Taking care of health has become a bit difficult in the hectic life. Lack of time is taking away from physical activities. In such a situation, by adopting yoga, more health benefits can be availed in a short time. There are many such pranayama and asanas under yoga, which have innumerable benefits. One such posture is Sarvangasana. Many types of health problems can be avoided by doing this asana regularly. Of course, yoga is beneficial, but only when a balanced diet is followed along with it. In this article of Stylecrase, we will know what is Sarvangasana and what can be the benefits of Sarvangasana for the body. Apart from this, in this article, we will also tell you the simple way to do Sarvangasana.

What is Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)?

Sarvangasana is one of the best yoga asanas described in Yogashastra. As the name suggests – Sarva + Anga + Asana, that is, all the organs are affected by this asana. In Sarvangasana, the body remains in the inverted position. It is believed that all such asanas in which the body remains inverted are good for mental health. Along with this, there are other benefits of doing this as well, which are explained in further detail in the article. While doing Sarvangasana, all the weight of the person remains on his shoulders, hence it is also called Shoulder Stand Pose.

Benefits of Sarvangasana – Benefits of Sarvangasana

The benefits of Sarvangasana are incomparable. Doing this has a positive effect on the whole body. This asana is a boon for a person seeking good health. Here we are telling in detail about Sarvangasana for health.

1. Sarvangasana is helpful in reducing depression

The benefits of Sarvangasana can be seen in reducing the effects of depression. In fact, experts believe that asanas in which the head is down and the legs are raised can help reduce the symptoms of depression. The name of Sarvangasana is also included in these asanas. Symptoms of depression include mental disorders such as fear of loss and fear of failure. Many such symptoms can be controlled with the help of Sarvangasana. Therefore, it can be said that Sarvangasana can play a helpful role in recovering from depression.

2. Relieves Stress

According to experts, Sarvangasana can also work to control stress ( 2 ). Apart from this, this asana can help in overcoming the symptoms of depression mentioned above, which can be seen even in a state of stress (1) . For now, further research is needed on this topic.

3. Sarvangasana is helpful in increasing metabolism

The process of making energy from food is called metabolism. Any disturbance in metabolism can affect everything from the respiratory system to blood circulation and even digestion (3) . Here Sarvangasana can help you. In fact, a research published on the NCBI website mentions certain types of asanas, which can have a positive effect on metabolism. These asanas also include Sarvangasana (4) , but more research is needed on this topic.

4. Increases Digestive Power

As we mentioned above, Sarvangasana has a positive effect on all parts of the body, including improving the dyspepsia and strengthening the digestive system (5) . Apart from this, it may also work to control irritable bowel syndrome (disorder associated with the intestine), which also includes problems like constipation ( 6 ).

5. Reduces Sleepiness and Anxiety

The benefits of Sarvangasana can also be seen in relieving anxiety and promoting sleep. Actually, regular practice of this asana works to overcome problems like anxiety, depression and stress, whose positive effect can work to promote sleep. However, more research is still needed on how this asana works directly.

6. Helps Treat Sinusitis and Asthma

The benefits of Sarvangasana can also be seen in relieving and relieving problems related to the respiratory system like asthma and sinusitis. Actually, a research published on the website of NCBI includes those asanas, which can improve pulmonary function (related to the lungs ) . In addition, some experts also recommend regular practice of Sarvangasana as an alternative treatment for asthma and sinusitis ( 8 ) . On this basis, it can be said that Sarvangasana can show a positive effect on the problems related to the respiratory system. For proper treatment of these problems, along with yoga practice, medical treatment must be given priority.

7. Sarvangasana is helpful in activating the thyroid gland

Thyroid is a gland present in the neck. This gland works to make hormones to improve metabolism and growth of the person. Sometimes its negative effects lead to thyroid problems such as hyperthyroidism (production of more hormones by the thyroid) and hypothyroidism (insufficient production of hormones by the thyroid). The benefits of Shoulder Stand can be seen here too. Actually, according to experts, some selected yogasanas can help in alternative treatment of problems related to thyroid gland ( 8 ) . Sarvangasana has also been included in this asana. However, exact scientific evidence is not yet available on how effective it will be.

How to do Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose

The method of doing Shoulder Stand is not complicated. This asana can be done in a very short time by following the steps mentioned below –

  • First of all, lay a yoga mat in a clean environment.
  • Now lie down on the mat on the back and straighten both the hands by beside the body.
  • Now while inhaling, slowly raise the legs, hips and waist.
  • At the same time, supporting the waist with the hands, keep the elbows close to the ground.
  • Keep in mind that both your legs should remain straight and close together.
  • During this, the weight of your body will be on the shoulders, elbows and head.
  • Also your chin will touch the chest.
  • Remain in this posture for some time and keep breathing normally.
  • Then slowly come back to your starting position.

This was the way of doing Sarvangasana, now we know further that what are the special things that need to be taken care of while doing this asana.

Shoulder Stand Tips for Beginners

The person going to do this asana for the first time must keep in mind the things mentioned below –

  • Do this asana under the supervision of a yoga guru or experienced person.
  • Do not force anything with your body.
  • Slowly move the legs up.
  • Take special care of the neck. The way of doing Sarvangasana should be such that your weight is on the shoulders and not on the neck.

Know about some precautions related to Sarvangasana in the next part of the article.

Some Precautions for Shoulder Stand Yoga

If someone is facing the following states, then do not do Sarvagasana –

  • pregnancy
  • high blood pressure
  • Severe heart disease
  • spinal cord problem
  • unbearable pain in neck

It is expected that now you must have become well acquainted with what can be the benefits of Shoulder Stand for health. The article also describes how to do Shoulder Stand, following which this asana can be practiced properly. Along with this, it is also important to take full care of the precautions mentioned in this article. Let us tell you once again that Shoulder Stand will be beneficial only when a disciplined routine and nutritious diet is consumed. Also, for any serious physical problem, definitely contact the doctor. Apart from this, for other information related to this posture, you can ask us through the comment box given below.