Olive oil massage benefits

Olive oil massage benefits

Olive Oil Massage Benefits Olive oil has been used for centuries for its health and beauty benefits. But do you know that olive oil massage also has benefits. If you do not know, then know that it is also used in addition to cooking food. Massage can be done with olive oil which is beneficial for us in various situations. It is a cheap and effective massage oil. In this article, you will learn about the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of olive oil massage. Let’s know them.

Benefits of massage with olive oil

Olive oil massage benefits
Olive oil massage benefits

You can massage your body with olive oil to relax your body and get relief from pain. Olive oil provides essential nutrients to the body. Massaging with this oil provides relief from muscle pain and also helps in relieving tense joints. The anti-inflammatory properties present in this oil help in reducing the pain and swelling of arthritis .

Let us know what are the benefits of olive oil massage for us.

Benefits of olive oil massage reduce pain

Olive oil is very beneficial for those who work sitting in the computer for long hours. Working or exercising continuously can lead to excessive tension and inflammation in the muscles of the body. However, some exercises can provide temporary relief from this type of pain. But you can take olive oil massage for permanent treatment of such pain. The medicinal properties of this oil are absorbed by the body during massage. It helps in relieving muscle pain, cramps, sprains and swelling etc. Apart from this, the benefits of olive oil massage can also relieve arthritis and the pain caused by it. For this, you can take olive oil massage along with yoga.

Benefits of massage with olive oil in sunburn

In the summer season, our skin gets badly burnt when exposed to the strong sunlight. Apart from causing irritation in the skin, it can also darken the color of our skin. It can reduce your beauty. But there is no need to worry . Because natural treatment of sunburn is also possible. You can treat this skin problem with olive oil massage. You take equal quantity of water and olive oil in 1 bottle and mix it well. Massage your whole body with this mixture.
Antioxidant -rich olive oil, especially squalene, vitamins and phytosterols help reduce damage caused by sunlight. You can take advantage of olive oil massage to get rid of sunburn and other skin problems.

Olive oil massage to remove shoulder stiffness

Our modern lifestyle is very sedentary. Most of our work is computer based for which we have to sit in front of the screen for long hours. This often puts stress and pressure on the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Yoga exercises are effective in relieving this type of pain and stiffness. But to make it more effective, you can get quick benefits by massaging with olive oil after yoga. Olive oil massage can help relieve tension from the neck and shoulders by increasing blood circulation and energy flow. Studies show that oleocanthal present in olive oil acts like anti-inflammatory drugs. In this way, you can use olive oil massage to relieve stiffness and pain in your neck and shoulders.

Remove stretch marks with olive oil massage

Stretch marks on your body are extremely unattractive and uncomfortable. The problem of stretch marks is especially high in women. Because women’s skin is more soft and delicate than men’s. Stretch marks can occur due to sudden weight gain, weight loss or during pregnancy. Whatever the reason, stretch marks appear, they are extremely uncomfortable for women. Because women often try to hide them. But olive oil can be used to remove these marks. Regular massage with olive oil should be done in the affected area. Warm olive oil can be the best home remedy to remove stretch marks.
During olive oil massage, it should be kept in mind that the oil gets completely absorbed in the skin. Olive oil massage helps in keeping the skin hydrated along with promoting blood circulation. In this way olive oil massage is beneficial for women and men.

Benefits of olive oil massage remove dandruff from hair

You can take the benefits of olive oil massage to overcome your physical problems. But it can also solve your hair problems . Massaging the scalp with olive oil can effectively treat dandruff along with relieving stress and depression. Vitamin E antioxidant nutrients present in this oil help in removing the problems related to our head. When massaged regularly, it helps reduce itchy scalp, scalp irritation, flaky scalp and dryness. To diagnose this type of problem, massage with warm olive oil for 20 minutes. After about 1 hour you wash your hair with a mild shampoo , it is an effective treatment for soft and dandruff free hair.

Benefits of getting olive oil massage remove insomnia

Good sleep plays an important role in maintaining human health at a good level . Because it helps to relax the body and mind. Due to which the mind gets time to organize the work system of the next day. Massage with olive oil can relax the body and relieve stress. In addition, it can treat sleep disorders and insomnia caused by oxidative stress, muscle pain and headache . Massaging with this oil promotes proper blood circulation throughout the body and also keeps the heart healthy by controlling blood pressure . This way you can reap the benefits of olive oil massage to promote good health and promote sleep management .

Benefits of olive oil massage to relieve stress

In today’s busy life, almost everyone suffers from stress. Excessive workload, domestic problems, inconvenient work, etc. are many reasons that can increase stress. All these work to increase anxiety and depression in our mind. But if you want to get rid of tension then you can use this medicated oil. When massaged with olive oil, it relaxes your mind and body. So that you can deal with your stress.
Apart from this, olive oil can provide adequate nutrition to your body, which is beneficial for your overall health. Anyway, massage is considered the best way to remove the fatigue of your body . Additional benefits can be obtained by using olive oil along with it. If you are suffering from stress then olive oil massage can be beneficial for you.

Disadvantages of olive oil massage

Olive oil massage is very beneficial for your physical health. But there can be some side effects of using this oil in certain circumstances.

• Since olive oil can be bought from the market only. It is not possible to prepare it at home so the olive oil bought from the market may contain some chemical elements which may harm your skin. So be careful during use.
• Some people may be allergic on using this oil. Due to which redness or red rashes can occur in their skin.
• People who have oily skin should avoid using olive oil.
• People with dry skin should avoid olive oil massage. Because it contains oleic acid which destroys the natural moisturizer of the skin.