Side effects of jaggery during pregnancy

Side effects of jaggery during pregnancy

Let us know about the side effects of jaggery during pregnancy. you are pregnant Along with pregnancy, many such questions have started arising in your mind, for which you do not get the answer properly. Especially the questions related to food and drink because during this time he feels like eating certain types of things and does not feel like eating certain types of things. One of these questions is whether jaggery can be eaten during pregnancy? It is something that is used in sweets all over the world. In such a situation, when someone tells you that you are pregnant, do not eat jaggery, then your mind is filled with strange questions. This blog is for you to answer these questions.

What is special in Jaggery

First of all, it becomes necessary for us to know that what is so special about jaggery, due to which most of the people use it in everyday food. Jaggery contains sweetness as well as fiber, minerals and iron which are essential for our health. It also contains energy, carbohydrates and (less) sodium. Because of all these, it is advised to include jaggery in the daily diet.

Consumption of jaggery during pregnancy

Many mothers remain unhappy after delivery because their baby was born weak. or their baby was born below average. Have you ever tried to know the reason behind it? Many studies suggest that poor nutrition is the reason for low birth weight babies. If you are preparing to become a mother, then it becomes more important for you to know how to fill this gap. How to make your lifestyle fit so that your child is born healthy. This is where jaggery is necessary. Jaggery is a natural sugar, which is essential and good for all pregnant women. Poor nutrition reduces the size of the placenta. That’s why you can easily include jaggery in your diet. It is said that if you start consuming jaggery before 7 months of delivery, it removes impurities from breast milk. Your baby gets healthy breast milk, which strengthens and nourishes him.

Benefits of Jaggery

Side effects of jaggery during pregnancy
Side effects of jaggery during pregnancy

There are many benefits of eating jaggery during pregnancy, about which correct information is usually not available. So here you are being told about it in detail-

  1. Regulates blood pressure- Hypertension is fast taking everyone in its lap. Along with this, stroke, heart attack and don’t know how many types of diseases are also increasing. In such a situation, it is important that you regulate your blood pressure. In such a situation, you should consume such things, which have less sodium. In such a situation, jaggery is perfect for this because it contains less sodium. It maintains your blood pressure.
  2. Good source of Anti-Oxidants- Anti-Oxidants protect your body by fighting against many diseases. Jaggery is rich in anti-oxidants. Its intake increases the anti-oxidant in your body. These anti-oxidants also fight free radicals and reverse the bad changes that happen to your skin during pregnancy.
  1. There is also a lot of magnesium in jaggery, which is helpful in keeping the heart, kidney and muscles properly. It strengthens your bones and teeth, as well as boosts energy. Magnesium also helps fight depression and stress during pregnancy.
  2. Iron too- If you are at risk of anemia then jaggery is necessary for you. Iron is found in abundance in jaggery. Therefore, you should stay away from the risk of anemia during pregnancy, so definitely include jaggery in your diet.
  3. Cures cold and cold – If you are one of those people, who get cold and cold due to a slight change in the weather, then consumption of jaggery is very important for you. It protects you from this.
  4. Improves digestion- Many pregnant women get digestive problems during pregnancy. Nothing comes easily to them. In this case, consuming jaggery can help you. You also get relief from the problem of constipation.

Disadvantages of eating jaggery

There are only a few disadvantages of eating jaggery, which is important for you to take care of. These are-

  •  Excess consumption of jaggery can increase the carbohydrate in your body. This can increase your weight.
  •  Always eat jaggery in its normal form. Avoid eating after heating.
  •  There is a risk of diabetes by eating too much jaggery.

If you are pregnant and you like jaggery, then you can feel free to consume it. Yes, just keep in mind that jaggery should be consumed in limited quantity. If you still have any doubts, it would be better to consult your gynecologist about this.