Planned or emergency C section delivery

Planned or emergency C section delivery

Let us know about Planned or emergency C section delivery. Giving birth to a child is considered one of the most beautiful moments of a woman’s life. All mothers want to give birth to their children in the most natural and normal way possible, but this is not always possible. If the mother-to-be faces some complications during pregnancy, then cesarean delivery may have to be done. In some medical reasons, to keep the newborn baby and mother safe, the doctor may also advise you to undergo a C-section. Let’s start with Planned or emergency C section delivery.

Planned or emergency C section delivery

Planned or emergency C section delivery
Planned or emergency C section delivery

What is cesarean delivery?

A cesarean delivery, also known as a C-section, is a surgical procedure in which either a midline or transverse incision is made in the woman’s abdomen. Hence, the whole process of opening the uterus and accessing the baby is called a cesarean delivery. Doctors usually plan for cesarean delivery in advance or choose it as a safe option when there are too many problems and complications during delivery.

Reasons for planned cesarean delivery

In some cases, the mother or doctor may decide beforehand to have a cesarean delivery instead of a normal vaginal delivery . A planned C-section usually depends on the type of pregnancy, the presence of any medical problems, or the medical history of the mother.

1 . Having more than one child

If there are twins or triplets in the womb , there is a high chance of placenta entanglement, so in such cases, the doctor suggests a cesarean delivery to keep all the babies and the mother safe during the entire process of delivery. can give.

2 . The child is not fully developed or the development has stopped.

If it is seen that the baby in the womb is growing very slowly or its development has stopped completely, then in both these situations it becomes necessary to take the baby out of the womb prematurely. Cesarean delivery becomes an ideal way to do this.

3 . Medical problem

Some women who are going to be a mother already have some medical problem, such as having high BP or gestational diabetes , having a vaginal delivery can have a bad effect on the body and if the mother is suffering from these problems, then in such a case, a cesarean delivery Doing it is a better option.

4. Problem in labor 

By observing abdominal contractions in the early stages of labour, your doctor may know that your cervix is ​​not dilating as much as it should be, which may make it difficult for the baby to pass through the birth canal. That’s why the doctor may have to do cesarean delivery instead of normal delivery.

5. Presence of diseases 

Delivering a baby through the birth canal if there is a genital wound or if the mother has HIV can prove to be extremely dangerous for the baby, as it can expose him to all those deadly viruses. In such a situation, cesarean is considered the best option.

6. Child Size

For some women, especially those with diabetes, the large size of their baby can make vaginal delivery very challenging, making it difficult for the mother to push the baby through the vagina. In such a situation, cesarean delivery is not only easy for the woman but also safe.

7. History of miscarriage

Any woman may feel a strange fear just thinking about giving birth to her child. This usually happens if she has previously lost a child to a miscarriage . In such a situation, it is advised to get a cesarean delivery done to calm the mother.

8. Having a cesarean more than once

If a woman’s previous delivery was through C-section, then choosing the option of vaginal delivery can cause rupture of the mother’s uterus or many other complications. In this situation, cesarean delivery would be considered the safest method.

Reasons for emergency C-section birth

1. Lack of complete dilatation of cervix

If the cervix is ​​not able to dilate completely during normal delivery, then in this situation the doctor immediately performs a C-section.

2. Pelvic unevenness 

Pelvic disproportion, also known as CPD, is when the pelvis is smaller than the baby’s head, which can cause the baby to get stuck in the birth canal. Due to which cesarean is required for the birth of the child.

3. Having a problem at birth

If the baby’s heartbeat is low or his brain is filled with fluid, then it will not be safe to take the baby out of the vagina, hence in such a situation emergency C-section delivery is done.

4 . Rupture of the uterus

If the uterus suddenly ruptures during delivery , immediate cesarean delivery is recommended in such a situation, as failure to do so can result in suffocation of the baby by the uterus and can prove fatal.

5 . Pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia means when the mother’s BP increases, it stops the supply of necessary blood and oxygen to the baby during delivery. So, in such a situation the doctor chooses to do a cesarean.

6 . Separation of placenta

In very rare cases, placental abruption may occur, meaning the placenta gets separated from the lining of the uterus, causing internal bleeding and cutting off oxygen to the baby, necessitating a caesarean section. It happens.

7 . Placenta being low

If the placenta fails to rise and cover the cervix at the time of delivery, a cesarean delivery is usually recommended to avoid such a complication.

8 . Umbilical cord related problems

If the umbilical cord reaches the cervix before the baby, it can block its exit or it can even cause the baby to choke. As soon as the doctor comes to know about this condition, he will immediately opt for cesarean.

9 . Meconium leakage

Sometimes, the baby may pass meconium in the womb, which can increase the risk of contamination and swallowing by the baby. In such a situation, keeping in mind its safety, it is necessary to do cesarean immediately.

10 . Change of position

At the time of birth, the baby does not remain in the same position and keeps moving around continuously. In cases of polyhydramnios , doctors may only recommend C-section delivery.

11 . Wrong position

If the baby is in breech position or even on the side, he will not be able to come out of the vagina properly. In such a situation, getting a C-section done would be the best option for you.

12. Excessive bleeding 

Excessive bleeding from the mother’s body at the time of delivery can prove fatal, due to which doctors choose to perform C-section. 

13. Canal closure 

The presence of fibroids in the birth canal at the time of delivery or fracture of the pelvis may block the baby’s exit path. In such a case, the only way to get it out is by caesarean section.

From getting a caesarean or C-section done as per your wish to some other medical complications or due to medical history, the doctor may decide to do a C-section. Whatever the reason, sticking to your doctor’s advice and agreeing to a cesarean is the best decision, especially if there is a chance of complications during a vaginal delivery.