Papaya leaf juice

Papaya leaf juice

Along with vegetables, the consumption of fruits is also a part of a balanced diet. Talking about fruits, papaya is also one of the beneficial fruits, but do you know that not only papaya, but papaya leaves are also full of medicinal properties? we will try to give you information about the benefits of papaya leaf juice with evidence. Not only this, but you will also get to read in this article how you can make and use papaya leaf juice to stay healthy. So now let us know in detail about the benefits of papaya leaf juice.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf Juice

1. Dengue fever

Almost everyone is troubled by the outbreak of dengue. People often get fevers due to the dengue virus. This fever takes away the lives of many people across the country every year. Due to this deadly virus, there is a problem of high fever, rash and severe headache, joint and muscle pain, tremors, and eye pain. Dengue virus eventually reduces the platelet count in the body so much that people die. In this case, you can take 25 ml juice of papaya leaves twice a day. This can help increase your platelet count and reduce the severity of the infection. Papaya leaf extracts contain essential bioactive compounds, such as papain, chymopapain, and certain, which may help reduce the effects of dengue fever.

2. Antimalarial

The consumption of papaya is also considered better for malaria. Papaya leaves, fruits, seeds, and roots have antimalarial properties (1). In particular, the antimalarial properties of papaya leaves can work to eliminate parasites present in the blood, which helps in the prevention of malaria. You can consume papaya leaf juice daily.

3. Digestive Process and Gastrointestinal Disorders

Papaya leaves contain chemical compounds of Karpain, which work to eliminate microorganisms that obstruct digestion, which can improve digestion ( 5 ). This can help in relieving gastrointestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (6) . Also, its consumption can help in curing gastric problems or gastric ulcers caused by alcohol.

4. Liver

The cause of the liver disease can sometimes be hypercholesterolemia i.e. high cholesterol (8). You can reduce this problem by consuming papaya leaf juice. Papaya leaf juice purifies your blood by lowering cholesterol levels and can help protect you from liver problems such as jaundice, cirrhosis ( 9 ) . Along with this, you also need to make changes in your lifestyle and food habits.

5. Increase immunity

Papaya leaf juices help in protecting you from diseases by increasing your immunity. It has immunomodulatory properties, with the help of which your immune system works according to the needs of the body (10) (1) . This can reduce the risk of many diseases.

6. Anti-Cancer

Due to the immunomodulatory effects present in papaya leaf juices, it can also help in fighting deadly diseases like cancer. The immunomodulatory effect can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and tumor cells growing in the body (10) . Also, it has anti-carcinogenic properties, which can help reduce the risk of cancer.

7. Anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive

Anti-inflammatory properties are found in abundance in papaya leaves. These properties can reduce the effects of any kind of inflammation (redness, swelling and pain) in the body (12) . Also it has antinociceptive effects. Antinociceptive agents can help to block and inhibit pain-causing substances in neurons and the nervous system by detecting them.

8. For the skin

Consuming papaya leaves can also be beneficial for the health of your skin. Vitamin-C and E present in it can help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun as well as remove wrinkles (15) (16) . In particular, Vitamin-C helps in making your collagen (essential protein for the skin) and tightens the skin.

9. Dandruff 

Dandruff is not only harmful to the hair, but sometimes it also becomes a cause of embarrassment. In such a situation, you can get rid of dandruff by adopting the home remedy of papaya leaves. Although there is no scientific evidence that papaya leaves can completely remove dandruff, but you can massage the scalp with the juice extracted from papaya leaves. Apart from this, you can see its effect by grinding papaya leaves and applying its paste on the scalp. We are giving you this suggestion based on the experience of people.

In addition, papaya fruit can be used directly to remove the problem of dandruff by cleaning your scalp ( 18 ) . In such a situation, it is believed that papaya leaves can also prove to be effective in the problem of dandruff. Most of the properties found in papaya fruit are also present in papaya leaves.

10. For hair

Papaya leaf juice can also be used to remove hair related problems. You have to boil papaya leaves in water and keep them cool. After this, you can use this water to clean your hair. It is believed that it cleans the hair well. Due to the removal of dirt from the hair, the hair remains healthy. You can also use it as a hair mask by making a paste.

Actually, both Vitamin-E and C nutrients present in papaya leaves are essential for hair. It helps to overcome the problem of hair fall (15). In particular, vitamin E may help protect hair from free-radical damage (premature graying and hair loss).

You have already come to know how papaya leaf juices benefit you. Now we will tell you about the nutritional elements present in papaya leaf juice.

Nutritional elements of papaya leaf juices

Alkaloids campaign, pseudocarpain, dehydrocarpaine I and II, choline, carposide and vitamins C and E are found in papaya leaves. . Apart from this, some of the nutrients and properties found in papaya leaves are as follows.

  • Flavonoids (kaempferol and myricetin)
  • alkaloids (carbine, pseudocarpine, dehydrocarpine I and II)
  • Phenolic compounds (ferulic acid, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid)
  • cyanogenic compounds (benzyl glucosinolate)
  • carotenoids such as carotene, lycopene, and anthraquinone glycosides
  • Anti-inflammatory, hypoglycaemic, anti-fertility, abortifacient, hepatoprotective and wound healing properties.
  • Apart from this, antihypertensive and antitumor activities are also found in papaya leaves.

After knowing so much about papaya leaf juice, now you must be wondering how to use papaya leaf juice. We will answer this question of yours in this part of the article.

How to Use Papaya Leaf Juice

The use of papaya leaf juice is the same you just make it and drink it directly, but it is so bitter that the taste of your mouth can be disturbed for a long time. Therefore, below we will also tell you some other ways to drink it.

  • While making papaya leaf juice, some sweet fruits can also be added to it.
  • To reduce the bitterness of raw leaf juice, you can add some sugar candy to it.
  • You can also add sugar to it and drink it.
  • Instead of sugar, you can add nutritious honey or another sweetener.

Note: You can feel free to add some sweetener to reduce its bitterness. We would advise you to consume it without adding anything sweet. If you are not able to drink it without adding some sweet, then gradually reduce the amount of sweet in papaya leaf juice. Also, if you have an allergy problem, take expert advice or do a patch test before using it.


The appropriate dose of papaya leaf used medicinally depends on the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. Although there is not enough scientific research at this time to determine an appropriate range of doses for papaya leaf juice, you can drink a small cup of papaya leaf juice daily. While drinking it, keep in mind that natural products are not always completely safe, and excessive consumption of them can be harmful. To avoid any kind of problem, do consult a doctor. If you are buying papaya leaf juice from the market, follow the instructions on the label of the product. If you are making its juice at home, then wash the leaves thoroughly and take care of complete cleanliness.

Now we will tell you about the disadvantages of papaya leaves.

Side Effects of Papaya Leaf Juice

The benefits of papaya leaf juice are many, but its consumption can also cause disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of the papaya leaf juice are as follows.

  • It can cause miscarriage.
  • Can also become the reason for infertility.
  • Some people may be allergic to it.

The trend of using papaya leaves as home medicine is increasing day by day. You must have also understood from this article how beneficial is the juice of papaya leaves. Now you can start using papaya leaf juice for health benefits without delay. Also, keep in mind that along with the benefits of papaya leaf juice, there are disadvantages as well, so you should use papaya leaf juice after carefully considering both the aspects. You can share this article related to papaya leaf juice with your friends and family.