message, status, shayari and messages for wife. With their help, you can quickly convince your lovely wife.

Sorry message for wife

First read the sorry message for wife. With their help, you can bring a smile on the face of an angry wife.

Sorry Message For Wife – Best Sorry message for wife

Sometimes we hurt someone’s heart unknowingly. We do not realize this at that time, but later regret it. If you have also made a mistake and want to apologize to your life partner, then you can send this message to your wife through this article.

What if they get angry with us, we will go and persuade them,
we will convey the voice of our heart to them.
Those who will say sorry from their heart, they will also come running to me,
after that we both will eat a lot of Kulfi together.
Accept it wife, I am sorry!

2. I have a relationship with your every happiness and every sorrow,
you are a precious part of my life,
the mistake you have made unknowingly with us,
then you are bound to forgive.
Please forgive me!

3. Give shelter in the depths of your breath,
give us also a reason to live life,
admit that we have made a mistake, at least
give us a chance to improve.

These wounds will be healed, all the sorrows will be erased,
neither mine nor your eyes will ever be moist,
when you will be with me oh my dear.

5. This heart of mine is getting nervous after you left,
don’t know why, but the fear of losing you is troubling me,
come back oh my love, I
can’t live without you now.

6. There was neither the whereabouts of the house, nor the address of any destination,
unknowingly we have made a mistake,
those who have become so angry with us,
do not torture this restless heart,
accept it, do not give me Now such a punishment.

7. If you get angry, we will pacify you in a moment, you
will go far away, but if you bring me near,
then look at me by saying, O my dear, you
will make this world an enemy for you.

8. Don’t remain silent like this,
agree that a mistake has been made, punishment is also accepted, whatever you give,
you are my love, just leave your resentment and smile now.

9. You are not only my wife but my life,
you are not only my love but my respect,
I am incomplete without you because you are my whole world.
Sorry my love!

10. You are sitting like this, you are angry with us
, tell me what mistake has happened, at least
look at us once with love, I
swear to God, we will not commit any mistake again,
just trust us once.

11. You laugh to make us laugh,
you cry to make us cry,
don’t make me angry like this my dear,
we will unite day and night to convince you.

Saying sorry to you means that we love you,
now you also forgive us quickly, please, because you are my life.

13. If you fight with each other, at least forbid it,
sometimes you and sometimes he, maintain this relationship of love a little.

14. I have definitely committed some mistake, that’s why they seem so angry with me,
forgive me just once, I remember you all the time.

15. Don’t know why they are angry with us today, it
has happened that if we have committed any crime,
we are also bowing our heads to get punished.

16. Why have you kept the pain hidden in your heart, tell me the reason,
if I have committed any mistake, then tell me the punishment.

17. Mana e-sanam we quarrel sometimes,
it is also true that we love you more than myself.

18. I am shattered by going away from you,
you do not come near me, by calling again and again,
I will apologize to you, if
you come once then go to me with some excuse.

19. Whether morning or evening, my heart was always sad,
how I used to smile seeing those birds which were very angry with me.

20. Forgive me dear, who made you feel ashamed,
it was my own fault who separated you from me.

21. Don’t test our love in such a way,
at least forgive us for any mistake that has happened to us.

22. I apologize to you, for what I have insulted you, I
will be with you at every turn, today I have promised myself.

23. The moon is far away from us, yet we are attracted to its light,
don’t know why it is sitting away from us after getting angry,
we are waiting for them to get punished for an unknown mistake.

24. O my beloved, if I have made a mistake, then forgive me,
leave the words of hatred and forget all the grievances and make your heart clean.

25. If you are angry with us, then there will be no happiness in this life,
you have left us, you will definitely be alive but this life will not last for us.

26. Don’t know what happened, it
has become night from morning,
don’t know why they are suddenly angry with us,
have we made any mistake again.

After sorry message, we have brought sorry quotes for wife.

Sorry Quotes For Wife

Sorry message for wife

If a person commits a mistake, he should apologise. No one is small by apologizing. This only removes complaints. If you too have made a mistake and are unable to understand how to apologize to your wife, then we have brought sorry quotes for your wife. You can celebrate by sending them to your life partner.

27. I know I’m not perfect and I make mistakes, but I’m glad I have you there to catch me when I fall. It helps me to be a better person. This time I got angry on you only. Forgive me for that.

28. No matter what happens, you will always mean the most to me in the whole world. Please forgive me for my mistakes.

29. I am a big sinner, because I hurt your heart. Please forgive this mistake of mine. I will not repeat such mistake again.

30. Every moment spent with you is very beautiful for me, but every moment I hurt your heart, I am very sad. Sorry my love!

31. It is difficult to change the past, but it will never happen again in the future, I promise you this. Sorry!

32. You are not only my life but also my destiny. I did wrong by hurting you. Please forgive me if possible.

33. Nothing will be right in this world until I make myself a right person, give me one more chance to prove myself. I will not do all the things that hurt your heart.

34. Forgive me if I have ever hurt you unknowingly. Just don’t go away getting angry with me. I cannot tolerate your separation even for a moment.

35. If we have any complaints, then you can scold us but do not get angry, because I cannot tolerate your anger even for a moment.

36. Mistakes happen to every human being and it happened to me too. If you don’t forgive me for my mistake now, then it will be injustice my lord. I am sorry!

37. Forgiveness is sought from the one who is closest to the heart. You are my life, please forgive me for all the mistakes.

38. I’m sorry, I made you cry. I didn’t mean to hurt you at all, I love you very much. I love you my dear!

39. Having found you, I felt that I have found someone best in my life. If I have hurt you in any way, please forgive me.

40. There may be no forgiveness for the mistake we have done, but until you forgive us how will we rectify our mistake. Please forgive me!

41. You are an important part of my life and if I lose you because of any mistake of mine, then you will not be able to forgive myself. I am sorry!

42. I admit that I have made a big mistake due to my carelessness, but please forgive me. This will never happen again in future.

43. I always thought that women cannot be stronger than men, but the way you tolerated my mistakes proved that women are very strong. I am sorry!

44. I am ashamed of myself that I hurt you intentionally, this thing is eating me from inside, please forgive me so that this burden can be reduced from my heart.

45. Thank you for being the best wife in the world and sorry for treating you badly. I lost my temper at that time, but now I regret my actions. I’m sorry baby, I love you so much!

46. ​​My dear wife, you know that I love you more than anything in the world. Yes, I have made a mistake, but can’t you forgive me for it?

47. I apologize for my misbehavior with you at that time. I was possessed by a demon at that time, but now I regret my actions. Sorry!

48. Please give me one more chance to prove that you are the most precious treasure of my life. I love you very much and I apologize to you for my mistake.

Sorry Status For Wife | Sorry Message For Wife

Sorry message for wife
Sorry message for wife

In this part of the article, we have brought sorry status for wife. You can say sorry to your life partner through these status. You can update them on WhatsApp as a status or on Facebook wall. Apart from these, you can apologize to your wife by posting them on other social media sites as well.

49. Don’t know why the whole world is silent, there
is neither sound nor music,
why this air is stagnant,
is my beloved angry with me.

50. Our mistake was not so much that you get angry with us for the whole life,
agree that we hurt you, but it is also true that we cannot live without you.
Sorry my love!

51. When you get angry, you start to look more beautiful, just by thinking of this we sometimes make you angry. Forgive me now wife!

52. Tell me the punishment for the wrong I have done,
tell me the reason why you are filled with so much pain in your heart.

53. May this smile of your face never diminish, may God bless your eyes never become moist,
may you always be happy, may
you never be sad in life.
Sorry my love!

54. You give me a place in the corner of your heart,
give me at least one reason to live life,
I have accepted a lot of mistake,
but at least give me a small chance to improve.

55. Never leave your company in the journey of life,
never turn away from us even by mistake, we
will not be able to live alone,
whatever happens, do not break this relationship.
Sorry my lovely wife!

56. My Sanam’s expressions of sulking are also amazing, she
feeds burnt rotis by adding salt to the vegetable,
we also silently eat everything in the desire of forgiveness,
but she is so stone hearted that she does not forgive.

57. When you get angry, my heart starts breaking,
I agree that every time I make mistakes, I
am naive and mindless, that’s why I hurt you, I am
telling the truth, I keep making new mistakes while trying to improve,
then hope for forgiveness. Every time I do this to you,
when you do not forgive, my heart starts moaning with pain.

58. Today, I have made this promise from my heart,
I will ask for forgiveness immediately, who humiliated you,
I will support you at every step of my life,
just forgive me this time.

59. Some person is very sad because of your displeasure,
some person is constantly trying to pacify you,
you have turned away from me after getting angry,
but without you, some person is sitting for a desolate world.

60. If there is any fault with us, then forgive us, if we are
not able to remember, then forgive us,
this heart is ruled only by you,
if someday these beats stop, then forgive us.

61. There must have been some reason for your displeasure,
unknowingly it must have been our fault.
Sorry wife!

62. If you get angry, then you have to make a hundred efforts to persuade,
we are the only ones who forget all the complaints after seeing your smile.
This time you also agree easily, please don’t you?

63. If you are angry, we will convince you,
no matter how much the distance is, we will end it,
your picture is printed on this heart,
even after death, we will never let it disappear.

64. What have you become, all the happiness has been lost, the
heart which was full of light, the shadow of darkness has fallen on it,
cannot even imagine life without you,
without you we will be alive, but will not be able to live life.

65. Take all the torture you have on us,
better scold us whole heartedly than this displeasure.

66. If it is our fault,
then fight and quarrel with us
, after all this forgive us too,
but I swear to God,
do not ignore me like this.

67. These mistakes are also like love, they
don’t have to be done, they just happen,
but your heart has always been big,
I hope you will forgive my mistake this time too.

68. No matter how much my needs are,
but there should never be a distance from you,
recently I have a problem with us,
dear, please forgive me now.

69. O dear, at least keep listening to my complaint,
I don’t ask for my life in love with you,
just keep on apologizing for the mistake that I have done.

70. Come on, punish me like this,
make me cry well,
I have hurt you,
if you think I am not capable of forgiveness,
then throw me out of your heart.

71. Share all our sorrows,
whatever fault happens to us,
scold us by pulling our ears.
sorry baby!

72. There are many who give up on a slight mistake,
but you are the only one who understands the mistake and supports you.
I’m sorry Jaan!

73. Whatever mistake someone has made by mistake,
forget that mistake thinking it as a mistake,
but forgetting only mistake, don’t forget us even by mistake.

Further in the article, we have come up with apology poetry for wife.

Apology message For Wife

If your life partner has become angry with you about something, then he should be convinced by saying sorry. Not one, even saying a thousand sorry can save the relationship from breaking or if an angry wife agrees, then what is the point of hesitating in this. After all , there is nothing more sorry than the relationship between husband and wife , so next we have brought apology poetry for wife.

74. Leave anger and accept it,
even forget our fault,
without you we will not be able to rest,
at least you know this much.

75. Don’t just ignore us, forgive us for
the mistake we have made .

76. Forgive us for the mistake we have made now, I
do not like this sad face,
smile a little and clean your tears.

77. Yes, we believe that we have made a mistake Baba, forgive me now,
smile a little with love, now we will do what you say.

78. I have committed a mistake unknowingly, I
will not do this again in this world,
all the happiness is with you,
without you my whole life is in the wilderness.

79. What is the need to give pain to loved ones,
tears come in their eyes, what is the need for it,
even though time is very less for love,
what is the need to lose it by getting angry like this.

80. Even if you are angry, don’t think that I will not be loyal,
you are my life and you will always be my life.
Sorry my love!

81. Just tell me on which matter you are angry,
let’s assume that all are our mistakes,
now tell me dear, why are you angry with us,
for us the whole world is false and only you are true ,
We also know that you are also angry with us,
but you are angry, that’s why you are only expressing your displeasure,
now tell me on which issue you are angry.

82. This journey of your sulking and my persuasion,
all these have a great effect on my heart,
I leave no stone unturned to persuade you,
now accept my life, do not wreak havoc on me.

83. Forgive my mistake,
keep my love in your heart,
you are like my breath,
keep me in your breath

84. You talk, but you don’t make eye contact,
you don’t take our mistakes to heart,
it means that I have made a mistake again,
dear, please forgive this mistake too.

85. This evening is also lonely, this sky is also lonely,
this moonlight is also surprised, don’t know why my moon is upset, if
you are ashamed of me, I say sorry once again,
because this heart is also like this evening without you is deserted

86. Whenever Sanam gets upset, it breaks my heart,
whenever my heart breaks, I swear to God, it doesn’t leave me anywhere.
sorry baby!

87. My love should not be less for you,
forgive my every mistake,
I will always keep you happy,
just give me one more chance.

88. Love-love increases even by getting angry and persuading,
this naive heart of mine thinks so,
I am persuading you through this poem,
you may agree, this is what my heart is saying.

89. Even if we get upset, on whom do we get upset, the
person who persuades us is upset himself.
Please don’t agree!

90. I will fall in love with you again,
I will not make a mistake this time, I will wait for your forgiveness as long as I
am breathing .

91. We didn’t separate your memory from our heart,
why are you angry with us, tell me,
didn’t we intentionally upset you?
Now forgive me my dear.

92. You will be there in my dreams as well,
you will be there in my voice as well,
until you forgive me,
tears will keep flowing from my eyes.

93. I will be with you at every turn,
today I have made this promise,
I am apologizing to you
because I have insulted you.

94. Don’t let go of your dreams just
like that, don’t come in my dreams
like that.

95. Forgive me after listening to my heart, I
swear that I will not make such a mistake again,
convert your anger into some love,
now accept my apology too.

96. Don’t test my love like this,
if I have done any mistake then tell me,
forget all the things and just forgive us.

97. He has become a heartbeat,
we also spend every moment in his memory,
when he comes, we miss him a lot,
but we die when he gets upset.

98. Don’t get upset with us my dear, why spend
this life of four days in getting upset just like that. I’m sorry Jaan!

99. Forgive me if I make any mistake,
you are also well aware of this, I
cannot stay away from you even for a moment.
Excuse me please!

100. How long will you be angry with us like this,
when will you say ‘I have forgiven you’,
your displeasure does not go away from me,
I cannot stay away from you.