Potato Juice Benefits

Potato Juice Benefits

Potato, which is called the king of vegetables, is liked by many people for many reasons. Some people like potato curry, while some people like potato fritters. On the other hand, if we talk about small children, then they also like French fry made of potatoes. Almost everyone will know about potatoes, but like potatoes, potato juice is beneficial, perhaps not everyone will know about it. Surely you would like to include potato juice in your diet. Here we are telling you the benefits of potato juice for health benefits. Stay with us till the end to know the benefits of potato juice.

Benefits of Potato Juice

Potato Juice Benefits
Potato Juice Benefits

Potato juice can be used to prevent or reduce the symptoms of many health problems. Keep in mind that the benefits of potato juice mentioned here are only for domestic use. That’s why don’t consider them as a complete cure for the disease. So now know the benefits of potato juice, which are as follows:

1. Increase immunity

Potato juice can be included in home remedies to increase immunity. This can be confirmed by two separate studies. According to the first study, the carotenoids present in potatoes can provide protection against oxidative stress and can also improve immunity ( 1 ). On the other hand, according to another study, vitamin C is present in rich amounts in potatoes. Due to which the immunity can be increased by consuming potato or potato juice along with the peel ( 2 ). Even for the disease of Kovid or its prevention, it has been said to include potatoes in the diet ( 3 ). However, let us make it clear that do not make the mistake of considering potatoes as a cure for the problem of Kovid.

2. Give relief from arthritis

Raw potato juice can also help in the treatment of arthritis . For this, drinking one to two spoons of raw potato juice before eating can be beneficial. Doing this can reduce the acid produced in the body, which can give relief from rheumatoid arthritis (a type of arthritis) to some extent. Along with potato juice, potato peels contain several essential minerals that may help relieve or prevent rheumatoid arthritis ( 2Trusted Source ) . However, keep in mind that excessive consumption of potato juice can also cause poisoning. That’s why drink only one small potato juice throughout the day. If there is more confusion, then it is better to consume only one to two spoons of potato juice.

3. Prevention of ulcers

Potato starch has anti-inflammatory effects, which can help in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases related to the stomach and intestines . Because of which drinking raw potato juice can prevent or provide relief to some extent from the problem of stomach ulcers and gastritis. For this, half a cup of potato juice can be consumed two to three times a day before meals. Even applying potato juice can be beneficial for foot wounds or ulcers ( 2 ). However, keep in mind that if the symptoms of wound or ulcer are severe, then give priority to medical treatment and include potato juice in the diet only according to the doctor’s advice.

4. Detoxify

Potato juice can also be used to detoxify ie to remove toxins from the body. According to a research, potatoes can increase the process of metabolic detoxification – removing toxins from the body ( 1 ). In addition, drinking potato peel tea can improve liver function and flush out toxins from the body, as well as prevent gall bladder problems. Potato or potato juice can also help in purifying the blood.

5. Lower cholesterol

Potatoes also contain fiber, which is half soluble and half insoluble. This property of it can control the level of cholesterol by reducing it. Along with this, the flavonoids present in potatoes can be helpful in reducing the level of harmful cholesterol (LDL) ( 2 ). Glycoalkaloids, a chemical compound found in potatoes, can be considered beneficial for lowering cholesterol . However, an excess of this chemical in the body can also cause side effects ( 1Trusted Source ) . In such a situation, always consume potato or potato juice in limited quantity.

6. For the treatment of migraine

If the problem of headache is to be removed, then you can drink potato juice. It is mentioned in some research that potatoes can be consumed in migraine ( 4 ). To get relief from migraine, you can drink a quarter cup of hot potato juice three times a day before meals ( 2 ). Apart from potato juice, potato slices can also be helpful in treating migraine. For this, make thin slices of potato and tie it on the head with the help of bandage. This can reduce migraine pain ( 5 ).

7. Treatment of constipation

Drinking raw potato juice can provide benefits for chronic constipation . In a research paper, it has been told that potatoes can be included in the diet as a home remedy for chronic constipation. For this, along with juices and soups made from raw potatoes, potatoes can also be cooked and boiled ( 2 ).

Actually, eating fiber rich foods is considered beneficial in the treatment of constipation . At the same time, the name of potato is also included in fiber-rich foods ( 6 ). In such a situation, drinking potato juice can be considered as a home remedy for the problem of constipation.

8. For wounds

Potatoes contain vitamin C, whose antioxidant effects may help with the growth of skin tissue (collagen). This property of potato can help in quick healing of skin wounds ( 1 ). This is probably why potatoes may help speed up the healing of skin wounds, improve general health, and regenerate skin tissue after surgery ( 2Trusted Source ) . However, after a deep wound or surgery, take medical advice before consuming potato or potato juice.

9. Heartburn

Increased stomach acid can cause heartburn ( 7 ). At the same time, potato juice can also reduce heartburn. According to research, potatoes can reduce stomach acid ( 2 ). In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say on this basis that drinking potato juice can be beneficial to reduce heartburn. For this, mixing one teaspoon of potato juice in half a cup of hot or lukewarm water can be consumed.

10. Reduce the risk of cancer

A chemical compound called Glycoalkaloids present in potato has anticarcinogenic (anticarcinogenic) properties. This effect can be helpful in preventing liver and cervical cancer. Keep in mind that the benefits of potato juice mentioned here are related to home remedies. Always give priority to medical treatment for the treatment of any serious disease like cancer. Potato or potato juice can reduce the risk of cancer, do not forget to consider it as a cure for cancer.

11. Lose weight

If you want to lose weight in a domestic way , then for this you can include raw potato juice in the diet. Actually, potatoes have antiobesity properties, which can be helpful in preventing obesity or keeping weight balanced ( 8 ). Because of this, potato juice can also be included in the weight loss diet .

12. For the skin

Potatoes also contain vitamins C and B, as well as minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, which are essential for skin health. In such a situation, drinking potato juice can improve the health of the skin. Apart from this, applying potato juice on the face can also have benefits. Because of which potato can also be used on the skin. Its paste can provide relief from sunburn. Also, the benefits of applying potato juice on the face can also help in cleaning and softening the skin ( 9 ).

The benefits of applying potato juice on the face can also help in treating various types of skin diseases. It can cure acne and warts , as well as provide relief from the burning and stinging caused by them. Apart from this, a face mask made of potato or potato peel can also be used on the face to remove excess oil from the face ( 2 ).

13. For hair

The benefits of potato juice also include keeping the hair healthy. Actually, from the information related to this, it has been believed that potato juice can help in keeping the hair healthy naturally. This may promote hair growth ( 10 ). Therefore, it would not be wrong to call potato juice beneficial for hair. For this, half an hour before shampooing, take out fresh potato juice and apply it on the scalp and hair and massage it. Then shampoo after half an hour.

How to Use Potato Juice

Potato juice can be done in many ways. In such a situation, we are telling below the right way to use it. Scroll to know.

  • One teaspoon of potato juice mixed with lukewarm or hot water can be consumed before meals.
  • Potato juice can also be consumed mixed with other vegetable juices.
  • Potato juice can be used to apply on the skin.
  • Potato juice can be used to apply on the hair.
  • It is recommended to apply potato juice mixed with turmeric to the inflamed areas.

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In this part of the article, let us know the method of making potato juice.

How to make potato juice

The method of making potato juice is very easy. Know below how to make potato juice:

After how to make potato juice, let us know about how to drink potato juice further in the article.

Ways to drink potato juice

There is no doubt that potato juice is extremely beneficial for health. Here we are telling about the methods of drinking potato juice:

  • To get the benefits of potato juice, always drink its fresh juice.
  • Potato juice can be consumed by mixing it with other vegetables like spinach, kale, cucumber.
  • Lemon and basil can be added to the potato juice for flavor.
  • You can drink 3-4 tablespoons of potato juice mixed in a glass of water.
  • It can be consumed by mixing potato juice in soup.
  • Potato juice can also be consumed by adding it to smoothies and soups.

Material :

  • 1-2 potatoes


  • First of all, take a raw potato without any spots.
  • Now wash it thoroughly.
  • If there are any sprouts on it, remove those as well.
  • Now peel the potato and grate it.
  • Now squeeze this potato pulp in a bowl and extract its juice and consume it.

Amount of drinking potato juice: One potato juice can be consumed throughout the day ( 2 ). However, there can be changes in its quantity according to age and health. Therefore, it is better to take medical advice regarding the quantity of its intake.

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After knowing how to consume potato juice, know further about the disadvantages of drinking potato juice.

Disadvantages of Potato Juice

  • Ripped potatoes contain mycotoxins, which can cause liver damage ( 11 ). That’s why always use fresh potatoes to make juice .
  • Potato also contains an element called Glycoalkaloids, the excess of which can cause toxicity ( 1 ).
  • Toxicity occurs in green spots in potatoes, which can cause symptoms such as headache, vomiting, abdominal pain , diarrhea, or fainting or dizziness ( 12 ).
  • Consuming potatoes in excess may increase the risk of diabetes ( 13 ). In such a situation, drinking potato juice in excess should be avoided.
  • Potatoes are rich in potassium ( 14 ). Whereas, excess of potassium in the body can cause hyperkalemia (high potassium in the body). Which can cause problems like vomiting, chest pain, shortness of breath and nausea ( 15 ).

After reading this article, you must have become aware of the benefits of potato juice and would also like to use it to get its benefits. In this case, for this, you can adopt the methods of using potatoes suggested in the article. At the same time, take special care of the quantity of its intake, otherwise there can be disadvantages of potato juice. Hope this article will help you to overcome many of your troubles. Do share this article on the benefits of potato juice with other people, so that everyone gets to know about it.

Frequently asked questions

What can happen if you drink potato juice daily?

If potato juice is consumed in appropriate amounts on a daily basis, it can help with arthritis, constipation, cleanse the body and prevent stomach problems ( 2 ).

Is it good to drink potato juice at night?

According to research, consuming boiled potatoes with milk can lead to better sleep. In fact, potatoes can reduce problems in sleeping by reducing stomach acid ( 2 ). In such a situation, it can be believed that drinking potato juice can also be beneficial for good sleep at night. However, there is a lack of scientific research directly on this topic. In such a situation, it is better to take medical advice in this matter.

Who should not drink potato juice?

Drinking potato juice can be considered harmful for diabetics ( 13 ).

For how long can potato juice be stored?

Try to always drink potato juice fresh. If you want to store it, you can keep it in the fridge for a day.

Can potato juice and honey be beneficial for the skin?

The benefits of applying potato juice on the face can give you relief from problems like acne. At the same time, to increase its properties, potato juice and honey can also be mixed and applied on the skin. To get its benefits, one teaspoon of honey mixed with raw potato juice can be applied on the affected skin ( 2 ).