Sabudana Face Pack for glowing

Sabudana Face Pack for glowing

Let us know about Sabudana Face Pack for glowing. Sabudana is most commonly used for eating during fasting during Navratri. But do you know that you can also use it for glowing facial skin. Today we will tell you about the method of making sago face pack and its benefits.

Nutrients like starch, vitamin B-6, iron, calcium, copper, selenium, sodium etc. are found in sago which are also very beneficial for the skin. This face pack is more beneficial for those who want glowing and spotless skin. The presence of starch in sago helps in keeping the skin tight and giving it a natural glow. Let us know the benefits of sago face pack in detail.

How to make Sabudana Face Pack – 

Sabudana Face Pack for glowing
Sabudana Face Pack for glowing

You can easily make this face pack at home, making sago face pack is very easy. Let us know the method of making it in detail.

Face pack ingredients

  • one tablespoon sago
  • 2-3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp rose water
  • 1 teaspoon multani mitti
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar

How to make face pack

  1. To make sago face pack, first of all mix sago and lemon juice in a vessel.
  2. Now heat this vessel on low flame.
  3. After the mixture is cooked, cool it.
  4. After it cools down, grind it in a grinder.
  5. After this, mix brown sugar and rose water in this sago.
  6. Finally prepare a paste by adding multani mitti to it.
  7. Your sago face pack is ready to use.

method of use

To use this sago face pack, first wash your face with clean water and wipe it with a cloth. Now apply this face pack thoroughly on the face with the help of fingers. After 10-15 minutes, wash your face with water. After washing the face, apply moisturizer cream on the face.

Benefits of Sabudana Face Pack –

Sago face pack is beneficial for glowing skin in the following ways.

Apply sago face pack to exfoliate the skin –

Face pack made from sago helps in removing dirt by exfoliating your skin . The dust flying with the wind gets deposited on our face, due to which the pores of the skin get clogged. Due to blockage of skin pores, many types of problems like oily skin and pimples etc. To avoid this, apply sago face pack on your face.

To get rid of acne problem, apply sago face pack –

Having pimples on the face is a common problem that troubles most of the people. Sago face pack can help you in this. It helps in removing all types of dirt from your skin which is the main cause of acne. Apart from this, sago has antioxidant properties which also help in curing pimples by reducing breakouts.

Remedy for Dry Skin : Sabudana Face Pack –

If you want soft and smooth skin then you can use sago face pack. Lemon juice is used in Sabudana face pack which contains Vitamin C which removes blemishes and makes the skin glowing. Use of rose water helps in softening the skin . Therefore, you must apply face pack made of sago on your face.