Poetry on republic day

Poetry on republic day

Let us know about Poetry on Republic Day. There have been such patriotic poets in India, who have written countless poems, ghazals, shayari and film patriotic songs on the country and Urdu languages ​​and have spent their entire lives working for the country. Spent his time writing. Songs were also composed in Indian cinema on the poetry of popular poets like Akbar Allahabadi, Mirza Ghalib, Sahir Ludhianvi, Rahat Indori etc., which we all like very much. That is why, on the occasion of 26 January Republic Day, we have brought for you Republic Day Shayari.

Shayari On Republic Day

You can also use the Republic Day Shayari given on this page of health Life Line as a greeting message on Republic Day. Children who are fond of reading poetry can read poetry on 26 January and can recite poetry on Republic Day in school and college programs on 26 January. People celebrate Republic Day with joy even in government and private offices. They congratulate each other on 26th January. See below to read Shayari on 26 January.

The whole country celebrates the national festival of Republic Day with full enthusiasm. On Republic Day, people search the most Desh Bhakti 26 January Shayari on Google and like to read 26 January Shayari. On this day people also send Happy Republic Day Shayari to their friends and relatives through WhatsApp messages. Presenting selected poems on Republic Day, by sharing which you can wish Republic Day.

Poems on Republic Day

Poetry on republic day
Poetry on republic day

The desire for revolution is in our hearts

Let’s see how much strength is in the killer’s hand.

– Bismil Azimabadi

The pride of the country will not come out of the heart even after death

My soil will also smell of loyalty

– Lal Chand Falak

Our Hindustan is the best of all nations

We are the bubbles of this, these flowers are ours

– Allama Iqbal

Blood has brought the color of the martyrs of the country

The name-e-Azadi is bouncing in the world

– Firaq Gorakhpuri

Even after dying from the ashes of the country, we still have them

The fun of Daman-e-Madar is in the bosom of this soil

– Chakbast Bridge Narayan

All he cares about is what is the new pattern.

We are fond of this, let’s see what is the extent of torture 

– Bhagat Singh 

we will face the enemy’s bullets

remain free, remain free

– Chandrashekhar Azad 

The Gulshan that was inhabited in the past 

I am the dry branch of a desolate garden

– Ashfaqulla Khan

Fairs will be held every year at the tombs of the martyrs

This will be the remaining mark of those who die for the country

– Ashfaqulla Khan  

There is something that our personality does not fade away  

Enemy has been around for centuries where our 

– Allama Iqbal 

What’s the point of wasting your heart?

This city has been looted a hundred times

– Mir Taqi Mir 

his party, his saki

my eyes rest theirs

– Akbar Allahabadi 

People go broke, building a house

You don’t feel pity, in burning settlements

– Bashir Badra 

She still roams around carrying our burden

Oh mother earth, this was the age of rest.

– Parveen Shakir

The child is surprised with the map in his hand

how the termite ate his India

– Nida Fazli

Don’t wait for these, O Aza-daro

Martyrs go to heaven, do not come home

– Sabir Zafar

Where are those birds of Sham-e-Watan today?

Today their stories have become reality

– Siraj Lucknowi

The pride of the country will not come out of the heart even after death

My soil will also smell of loyalty

– Lal Chand Falak

Young people, give me every drop of blood in your heart

Farman-e-Azadi will be written to India

– Nazish Pratapgarhi

Let the ashes of the country rub your heels

I’m sure the water will come out from here