Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotes

Love is a beautiful feeling, which is experienced by everyone at some point of time. Those people are lucky who get their true love. At the same time, there are some people whose love remains incomplete. Today almost every second person is suffering from heartbreak. In such a situation. It is a bit difficult to feel this sadness, but through the Sad Love Quotes given here, we have tried to share and lighten this sadness. Here not only Sad Love Status but also Sad Shayari in Pyaar. So read the full article for Sad Love Quotes, Status, and Shayari.

Here are more than 50 Sad Love Shayari, Quotes and Status.

Sad Love Quotes
Sad Love Quotes

75+ sad love status

Here we have divided Sad Love Shayari, Quotes and Status into different parts. We have created four categories and each category has a collection of more than 10 beautiful quotes, status, shayaris. So by scrolling down you can read about them in detail.

First of all in this article we are telling Sad Shayari for true love.

True Love Sad Quotes

Not everyone gets true love in this world. What people do in search of true love, but when they do not get love, their heart breaks. Sad Shayari of true love is dedicated for such people only. Some of the Sad Shayaris of true love are as follows:

  1. Darbadar kept wandering in search of love, when he
    got cheated, his heart broke so much,
    if he comes in front, I will tell him,
    the effect of your deception will remain for centuries.
  2. Those who have longed to get love from someone, have
    true love only with them to get peace.
  3. I will live in your heart with pride, I will
    sacrifice my life for your love,
    the whole world will burn after seeing it,
    still I will attack everything on you.
  4. I kept thinking the whole night, changing sides,
    why did he suddenly change, changing me so much.
  5. I don’t need you for love,
    I understood that you are no longer worthy of my love.
  6. By what right should I ask you for time for
    me, because now you are neither mine nor my time.
  7. Your silence gave me so
    much pain, even if I die, it will not hurt me that much.
  8. He only broke the one whom he wanted by breaking,
    now you have given such a wound which will not heal.
  9. To test the soil where to plant the plant of love,
    the fragrance of every soil does not have that feeling.
  10. What should I tell why tears come out of the eyes,
    they flow when the pain of heartbreak is not under control.
  1. My heart also had a secret,
    I had a style in everything,
    now my heart has to stumble,
    I was very proud of my choice.
  2. I am sure that we will not meet after separation,
    my friend is unfaithful but he is so beautiful.
  3. I will keep his infidelity in my heart,
    whether he is faithful or not, I will make him mine.
  4. The talk of true love remaining incomplete came true,
    I prayed to give my age and it came true.
  5. Even though the first love commits infidelity,
    but it remains the rule of the heart for the whole life.
  6. O heart, you had said that all are true,
    now I have come to know that all are raw in true love.
  7. I fell in love with someone I didn’t think,
    this heart has now become its own fault.
  8. The heart is not made by luck at all,
    what is in the heart is not found in reality.
  9. Hiding my tears from the world,
    he broke all his dreams with his heart.

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Now in the next part of this article, we have come up with Sad Love Status for Girlfriend.

Sad Love Status For Girlfriend

It is not necessary that every person in love gets loyalty. In such a situation, to share this pain of boys, in this section we have brought Sad Love Status for Girlfriend. Boys who have been cheated by girlfriend can forget their sorrow by putting this on their status. So some of the Sad Love Status for Girlfriend are as follows:

  1. We became guilty by loving him,
    earlier we were flowers, now we have turned to ashes.
  2. Started the journey of love with him,
    the path was heard even before reaching the destination.
  3. She had made evenings beautiful by coming into life,
    they were not for loyalty, now I am sure.
  1. False love, promises of loyalty, vows to be with you,
    you did all this just to shock me.
  2. Every person in the world is busy,
    if there is love in the heart then there is only time.
  3. It was not that there was no picture of you in my heart,
    what should I do, but there was no streak of your name in my hand.
  4. While leaving, he said something like this to me,
    now even my heart tells me not to remember him.
  5. Why should I make such a prayer which is not accepted, do not fall in
    love with someone who has no principles.
  6. The world of my heart is no longer populated,
    I want to forget you, but
    you are not free from thoughts.
  7. The process of his love was also strange, he
    neither made it his own nor allowed it to happen to anyone else.
  8. Earlier when you were with me, I used to wander,
    now I smell the fragrance of your memories.
  9. When it passes on you, you will know it,
    if your heart is in pain, you will shed a lot of tears.
  10. I miss you only while trying to forget,
    I try to stay away from your memories,
    I try not to love you,
    but I miss you again and again.
  11. The debt of my love remained on her, she took it away and forgot to give it.
  12. You will regret leaving me a lot,
    my love was from the heart, there was no show off.
  13. The darkness of the night turned the morning of love, the
    heart was full of colors of love, it also turned blank.
  14. She went away, what is the fault of my fate in this,
    she had told me not to be in a hurry in love.
  15. I came into his dark life as a moon, he made me a shooting star to fulfill every wish.
  16. Today again in this lonely night I am waiting for her, who used to say that she cannot sleep without talking to you.

In this section of the article, we will tell you about Sad Love Quotes for Boyfriend.

Sad Love Quotes For Boyfriend

It is not necessary that always girls cheat in love. Sometimes girls themselves also get cheated in love with boys. So in this section we will tell sad love quotes for boyfriend. It is hoped that by reading these quotes, some relief can be given to the broken heart. So the Sad Love Quotes for Boyfriend are as follows:

  1. When did I ask him to give me roses, he would have given thorns but would have been with me.
  2. Today my heart has become very sad, at least give me a voice even without being a stranger.
  3. What is the matter of the heart, it will live with the help of your memories, only the eyes are traitors, if it is not seen, it will overflow.
  4. I have no complaint with you, you had false promises, but I believed them.
  5. There is a wound in the heart, but blood will not come out, because it has been given by the one who had the most trust.
  6. I freed that bird today, in which my life used to reside.
  7. What will you do after listening to my story, better try to understand my silence.
  8. Then a day came in my life, I stopped smiling after hearing your name.
  9. Sorrow didn’t let me laugh, time didn’t let me cry,
    and when I fell asleep, your memory didn’t let me sleep.
  10. The happiness of a few moments was in you,
    such a line was in our hands, we
    gave our memories after going away, it was a
    very sweet thing in our meeting.
  11. Heart is not that city to be inhabited again, you will regret a lot by destroying this colony.
  12. He taught us the skill of one thing,
    left us and taught us to live alone.
  13. Now it has become a habit, you keep giving pain, we will keep smiling.
  14. He is far away from us even after being in front of our eyes,
    Our Lord has turned out to be unfaithful by promising seven births.
  15. Call it a game of time or Sanam’s infidelity,
    there is someone else in her heart, now that has turned out to be Harjai.
  16. By loving us, you are with someone else, you would have indicated, you would have given
    everything that we have.
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  18. In the last part of the article, we have brought Sad Shayari for Unrequited Love for you.
  19. One Side Love Sad Shayari
  20. There are many people who are never able to express their heart to those whom they love. In such a situation, they keep on loving one sided. This section of ours is only for such people. In this, we are giving information about sad poetry of one sided love to the readers.
  21. Your picture, your letters, your gifts and those dried flowers,
    every mark says that now don’t make the mistake of loving.
  22. He thinks that I am happy to be away from him,
    he does not know that I am away from him for his happiness.
  23. He had said that he will leave this world for you,
    but he had not told that he will keep someone else in his heart other than you.
  24. This is your memory which does not go away from the heart, the
    question is why don’t you come back since my time.
  25. The heart wanders in the hope of meeting you,
    don’t forget me in a single night.
  26. There is neither pain in the heart nor tears in the eyes,
    if you don’t come my beloved, I will meet you in ashes.
  27. If you don’t come, then the news of my death will go,
    even on the pretext of crying, you can hug me.
  28. He touched my heart like this in one night,
    every moment felt like a century,
    slowly slowly he descended from my heart like this,
    the suppressed love of births flowed through the eyes.
  29. What would have been the matter if he had known how much love I had in my heart ,
    I had sought him from
    God, what would have been the matter if he had sought me too.
  30. Don’t ask how much I love you, O
    ignorant, even if a drop of rain touches you, we become restless.
  31. Love is so much but can’t say anything,
    if he could have looked in the eyes, maybe he would have understood something.
  32. Should I accept this hide and seek of the eyelids as love,
    seeing you I do not even laugh, should I accept it as your denial.
  33. It is not easy to look into the eyes of someone who is not aware of your love.
  34. The eyes said to the heart that you did not sleep at night, the
    heart said that this often happens in one-sided love.
  35. There is a wonderful feeling in one sided love,
    neither the happiness of expression nor the sorrow of rejection.
  36. There is a lot of weight in the tears of one-sided love,
    if even one spills, the mind becomes light.
  37. You love someone else, we will keep dying for you,
    whether you want us or not, but we will keep loving you like this.
  38. I am getting suffocated while hiding my love,
    I get angry with myself while convincing you.
  39. I could never say anything to her in one sided love,
    now all the time my eyes ask why did you make me cry.
  40. Not expressing it also has its own fun, there is
    no sorrow and there is no punishment.
  41. If it is one-sided, then what is the use of accepting it as God,
    God knows everything, then what is the use of agreement.
  42. They don’t know how to hear the heartbeat, they don’t
    know how to express the love that is in the heart.
  43. Should I tell them my heart’s condition,
    that is my love, should I go and tell them.