Oats During Pregnancy

Oats During Pregnancy

Let’s know about Oats During Pregnancy. If you are pregnant for the first time, then you must be getting advice from everyone to eat healthy food. Oats are a healthy option for daily life. A pregnant woman needs a diet that is healthy and nutritious for her and her baby. However, many women wonder whether they should include oats in their diet or not. 

Can a pregnant woman eat oats?

The answer is ‘yes’! Oats are absolutely safe to eat during pregnancy. Oats contain a lot of essential nutrients that are essential for women during pregnancy. This puts oats at the top of the list of foods every woman must have. 

benefits of eating oats during pregnancy 

Oats During Pregnancy
Oats During Pregnancy

Following are the many benefits of this fiber-rich food item, let’s find out; 

  • It is a great source of energy 

A pregnant woman needs to eat energy-rich foods continuously throughout the day. Just a few oats contain more carbohydrates and calories that maintain energy in the body throughout the day. 

  • It also contains complex carbohydrates 

Food items eaten daily contain simple carbohydrates, but oats contain complex carbohydrates which break down slowly and take time to digest. It maintains normal blood sugar levels in the body and reduces the risk of gestational diabetes. Slow digestion leads to healthy weight gain. 

  • it is rich in fiber 

Oats contain sufficient amount of fiber. It is beneficial for pregnant women who suffer from constipation as the fiber present in it improves digestion and improves bowel movement. 

  • Also contains important minerals 

Potassium, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, magnesium and manganese are some of the minerals found in oats. Each mineral has multiple benefits like it boosts immunity, keeps bones strong, helps in formation of teeth and also ensures growth and development of the child. 

  • It also contains essential vitamins 

For a pregnant woman to be happy, she needs to be healthy from inside and outside. Having B vitamins, folate and pantothenic acid in the body can effectively break down fats and proteins, which keep membranes and mucus healthy and strong. 

  • It is rich in folic acid 

Along with vitamins and minerals, pregnant women should not forget to take folic acid as well. It develops the brain and nervous system of the unborn child and protects it from any disorders. 

  • Iron is also found in it 

If you meet 10% of the iron requirement in the body by eating just one serving of oats throughout the day, then you are not at any risk of anemia. Including it in your diet helps you maintain your good health. 

Ways to Include Oats in Your Diet During Pregnancy 

Here are some ways by which you can easily include oats in your diet during pregnancy, let us know;

1. The Classic Way to Make Oats 

Oats can also be consumed by mixing them with water, warm milk and a teaspoon of honey. You can also add some fruits, dry fruits or vanilla essence to it if it suits you and fulfills your heavy breakfast requirement. 

2. Don’t use maida 

Eating white flour during pregnancy is injurious to health as it can increase your weight and can also put you at risk of diabetes. Using oat flour instead can be a healthier option for you in the form of a variety of cakes, breads, cookies, and other savory dishes. 

3. Make Oats Granola Bars 

This is the perfect time to have granola bars as a quick snack. It not only contains oats but also other nuts and berries which make it nutritional and full of energy. 

4. Make Tasty Oats Recipe 

Many people know it only as a healthy diet. A little experimentation while cooking oats can make it very tasty. You can add cinnamon, a little maple syrup, milk, cream, ice-cream, fruit, brown sugar and many other ingredients to make this dish delicious. 

5. Try something new

Oats is very easy to make as there is no difficulty in the way of making it. So mix it with different ingredients to make a tasty and healthy dish. 

Side Effects of Eating Oats During Pregnancy 

While oats have many benefits, there can be some side effects of consuming it even in the first trimester of pregnancy; 

  • Eating oats in excess can sometimes lead to digestive problems and diarrhea. Eat it as much as is better for your health. 
  • Many women have experienced intestinal block after eating too much oats. This can be a serious problem during pregnancy and should be treated immediately. 
  • If you are allergic to gluten, you are likely to be allergic to oats as well. In this case, you can use any other option. 
  • Instant oats are not right for you at all. Instead, eat steel cut oats or rolled oats as they are healthy as mentioned earlier. 

Delicious Oats Granola Recipe 

Granola bars are delicious, healthy and super easy to make. It is the best option for breakfast, between-meal snacks or for those cravings for something sweet. You can make this recipe in any way. You can make it by adding your favorite fruits and ingredients, let’s know how it can be made; 


  • Oats – 2 cups 
  • Bananas (ripe) – 3 
  • Walnuts – 1/2 cup 
  • Pumpkin seeds (roasted) – 1/2 cup
  • Sunflower seeds (roasted) – 1/2 cup
  • Almond – 1/2 cup
  • Dried berries (cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, goji berries) – 1/2 cup
  • Vanilla extract – 1 tsp 
  • Cinnamon – 1 tsp 


  1. First of all, pre-heat the oven to 350 degree Fahrenheit. 
  2. Grease a baking dish (9*13 inch) with butter/parchment paper and keep aside. 
  3. Now mash all the bananas in a large bowl till it becomes a puree with a smooth consistency. 
  4. Add vanilla to the puree and mix it well. 
  5. Blend the oats coarsely in a blender or food processor. 
  6. Add oats to the banana mixture and mix well. 
  7. Mix all the ingredients in it. The consistency of this mixture should be slightly heavy and wet. 
  8. Spoon this mixture into the baking dish. Then wet your hand a little and press it lightly to flatten and thin it. 
  9. Bake the mixture for about 20-25 minutes till the edges are light brown and slightly firm. 
  10. Finally, after it cools down, cut it into long bars. 
  11. You can keep it in the fridge for a week and in the freezer for a month. 

Although it is healthy and safe to consume, it is better to consume it in moderation. Including oats in your diet can be a good option but it cannot be the main source of nutrition and energy in your diet. You can eat it with any other food or as a snack.