Sesame oil benefits for hair

Sesame oil benefits for hair

Let us know about Sesame oil benefits for hair. Whether it is summer or winter, it is necessary to take proper care of the hair in every season, otherwise different types of problems start happening in the hair. For proper hair care, it is not necessary that you should buy and use expensive products from the market, rather you can give natural care to hair by using some simple household items. 

Sesame oil also comes in these household things, which is no less than a boon for hair. Sesame oil can be used on hair in many ways and it removes many problems related to hair. The best thing is that you will get this oil in the market at affordable prices. 

Today we will tell you what are the 5 great benefits you can get by applying sesame oil to your hair-  

benefits of sesame oil for hair 

Sesame oil benefits for hair
Sesame oil benefits for hair

1. It is helpful in lengthening the hair. 

1. Beneficial for hair growth 

Of course, short hair is in fashion, but even today the craze for long hair is seen in women. Women don’t know what they do to increase the growth of hair, but sometimes all the efforts go in vain to make the hair long. In such a situation, if you apply sesame oil to your hair, then your hair growth can be good. Actually sesame oil contains omega-3 and omega-6. These fatty acids are helpful in lengthening the hair. Sesame oil improves blood circulation on the scalp by reaching the hair follicles and this has a good effect on  hair growth .

2. Reduces the problem of dandruff 

Whatever be the weather, the problem of dandruff can happen anytime. There can be many reasons for dandruff, but there are many home remedies to get rid of it. One of these is sesame oil, sesame oil rich in antibacterial properties is a very good option to remove the problem of dandruff. You massage the hair by heating sesame oil and leave it on the hair for the whole night. By doing this, there will be a lot of relief in the problem of dandruff. If you want, you can also apply sesame oil by mixing it with coconut oil or almond oil.  

3. Beneficial for scalp health 

As much as it is necessary to take care of the skin of the face, it is equally important to take care of the health of the scalp. It is also very important to keep the skin of the scalp hydrated because there is a problem of dryness on the scalp as well. Due to this, the hair becomes dry and lifeless, as well as it starts falling. If you massage the scalp once or twice a week, then this dryness can end. If you want to give extra nourishment to your scalp, you can also apply aloe vera and lemon juice mixed with sesame oil. Leave this mixture on the hair overnight and wake up in the morning and wash the hair with shampoo. 

4. Prevents graying of hair 

Due to wrong eating habits and poor lifestyle, many times hair starts turning white before time. Obviously, if the hair starts turning white at an early age, then it also affects the beauty of the face. Although you will find many products in the market to color hair, but if you massage hair with sesame oil 2 to 3 times a week, you will get a lot of benefit from it. Let us tell you that sesame oil is rich in antioxidants, which prevent the problem of  premature graying of hair .

5. Adds shine to hair 

Sesame oil is also very beneficial in making hair shiny. You can use it as a leave-in-conditioner on your hair. Therefore, after washing the hair, you can mix 5-10 drops of sesame oil with glycerin and apply it on the length of the hair. This will add shine to your hair.