Olive oil during pregnancy

Olive oil during pregnancy

Although the time of pregnancy is very beautiful, but this time can also put you in many confusions related to diet. So if you are wondering whether or not to use olive oil in your diet during pregnancy, we suggest that you read this entire article to find out. Here we have put together all the information you need to know about using olive oil during pregnancy. 

Is It Safe to Use Olive Oil

Before using olive oil in your diet during pregnancy, you must know whether it is safe for you or not. Well, it is completely safe for pregnant women to use olive oil and you can include it in your pregnancy diet as well. It can have many benefits for women during pregnancy. In fact, this oil is very beneficial not only for the pregnant woman but also for the child growing in her womb. Further, its benefits are also given which you should know. 

Benefits of olive oil for pregnant women 

Olive oil during pregnancy

The olive tree is commonly found in the Mediterranean regions of Europe and Africa. Olive has many health related properties. Apart from being rich in dietary fibre, it also contains mono-unsaturated fats, vitamin ‘E’ and iron. Olive oil is extracted through a process called maceration. This oil is good for the stomach and hence it is safe to consume during pregnancy as well. Let us find out how it helps you and your baby during pregnancy;

1. Rich in Vitamin ‘E’

Olive oil may not be the main source of Vitamin ‘E’. Although this oil inhibits oxidation, the amount of Vitamin ‘E’ present in it provides many benefits to a pregnant woman. Vitamin ‘E’ is one such component which helps the baby to accept the oxygen-rich environment immediately after birth. If you have had pre-mature delivery and you consume olive oil during breastfeeding, it improves the kidney and pancreas of the child. 

2. Helps in child development 

If you consume olive oil during pregnancy, it can be very beneficial for the development and growth of your unborn baby. The omega-3 acid present in it keeps the heart of the child strong. It has also been observed that consuming olive oil during pregnancy improves the brain function of the baby and it also improves the learning skills of the baby after birth. If a mother consumes olive oil regularly during pregnancy, it has a positive effect on the weight and height of the baby. 

3. Helps reduce stretch marks 

Stretch marks are very common during pregnancy and most women experience them. This is because as the baby grows in the womb, your pelvic muscles and abdomen are stretched to accommodate the baby, which leads to stretch marks. Olive oil has been used since ancient times to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy. If you apply olive oil on your stomach daily, it is possible that you will not get stretch marks during pregnancy. Even if you do get stretch marks, they can disappear with very mild and frequent application of oil several times. The only way to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy is by using olive oil regularly. 

4. Improves Reflexes in Babies 

It has been observed that women who regularly consume olive oil during pregnancy have better psycho-motor reflexes at birth than pregnant women who do not consume olive oil. 

5. Helps keep various infections at bay 

Your immune system may be weak during pregnancy and because of this, pregnant women are more likely to fall sick or develop an infection. However, using olive oil in the diet during pregnancy can outweigh all the benefits. This is because olive oil is rich in Vitamin A which helps in strengthening the immune system. This in turn helps in keeping various kinds of infections at bay. Vitamin ‘A’ is beneficial for the eyes and consuming olive oil during pregnancy not only improves your vision but is also good for the development of the baby’s eyes. 

Like other oils, olive oil should be consumed in moderation. You can safely consume olive oil pregnant and apply it to your skin, but don’t use it in excessive amounts for eating or applying. For this, we would also recommend that you must consult a doctor before using it during pregnancy, especially if you are using it for the first time. This is because every pregnancy is different and what is beneficial for one woman may be harmful for another. So doctors know what is best for you in pregnancy.