Shoulder shrugs exercise

Shoulder shrugs exercise

Let’s know about Shoulder shrugs exercise. More than half of the health problems that are occurring at present are due to our bad routine. Continuous working on laptop and phone for long hours affects the posture of the body, which gives rise to many problems. In such a situation, most of the people are facing problems of neck or back pain .

Experts recommend that people should get up and move around every half an hour to avoid the potential problems of neck, back and shoulder pain. Regular exercise is also advised to avoid these problems for people who work for long hours sitting in the same position.

By exercising on a daily basis, you can develop the muscles of the body as well as strengthen the tissues and weak muscles. If we talk about shoulders, then by doing exercises related to it, not only can you get rid of shoulder pain, but also you can develop muscles in such a way that your personality will improve.

Apart from the popular exercises of shoulders like shoulder press and lateral rise, you can also use shoulder shrugs exercise. This exercise can be a boon for weak shoulder muscles that are prone to injury and chronic pain. During this exercise, both the shoulders have to be raised slightly above the neck. Dumbbells can also be held in the hands during exercise. Due to the extra load, the muscles of the shoulders and neck develop rapidly and become stronger.

Benefits of shoulder shrugs exercise

Shoulder shrugs exercise
Shoulder shrugs exercise

Shoulder Shrugs The exercise targets the trapezius muscles at the back of the neck by raising the shoulders to mid-neck height. These muscles help the head and neck to turn in every direction. These muscles also contribute in bending the hands with the help of shoulders. Trapezius muscles also contribute to correcting the posture by stabilizing the neck and shoulders.

These same muscles also play an active role during various day-to-day tasks such as lifting, reaching for objects, bending and sitting. Shoulder shrugs strengthen all the muscles that help in performing these tasks easily and also help in lifting the load. These muscles also play a role in lifting weights during deadlifts , shoulder or overhead presses. A 2011 study in Denmark found that people with neck pain benefited from shoulder shrugs.

types of Shoulder shrugs exercise

It is considered best to do shoulder shrugs exercise with the help of dumbbells. However, this exercise can also be done in the following ways.

  • shoulder shrugs machine
  • dumbbell or kettlebell shrugs
  • barbell shrugs
  • Behind the Back Barbell Shrugs

The right way to do shoulder shrugs exercise

Shoulder shrugs allow you to lift more weight during the exercise, making it one of the best exercises for muscle development. Don’t forget to warm up before exercise and stretch post- workout to avoid injury.

What muscles are affected _

trapezius, neck, shoulders, upper back

What equipment is required _

  • A barbell/ a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells
  • shoulder shrugs machine

Who can do this exercise _

Intermediate (Trainee) to Experienced

set and wrap

3 sets of 10-15 reps

Exercise techniques with dumbbells _

  • First of all, stand in a straight position. Now take maximum weight dumbbells in both the hands as per your capacity. Both the palms should be facing towards each other.
  • Now bend your knees slightly and raise your shoulders towards the ears. During this, both hands should be straight.
  • After reaching maximum height, pause for one to two seconds and then slowly lower the shoulders to the previous position. This is a rap.

Tips  : The shoulders should move up and down in a straight line. Do not rotate the shoulders in any other direction. Take as much weight as per your capacity, so that adequate amount of tension is generated in the muscles while lifting the shoulders. If you already have a problem like neck pain, then you can do this exercise without any weight.


Shoulder shrugs are an extremely effective exercise to build and strengthen the muscles in the shoulders as well as the back of the neck. People who have problems with neck and shoulder pain , this exercise is also beneficial for those people. This is because through this exercise the concerned muscles get strength and stability. But it needs to be kept in mind that this exercise should be done with caution, correct technique and under the guidance of a trained professional.