Poem on new year

Poem on new year

Let’s know about Poem on new year. Every year we celebrate New Year on January 1 according to the English calendar. New Year is such an occasion which brings many opportunities for us to do something new and learn something new throughout the coming year. New year comes every year and we welcome the new year with great pomp every year. But we must ask a question to ourselves that what good work did we do in that entire one year period, which we will remember for many years to come.

Poems on New Year

Poem on new year
Poem on new year

Everyone celebrates New Year in their own way and on the occasion of New Year, has brought you New Year Poems. You can know how we should celebrate our new year by reading the poem on New Year given in this post. Our aim of writing poetry on New Year is to convey the right message about the new year to the people. You can also wish each other Happy New Year through Poem On New Year. Apart from this, children can also recite Happy New Year Poem in their school. Read New Year Kavita from below.

poem on new year

Poem For New Year

verse 1

happy new year! Happy new year to that small village with
dusty feet on the ridges of the fields !

To the songs of the jaunte To the gait of the oxen
To the loom The crusher To the fishermen’s net
Happy New Year!

To this baking bread To the noise of the children
To the murmur of the hearth To the dawn of the stove
Happy New Year!

Happy new year to the lonely forest to the stars
in the cool of the night two guns to the talk of the house !

Happy New Year to every disheveled hair in this moving storm,
to the flowers on the cigarette butts !

To the rose of the coat and the flower of the bun,
to every little memory, to every little mistake,
Happy New Year!

To those who wrote greeting cards by hand,
to those who looked quietly in their pots,
Happy New Year!

poem on new year

Not a New Year Poem

verse 2

Goodbye Autumn!
We have tied up our camp We
have driven our herd
on the stony gates
This is your last cold night
Let it pass quickly
Today we will cross the mountains, We will see the world beyond!
Farewell, O silent old inn!
Your kettles are filled to the brim with our songs Our
pockets are chock full of your poems Gather
together all the memories of the dark nights
before dawn Today we will cross the mountains, listen to the movement on the other side! Farewell, O Gabru Jawan Karindo! You have stuck the wet handkerchiefs of your feelings in our butts, you have ignited the burning passion of your hearths in our chests .

We will be back again next spring!

– Goodbye / Invincible 

Poem New Year

verse 3

Come, celebrate the new year!
Become homeless, forest-efforts of
hot tears, hot breath,
another era is passing, let’s celebrate it!
Come, celebrate the new year!
Arise, destroy the hopes,
the hidden desires,
Come, ruthlessly celebrate this last struggle in ur!
Come, celebrate the new year!
There have been many days of playing and michouni,
this was to be certain,
come, let’s make it a norm in life to be always unhappy!
Come, celebrate the new year!

Come let’s celebrate the new year / Harivansh Rai Bachchan 

New Year Poem

verse 4

(To the elderly)
Stay healthy, may you live a hundred autumns,
may we get blessings and enthusiasm from you.

(To adults)
This is the path of pure water, lotus and rays.
There is a lot of joy in the one who can enjoy.

(To the youths)
This winter, the time of love, Congratulations to you,
Happy blood to you in your warm veins.

May all the happy dreams you have made in life (to the youth)
come true in this boon autumn.

(To the children)
It is a healthy autumn, rejoice.
It’s your age, play, jump, eat.

– Happy New Year / Harivansh Rai Bachchan

poem on new year

Beautiful New Year Poem

verse 5

Let’s hug together in this new year
and forget the grievances in this new year.
No house should be burnt in this new year,
every flower should bloom in this new year.
All the countrymen want this
country to flourish in this new year.
After ending the hatred, let the relations of love begin again
in this new year.
Got your support just like that, which
will make us win the fort in this new year.
May the Ganges of happiness flow in everyone’s courtyard
and may calamity be averted in this new year.
My only wish is ‘Amber’, may it
be good for everyone in this new year.

Let’s hug together in this new year / Abhishek Kumar Amber

Naye Saal Par Kavita

verse 6

The chime of golden moments,
brought the new year. The new year has brought
the fragrance of colorful flowers . The new year has brought the precious gift of enthusiasm . New dawn of hopes, brought new year.

verse 7

Forgetting the past, we
have to reach a new destination, we have to create a new history
in the new year , we have to rise above, we have to build up our courage, we don’t have to stop now, we have to move forward in the new year , A new history has to be made.

verse 8

The end of the beginning,
it is the new year,
the sun rising,
setting is the new year, the
flower blooming,
getting off the branch is the new year,
forgetting the pain,
recognizing the happiness is the new year.

verse 9

You are welcome in the new year, there
is only one wish for happiness.
New enthusiasm, new gaiety,
spread happiness, shine.
The basic strongholds of morality,
read good things.
No one sleeps hungry,
sow the seeds of prosperity.
On the first morning of the new year,
give everyone a good gift.

verse 10

This is a new and happy new year,
forget the worries of tomorrow for a moment;
Hold the cup full of the color of Lala’s
temple on the lips!
Fan-ring soft arm pulsating
dream loop in the throat,
the cruel sky keeps us
alive as long as we love, have mercy!
Courtesy – Kavita Kosh

A red cloud has started rising
in that corner of the sky,
today we will cross the mountains, smell the winds of the other side!
Sleep in the snow
, O weak rivers,
I have sipped the past seasons,
I have given you nothing in return,
Your moisture floats on our bodies,
Your waves run, The sun has descended
on our feet, We will cross the mountain till half the slope today. The sun on the other side will warm you! Goodbye, O good tree, we have swaying dreams, we have strong sticks of your greenery in our eyes, we have your trust in our hands;