R Kelly Net Worth

R Kelly Net Worth

R Kelly Net Worth, Let us know today how much is R Kelly net worth. R Kelly is a singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer who has remixed and waxed many chart-topping singles with over 40 million albums. He earned the title of the king of R&B in the American music industry and is still intact. The year 1989 marked the formal start of his music career, and for more than 2 decades and counting, Kelly’s songs remained evergreen for his distinctive voice, unique way of rapping as well as his lyrics.

Outside of his music career, a pair of scandals and allegations marred his personality and to some extent his much-loved songs. But like every other person who finds himself in a similar situation, the iconic singer is keeping a positive approach to life. Learn about him below, in addition to the accusations and controversies surrounding the once infallible (probably still) king of R&B.

R Kelly’s Bio

R Kelly Net Worth
R Kelly Net Worth

Robert Sylvester Kelly who we mostly refer to as R Kelly began his earthly existence when he was born on the 8th day of January in 1967 at the Chicago Laying-In Hospital in Hyde Park, Chicago. Kelly was born as the 3rd generation of a single mother, Joanne (who was a singer). 4 children at their Baptist home located in the Ida B. Wells Homes public housing project in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. The child grew up in a household that could best be described as poor, moreover, he was often sexually abused when he was not around his mother and grandparents.

Nevertheless, he began singing in his church choir at the age of 8 and also attended Kenwood Academy located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, where he excelled in playing basketball for his high school team. R Kelly’s music teacher – Lena McLean, whom he refers to as his second mother, noticed his musical talent and advised him to pay more attention to music as he would be a big music star in the future. Kelly offered advice and today we are all witnesses of what he has become.

R Kelly had her first personal musical performance in public with a rendition of Stevie Wonder firsts in the ribbon at a high school talent show. He then took part in street performances as a teenager down Chicago “L” tracks, before founding a musical group called MGM (Musically Gifted Men) in 1989. The group consisted of its members Mark McWilliams, Vincent Walker and Sean Brooks, all of whom are. Kelly’s friends and shared a similar musical interest.

MGM’s first single was titled Why Do You Want to Play Me in 1991 but shortly after, they disbanded. R Kelly then went on to sign with Jive Records and later joined with Public Announcement, a music group from Chicago. With this new group, Kelly released his debut album titled Born in the 90s in 1992. By 1995, his self titled album R. Kelly was out with great success, but her next album as not r . The Chocolate Factory followed in 2003 Happy People / You Saved Me (2004), TP.3 Reloaded in 2005, Hurry (2007) in which he had collaborations with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Nelly, T-Pain, Usher and others.

Kelly’s other albums include Untitled (2009), Love Letter (2010) which departed from her erotic themes before returning in 2013 with The Black Panties . The King of R&B recorded Write Me Back in 2012, The Buffet (2015) and his final album 12 Nights of Christmas (2016). Overall, his albums all feature chart-topping songs whose lyrics have withstood the test of time.

R Kelly Net worth

The I Believe I Can Fly crooner who headed south earned $100,000 as his first musical value money from “Big Break”, a TV talent show and later dropped out of school to further his music career. To increase. At the peak of his career, the R&B singer had an estimated his net worth to be between $150 million to $200 million. But to his numerous legal troubles; Paying millions for allegations of sexual abuse with minors and women, which he often settled out of court, R. Kelly is reportedly worth just about $1 million.

Wife and Alia, allegations and controversies

R. Kelly is currently single, but has been married twice. His first marriage was to Aaliyah from 1994 to 1995 and then to Andrea Lee from 1996-2009. Andrea was his backup dancer and is the mother of his three children: Joan Kelly (Born 1998), Jaya Kelly (Born in 2000) and Robert, Jr. (Born in 2002). Kelly and Andrea issues in their marriage at the time after a physical altercation they had in September 2005, the first time they had a restraining order Was revealed to fill up with Andrea, then in 2006 began a divorce filling which was finalized in January 2009.

Singer Aaliyah may have been married for a short time to R. Kelly, but her name figures prominently whenever the book of controversies behind the R&B king is opened. The two shared a secret on 31 August 1994. The wedding took place in a wedding ceremony, at a time when Aaliyah was 15 years old, while Kelly was 27 at the time. Thus the marriage was annulled in February 1995 at the behest of Aaliyah’s family, as a Michigan judge said. Had given.

In February 2002, R. Kelly was seen in a video which showed him having sex with an underage girl who he also urinated on. In June 2002, despite his denial of not being the man in the video, the musician was found guilty on 21 counts of child pornography. Following his arrest and subsequent search of his home, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office captured 12 sexually explicit images of an underaged girl in a digital camera that appeared to be a minor (the same girl in the video). However, a Chicago jury found him not guilty of 14 out of 14 counts of child pornography.

Still, it didn’t mark the end of their sexual misconduct allegations and controversies. In July 2017, three separated parents accused them of keeping their daughters in a degrading cult, which they, however, denied, rightly so. Just as his alleged victims did. In April of 2018, a former partner of R. Kelly accused him of intentionally infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease, which he still denied through one of his reps. 

All of these allegations and controversies have negatively affected R. Kelly’s music career. He makes less tours around the world due to several countries barring him from entering his territory as a result of his many unresolved sexual misconduct cases. Even that in the US where it is still relatively free, protesters often take/take the venues of their concerts.

R Kelly’s sexual allegation troubles and the allegations with her have not been settled out. In 2019, Lifetime, an American pay television channel, aired a six-part documentary series (1 hour each) titled “Surviving R.” Kelly “Joe Sexual Misconduct” Chronology, accusations, and victims of the singer’s excessive sexual lust. It featured interviews with commentary from his ex-wife Andrea Kelly, Kitti Jones (one of his accusers), musician John Legend and the founder of the #MeToo movement, Tarana Burke In the wake of this, R Kelly’s estranged daughter Joanne Kelly who now identifies as Buku Abi also came out to describe her musician dad as ‘a monster’ on Instagram.

However, R. Kelly has consistently denied all these allegations, and therefore, he has never been convicted of any sexual misconduct. But of course, these incidents are taking a toll on the singer’s music career and public image. Huh .