One Sided Love Quotes

One Sided Love Quotes

In today’s post we will know about One Sided Love Quotes. It is said that nothing is greater than the power of love. Although love gives happiness, but when it is only one-sided love, then there is a lot of pain in it. One sided lover knows that his love will not be complete and sooner or later his heart will be broken. Still he is loved in the desire to make one sided love two sided. Here are 100+ Unrequited Love Shayari, Quotes, Status & Poems for Unrequited Lovers.

One Sided Love Quotes
One Sided Love Quotes

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Quotes On Unrequited Love | One-Sided Love Quotes

No one insists on love. You may try a million times, but once the one who makes a home in this heart, cannot be easily forgotten. If the love is one-sided, then the pain of its breakup is not shared with anyone, because very few people understand these feelings. One sided love quotes describing the feelings of the heart in one sided love are given below.

  1. Someone asked us what is true love? We pointed to the one-sided lovers of the swan.
  2. Agreed that her love is not in my destiny, but it does not mean that I do not even have the right to love her.
  3. What kind of torture is this of one-sided love, the heart is restless for a glimpse of the one who is not even ready to see us.
  4. There is only one sadness that you are not in my destiny, but seeing you happy, my heart gets satisfaction.
  5. I don’t need you to settle you in my heart, because you rule this heart even without your consent.
  6. Millions of evils are true in one sided love but at least there is no infidelity in it.
  7. How can I give this heart of mine to someone else, you are sitting encamped on this till date.
  8. You leave us to meet others and we are the only ones who leave everyone aside just to meet you.
  9. How can I call my one-sided love incomplete, I had fulfilled my love.
  10. He might have rejected me seeing my face, because my heart was as clear as glass.
  11. We don’t even think about ourselves as much as we remember you many times a day.
  12. I had often heard about the pain of one sided love, I realized it when I met you.
  13. We were ready to cross all limits in your love, but who knew that you would still remain out of reach.
  14. Listen! Just answer this much. Was it my crime to love you one sided?
  15. When the heart is broken in unrequited love, there is little chance of getting it back.
  16. It is one-sided, but even today we have love only for them.
  17. This one-sided love is very strange, whatever it happens to, it is uncountable.
  18. I understood very late, this one-sided love is neither fulfilled by vows nor by passions.
  19. This happens only in one-sided love, the one who is not attached to anyone, that heart also breaks.
  20. One-sided love has at least this advantage that there is neither the fear of getting angry with anyone nor the worry of convincing anyone.
  21. In one-sided love, the person in front will get nothing but love and the lover will get everything else instead of love.
  22. This one sided love is very strange. Separation is written in both its beginning and end.
  23. It pains me a lot to think that even after falling in love, my love remained one-sided.
  24. Don’t consider one sided love as a game. Only separation is written in his fate and there is no match anywhere.
  25. To be honest, friends, never do one sided love, it hurts a lot.
  26. Love is true only one-sided, because the one who is two-sided is not called love but a deal.
  27. Ever since he has loved one sided, he is never alone even in a crowd of hundred, because his memories are always with him.
  28. This one sided love is like a car without tyres. Will not reach anywhere and also makes a lot of noise.

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One Sided Love Quotes

If one-sided love is accepted, then nothing can be more beautiful than that in this world. If this is not the case then the pain of heartbreak in one sided love cannot be described in words. Don’t know how many people have emerged as the best poets after losing their heart in one sided love. In such a situation, poetry is made on one-sided love. Read further collection on One Sided Love Quotes.

  1. Love is not a time that will pass like a phase,
    it is a feeling that will grow every moment,
    if you believe me, friends, don’t believe in the words of your heart,
    don’t know when it will turn away.
  2. What were those feelings of unrequited love, those who did not know where they got lost,
    those whom they used to dream of getting, today they are with someone else,
    our broken heart is saved, after collecting which we also walked on unknown paths.
  1. It was the foolishness of our love that he lost everything,
    he had a habit of playing with emotions, it
    was our fault that he became a toy, he
    did not stop at this and handed over his heart to him.
  2. Don’t know where the sleep and dreams of these eyes have been lost,
    ever since the desires of this innocent heart were broken and scattered.
  3. To forget your refusal, the heart is sitting in love with loneliness,
    thinking that the pain will be less, the heart has made a home in them.
  4. How much we loved him,
    what would have happened if he had known even once,
    we used to ask for him everyday in our prayers,
    what would have happened if he had asked for us even once.
  5. They suspected that we spend their lives on them,
    we were sure that they die on us only,
    both could never muster the courage to express themselves,
    now neither they say anything nor we can ask anything.
  6. It is enough if I get your company in this life,
    every breath of ours has asked only this prayer from God.
  7. Most of the people in this world are found in one-sided love,
    because those who once fall in true love, are more afraid of breaking their heart than expressing it.
  8. This one-sided love doesn’t go away,
    Sanam gets upset many times,
    but the heart doesn’t agree.
  9. They can’t read love in our eyes,
    we can’t express our heart condition in words,
    this one sided love is cruel friends,
    we can neither bear this pain nor stay away.
  10. The heart gets lost in your memories to such an extent that
    even if someone mentions you, the heart gets lost in it.
  11. Try burning your heart on the flame of fate,
    one sided love is not that easy, friends,
    try passing through its streets sometime.
  12. Despite being so close to me, he is far away,
    he does not understand the signals and we cannot call him.
  13. The result of one-sided love is very strange,
    which is not written in the fate itself,
    this heart is its slave.
  14. My love is only one-sided,
    this heart has loved,
    what if he could not become our destiny,
    this heart has lived every moment of love.
  15. Our one-sided love gave that lover the status of God,
    we have seen only quarrels in two-sided love.
  16. Centuries have passed since this heart loved you,
    and you are still as oblivious as yesterday.
  17. He comes every morning to dry his hair on the terrace,
    this heart of mine, mad in one-sided love,
    understands it as love.
  18. O God, what a punishment for one-sided love,
    without whom you cannot spend even a single night,
    how will you spend a whole life without them.
  19. This mad heart of mine loves her even today,
    expresses love hundred times in solitude, I
    know that she has rejected us many times,
    but this wretched heart does not believe at all.
  20. My wishes are only up to myself,
    only one sided love is right, I have every right to it.
  21. Today, after centuries, he was seen in the street,
    as if the old love got wind.
  22. I had love for her in my heart and friendship in her mind,
    we suffered in one sided love for ages,
    and she became someone else in front of our eyes.
  23. O God, sometimes listen to my complaints too, if you
    can’t write your lover in my destiny,
    then keep him away from you forever.

After poetry on one sided love, now read One Sided Love Status.

One Sided Love Status | One Sided Love Quotes

One-sided love is that, on which even your own strength does not work. The heart knows that the person in front does not love, yet it beats for him. Only you live all the emotions related to it, because only you have these feelings. Further cherish these feelings are given in one sided love status,Quotes.

  1. These eyes were dreaming very beautiful dreams,
    when in dreams you were mine and I was yours,
    in the meanwhile the sleep was broken and the dream remained incomplete, when
    the eyes opened, neither were you there, there was only loneliness together.
  2. In this war of love, we attacked everything,
    our heart was of one-sided love, that’s why
    we won and lost.
  3. I wish we could have kept a condition before falling in love with you,
    that as much as we love you, you will have to do the same in return.
  4. What changes with time is called situation,
    what becomes complete even after remaining incomplete is called one sided love.
  5. One sided love is very beautiful,
    only love remains incomplete in it,
    but the feeling of love is complete.
  6. This one-sided love is very deadly,
    don’t know when it will become a mess of life.
  7. Apart from love, this heart wants nothing else from him,
    we cannot express in words, they cannot understand the silence.
  8. What is true love, one should ask one-sided lovers,
    who pray for the perfect love of their lover even after their own heart is broken.
  9. This dilemma of one sided love is very strange,
    you don’t want to belong to someone else and they can’t be yours.
  10. This one sided love is like a superstition, the
    heart knows that nothing can happen,
    still love is done just for a hope.
  11. After getting her we parted again,
    we had such a one-sided love
    that we settled down after losing everything.
  12. One sided love is like colors,
    it is necessary to scatter to shine
  13. This one sided love is very beautiful,
    neither getting angry with anyone nor persuading anyone
    nor waiting for anyone.
  14. Seeing you in dreams now feels like a crime,
    these beats start making noise and the heart becomes one sided.
  15. One sided right. But I played my love with intensity, so that
    his love could be complete, that’s why I sacrificed my love.
  16. Remembering you, they write love letters every day,
    knowing that it is only one-sided love, they burn it.
  17. One-sided love is enough for us,
    because now we have nothing to lose.
  18. My friend, let your love remain one sided,
    heartache increases when it becomes two sided.
  19. He also loves us, it was our illusion,
    how can we make him guilty,
    the fault was of this mad heart
  20. One-sided lovers are also very strange,
    do not say a word from the lips, but worry about them in the heart.
  21. If there was love, it would have been completed a long time ago,
    if there was love, it would have spread happiness by removing sorrows,
    this is a one-sided love, that’s why prayers are not accepted.
  22. I try to stay anonymous without you,
    stay away from you, of course, but I will be defamed by your name only.
  23. Don’t ask the limit of my love, my dear,
    even today I am waiting for your arrival in my heart.
  24. I am happy today, even this heart has no regrets, I
    did love with all my heart, even though it was never expressed.
  25. Neither I will call you, nor will you ever come,
    considering it as one-sided love, we will maintain a relationship from a distance.
  26. We knew that he can never be ours, but who would explain this heart. Still, he became my favorite.
  27. Neither said, nor tolerated,
    this one-sided love is strange,
    neither comes in life, nor goes from the heart.
  28. We are infamous in the whole city by whose name,
    and there are those who do not even know our name.
  29. One day he will also realize my one-sided love, when he will fall in love with an unfaithful person.
  30. They are getting burnt in this one-sided love, there
    is no place for the destination, they are just going away.

Further in the article, we have specially brought some poems on unrequited love for you.

Poem On Unrequited Love | One Sided Love Poems, Quotes

Only one prayer emerges from the heart of every loving person that the person whom he/she wants should also fill his/her bag with love. Poems can be the best way to express one sided love in words. You can read the best collection of such one sided love poems in the next article.

  1. He used to reside in every beat of my heart, but could never hear,
    we used to cover the sea of ​​love, but he could never see, there
    were many complaints from him, but he could never hear my condition,
    we We had given him the status of God, but he could never listen to our pleas, we
    always pray for his happiness, even if we could not join him, so
    many untold things were left in this heart that neither eyes could read. We could say something.
  2. One we and one our one sided love,
    eyes keep on waiting for you to come,
    sometimes looking at your picture,
    sometimes waiting for your call,
    saying I love
    you and holding your friendship every time,
    on my mistakes Scolding rightly,
    persuading with love when I get angry, every night you knock in my dreams,
    and in the morning denying the promise,
    we and each other have a hidden love in our heart,
    our heart will beat like this for you, friend,
    we Will always love you unconditionally.
  3. Just yesterday I had met him at that turn of dreams,
    we were completely drenched and it had rained heavily throughout the night,
    I don’t know what kind of thread was there that connected us together,
    without touching him I hugged his soul. We cried,
    call it my madness or madness, this is just my one-sided love.
  4. We know he loves someone else,
    his lake-like eyes have someone else’s dreams,
    we are not his companion in this journey of life,
    but this heart is oblivious, who is still in love with him,
    hurt him This heart cries when he reaches, but we are not his healer,
    this heart lives in his memories, but we are not his leisure,
    we know he loves someone else,
    but this heart is oblivious to him even today There is only love.
  5. Time has passed since we parted from him,
    but my heart is still in love with him,
    we had seen the impossible dream of getting him, we
    are still waiting for that dream to be fulfilled,
    we have tried unsuccessfully to forget him,
    But to tell the truth, I still have the hope of seeing a glimpse of him,
    I thought many times to ask you whether it is a hangover of love or madness.
  6. When I saw her for the first time, something happened in my heart,
    I was stunned
    as soon as I saw her, her eyes were telling something to me,
    her voice was melting sugar candy in my ears,
    a closed room in my heart The way he opened it,
    we used to run far away in the name of love,
    but here the whole matter was turned upside down,
    the weather seemed pleasant with his laugh,
    what should I tell friends, I used to get lost in his thoughts all day long,
    Many times I thought that I should go and tell him about my heart,
    but I was afraid that he might leave her,
    my love story was just like this,
    she could never understand me and I kept loving one sided.
  7. Friends, the condition of one-sided lovers is like this,
    we keep looking for them in the twinkling moon and stars,
    and they are not visible, neither in the darkness nor in the light, leaving us in the middle of
    the road, they set out on a new journey,
    We are the ones who get scared in the desolation even today in their memory.
  8. How will they know the power of one sided love,
    neither be angry nor be persuaded by it, how can they understand it,
    we can even recognize their sound ,
    how can they feel this obsession,
    if they don’t see them, their heart is not at peace ,
    Will he be able to keep patience like us,
    I have loved him by keeping my heart on my palm,
    will he be able to do this much.
  9. I want to tell you the secret that I had hidden in my heart for years,
    enough of one-sided love, now I want to express my love,
    I know you are also not oblivious to my feelings,
    yet today I have expressed my feelings in words. I have come to tell you my condition,
    except the whole world, I have set my heart only on you,
    I have come to tell you that you are present in my every breath,
    when your face is in front of me, I forget this world,
    in every dream. I want to build a lovely home with you,
    my love is true, I have come to explain this not a lie, I
    want to tell you the secret that I had hidden in my heart for years.
  10. Every morning these eyes open with the desire to see you,
    every night these eyes reach the world of dreams decorated with your dreams,
    when you come in front of me, these eyes are afraid to collide with your eyes,
    the day you are not seen everywhere These eyes are looking for you,
    waiting for a glimpse of you, these eyes keep staring at the lonely road,
    thinking that I may fall in love with you once again,
    these eyes lower their eyelids as soon as they come in front of you.
  11. Whose name this heart takes on every breath
    , their life resides in someone else,
    our day does not pass without remembering them,
    and their evenings pass with someone else,
    we have the account of their every likes and dislikes,
    but for them We are like strangers,
    if he was in the bus, we would have thrown him out,
    but this is a fucking one-sided love which does not come out at all.
  12. My first one-sided love,
    for whom my heart yearned every moment,
    used to wait for hours to get a glimpse of her,
    kept looking for a chance to meet her again and again,
    used to hum songs on the roads, whistled
    on her lips and used to move Mischief,
    for us only he was the Shining Star and all the rest were useless,
    when we reached to express, I came to know that his love was someone else, my
    heart was shattered and my dreams were shattered,
    something like this was my first One sided love
  13. We love her very much and there is no reason for it,
    Yes, I know that my love is one sided and she is not mine,
    yet in the mirror of my heart she is the only picture, I
    could not forget her even after rejecting her, fucking love The thing is bad,
    some people call it my madness, but such is my personality.
  14. The eyes kept on crying and the pain in the heart kept rising, I
    felt the loss of those who were never there, I felt
    the distance growing between us, the one who
    was hidden in the corner of the heart, it opens layer by layer. Stayed,
    in front of my eyes he left holding someone else’s arm,
    I stood stunned and kept watching the scene of my destruction.
  15. In the result of one-sided love, the heart has been completely shattered,
    now all that is left is to collect the pieces,
    all the emotions are dead,
    now only the feeling is left to end, only
    a few breaths are left,
    now only the embrace of death remains.
  16. Surely there must have been something missing in my expression of love,
    neither we could explain properly nor she could understand, I
    could not show her the sea of ​​my love,
    she too must have been complaining about me,
    it is not acceptable to show love We were
    raw with words and she must not have been able to read the love of the eyes,
    there must have been something missing in my expression of love.
  17. Thought to capture the emotions by taking
    them down in the pages, if they say something then I just keep listening,
    become the tears of their eyes and the laughter of their lips,
    whenever they start forgetting us,
    then I should remind them by sending my heart as a gift,
    I thought of the emotions Put it in the pages and imprison it.