Rose Petals Benefits

Rose Petals Benefits

The rose flower planted in the garden of the house not only enhances the beauty of the house, but the fragrance coming from it refreshes the mind. The religious importance of the rose flower has also been considered. At the same time, some people use rose petals in food. Actually, roses petals can prove to be effective for our health. We will tell you about the benefits of eating rose flowers and using rose petals. Apart from this, the disadvantages of rose petals will also be explained.

Benefits of Rose Petals

Here we are giving many benefits of rose petals, which can help us to overcome our everyday problems. Come, let us know about these benefits in detail.

1. To increase mental enthusiasm

The benefits of eating rose petals include increasing mental enthusiasm. In fact, the beauty and fragrance of roses can help in boosting mental enthusiasm. According to a medical research, if you keep a rose flower around you in the office, then seeing it can reduce the state of stress. Also your mind remains happy.

2. Prevention of infection

The benefits of rose petals can also be seen to avoid infection. Actually, the amount of vitamin-C is found in rose petals ( 2 ). According to a scientific study, Vitamin-C not only works to protect against infection, but it also works to eliminate it and prevent it from spreading ( 3 ) .

3. To avoid depression

Depression is a serious mental illness. In this situation, the person’s ability to think and understand is affected. Rose petals can also work effectively to get out of the state of depression. Actually, anti-depressant properties are found in rose petals, due to which it can help in eliminating the problem of depression.

4. Constipation

Constipation can also be relieved by eating rose petals . This is because of the amount of fiber found in rose petals ( 2 ). Scientists claim that the problem of constipation can be avoided by using fiber sources in food ( 6 ).

5. Prevention of urinary tract infection

If you are struggling with the problem of urinary tract infection , then rose flower can prove beneficial for you. Rose petals are known to have anti-bacterial activity ( 5 ). According to a medical report, Enterococcus faecalis can be inactivated by the effect of anti-bacterial. This can prevent the risk of urinary tract infection ( 7 ). Let us tell you that Enterococcus faecalis is a type of microscopic organism, which causes urinary tract infection.

6. Relief in menstruation

In case of any irregularity in menstruation or absence of menstruation around the expected date, consumption of rose petals can solve this problem. Actually, rose has the property of being a menstrual regulator, that is, to normalize the process of menstruation. It can help in the treatment of menstrual pain and irregular bleeding.

7. Sleeplessness

If you are tossing and turning all night and there is no sleep in your eyes, then it means that you are struggling with the problem of insomnia ( 8 ) . Good sleep is also included in the benefits of eating rose flowers. At the same time, rose petals have the property of removing the problem of insomnia . You can get a good sleep by consuming it ( 5 ).

8. Get rid of acne

If there is a problem of acne on your face , then you can get relief from rose petals. This may be possible because the amount of vitamin-C is found in rose flower ( 2 ). Vitamin-C has antiinflammatory properties. Consuming substances containing vitamin-C can help in curing the problem of acne as well as red marks on the face ( 9 ) .

9. For dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are scientifically known as Periorbital hyperpigmentation. The use of rose petals can prove beneficial for people suffering from this problem. Actually, the vitamin-C present in it acts like an antioxidant, using which can help in curing dark circles under the eyes.

10. As Moisturises

Rose petals can also be beneficial for your skin as a moisturizer. Actually, Vitamin-C is found in rose petals. Such a special quality is found in Vitamin-C, which can help in moisturizing the skin. However, caution is needed when using it near the eyes. You can use the paste of its leaves as a moisturizer on the skin.

11. To remove dead skin

Rose petals can be used to remove dead skin. For this, Vitamin-A present in rose flowers works effectively ( 2 ). According to a scientific study done by experts, Vitamin-A acts as an exfoliant. In this way, you can use rose petals to improve the skin ( 11 ).

Come, now in the next part of the article, we will know which nutrients are found in rose petals.

Nutritional elements of rose petals

Various nutrients are found in rose petals, which we are explaining here through the table;

Fiber, Total Dietary3.3g
sugar, total40g
calcium33 mg
sodium297 mg
vitamin C2mg
Vitamin A, IU167IU

In this part of the article, you are being told about the use of rose petals. 

How to Use Rose Petals

Rose petals can be used like this:

  • Rose petals can be used directly in food.
  • Rose petals can be made into Gulkand and used in food.
  • Rose petals soaked in water can be used to scent the room.
  • A mixture of honey and rose leaves can be used in food.
  • Grind rose flowers, cloves and sugar with rose water, then it can be used for food.
  • Rose petals can also be dried and used in dry form.

When to eat: Rose petals can be used in food in the morning and at night. 

How much to eat: 10 grams of rose petals can be used in food at a time. 

Further in the article, we are telling some disadvantages of rose petals.

Disadvantages of Rose Petals 

Rose petals can also have some disadvantages, which are as follows:

  • If rose petals have been prepared as insecticide, then consuming it can spoil your health.
  • Rose petals are rich in sodium, which can cause high blood pressure if consumed in excess ( 2 ), ( 12 ).
  • Vitamin-A is found in rose petals. Consuming it excessively can cause headache, nausea, coma and sometimes even death ( 2 ), ( 15 ).
  • Rose petals are considered to be a source of sufficient amount of sugar. Therefore, their excessive consumption can cause heart diseases.

Till now you must have used rose flowers normally, but after reading this article you can use it better. This will not only keep your health in good shape, but will also be a great start to your routine. Although, we get rose petals easily, but special attention needs to be paid to its freshness.