Nicknames for Brother

Nicknames for Brother

The Brother-sister relationship is that relationship, which gets deeper with time. In this, there is not only laughter and love, but there is also a lot of mutual saying and talking, which makes this relationship more special. Whether a sister is younger or older, she can make this loving relationship even deeper by choosing the best nickname for her brother. On the other hand, sisters can also tease their brothers a little by using cute nicknames for their brothers. In such a situation, if you also want to give the best nickname to your brother, then this article will be very helpful in this work, more than 100 nicknames for brother have been given. You can choose any one of these nicknames according to your brother’s habits and nature.

Nicknames for Brother
Nicknames for Brother

So let’s go ahead in the article and get to know cute, funny and sweet nicknames for brother.

100+ Cute Nicknames for Brother

Having brother and sister in life is the most lovely and precious gift of God. If he is with you in every ups and downs of life, happiness and sorrow, then every difficulty seems easy. Although every sister keeps teasing her brother on one or the other issue, but when it comes to the well-being of her brother, she does not hesitate to take the form of Durga and Chandi. To express this love towards your brother, we have brought you this collection of Nicknames for Brother.

Here we are giving cute nicknames to use for brother.

Cute Nicknames for Brother

In this part of the article, we are giving a list of cute nicknames for brother. Sisters can choose cute nicknames for brother through this list and show their love for brother more effectively.

1. Smarty:

If your brother is intelligent and adept at taking smart decisions in life, then you can lovingly call him Smarty.

2. Mickey Mouse:

Mickey Mouse is a very cute cartoon character who has fun with his friends. In such a situation, if your brother is also cute like Mickey Mouse, or he likes Mickey Mouse a lot. So in this case you can give him Mickey Mouse Nick Name.

3. Smiley:

A laughing emoji used during a message in mobile is called a smiley. If you like your brother’s smile and he is happy, then you can make him feel special by giving him Smiley nickname.

4. QTY :

By the way, everyone finds his younger siblings cute. In such a situation, if you also find your brother the cutest, then you can lovingly call him QT.

5. Gorgeous :

The word gorgeous is however used for beautiful and attractive girls. However, if your brother has a very attractive personality, you can also call him Gorgeous to tease him sweetly.

6. Dimple Boy:

It is said that those people look very cute, who have dimples on their cheeks. In such a situation, if your brother also has dimples on his cheeks, then you can also call him as dimple boy.

7. Handsome:

If your brother is good looking and has a good personality, then you can give him handsome nickname. At the same time, handsome nickname can also be used to tease the brothers who are fond of being ready.

8. Bestie:

The relation of brother and sister is very deep. There are many such things, which remain only between brother and sister. In such a situation, if someone’s bonding with his brother is like best friends, then in such a situation, the brother can be called by the bestie nickname.

9. Buddy :

Buddy is an English word, which means companion. In such a situation, a dear brother who supports you like a friend can also be called a buddy.

10. Honey :

If the relationship between you two is as sweet as honey, then you can also give your brother the nickname Honey.

11. Baby Brother:

If you think that your brother is small and innocent like a baby, then you can give him the nickname Baby Brother.

12. Pumpkin:

If someone’s brother is a little healthy and chubby to look at, then in such a situation you can lovingly call your brother by Pumpkin Nickname.

13. Biggie:

The elder brother can be addressed as Bigi.

14. Teddy:

If someone’s brother is a little healthy and looks very cute like a teddy bear, then she can call her brother by the name Teddy.

15. Pinkie Pie:

If your brother is cute and spreads hope and happiness everywhere, then you can call him Pinkie Pie.

16. Sweet:

If your brother’s way of talking is such that he charms everyone with his sweet words, then you can give him the nickname Sweetu.

17. Tower :

To tease a tall brother with love, you can address him as a tower.

18. Artist:

If your brother is skilled in any art, that makes him stand out. So in this case the artist name would suit a lot.

19. Bro:

In today’s era, where the trend of speaking everything in short has increased, in such a situation, you can also call your brother as Bro.

20. Hero:

If your brother is fond of dressing up as a hero, you can also address him as hero.

21. Simmba:

Simba is a cartoon character of a lion. In such a situation, this nickname can be given to a brother who has a lion heart and a brave heart.

22. Brownie:

You can lovingly call a brother with brown eyes or brown hair as brownie.

23. Twinkle Boy:

If your brother always has a smile on his face like the stars twinkle in the sky, then you can give him the nickname Twinkle Boy.

24. Iron Man:

If someone’s physical structure is very good and he is very strong, then in such a situation brother can also be called as Iron Man.

25. Rock Star:

This name is perfect for a brother who is interested in singing.

26. Panda :

Sisters can lovingly use this nickname to tease an overweight brother.

27. Babu:

If you find your brother innocent like a small child, then you can give him the nickname Babu.

28. Lambu:

Sisters can also jokingly call a tall brother as Lambu.

29. Little Boss:

If someone’s brother acts like a boss despite being younger, you can give him the nickname Little Boss to tease him.

30. Romeo :

If someone’s brother is in love and is lost in his girlfriend’s thoughts every moment, then you can call him Romeo to tease him.

31. Senta :

Just like Santa brings gifts for children on Christmas day. Similarly, if someone’s brother brings a lot of gifts on big and small occasions, then giving such a brother the nickname Santa will make him feel special.

32. Sunshine:

You can give the name Sunshine to your dear brother who brings light and happiness like the sun in your and your family’s life.

33. Rebel :

Rebel means to rebel. In such a situation, this nickname can be used to tease the brother who talks against small things in the house.

34. Kido:

The term kiddo is used to address small children. In such a situation, elder sisters can use this nickname to call their younger brother.

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In this part of the article, we will know the funny nicknames used for brother.

Funny Nicknames for Brother

Calling each other by strange names and then making fun of each other makes the brother-sister relationship even more beautiful. Some of these nicknames are such that even the listeners laugh out loud. Here we are giving some such funny nicknames, out of which you can choose one for your brother as well.

35. Pig :

Pig is considered more intelligent than all other animals. You can call a dear brother with such qualities as a pig.

36. Hypocrite :

If someone’s brother understands something very late, then you can give him the nickname Bhondu.

37. Chasmish:

If your brother is wearing spectacles, you can call him chashmish.

38. Double Battery:

Double battery is also an alternative to glasses, which you can use to tease your brother according to your mood.

39. Tutti-Frutti:

This is the name of an ice cream, which is prepared using natural fruits. Its taste appeals to children a lot. In such a situation, the sister can call the brother who especially likes this ice by the name of Tutti-Frutti.

40. Laddu:

Round shapes start emerging in our mind as soon as we take the name of Laddus. Similarly, you can call a chubby brother like Laddu by giving him the nickname Laddu.

41. Burger Boy:

Fast food like burger, pizza are everyone’s first choice nowadays. In such a situation, it would be perfect to give the brother who likes burgers a burger boy nickname.

42. Google :

If we want to know about any new or old things, then we quickly Google it and get answers to our questions within a few seconds. If your brother has information about everything like Google, then you can give him the nickname Google.

43. Butter Boy:

The brother who convinces every small and big thing by buttering it can be called butter boy.

44. Pub-G :

Pub-G is an online game which is very popular among the youth. Nowadays everyone is busy in pub-g game. Similarly this name can be used to tease brother who is always engaged in pubg game.

45. Maggi :

You can also call a brother with hair like Maggie as Maggie. On the other hand, a brother who likes to eat Maggi can also be given the nickname Maggi.

46. ​​Bookworm:

A bookworm is the one who is always reading something or the other. Similarly, it would be perfect to give the bookworm nickname to the brother who is always engrossed in books.

47. Hulk:

If you want to give a nickname to your physically strong and powerful brother, then you can give him the name of the famous cartoon character Hulk.

48. Champu:

If your brother puts a lot of oil in his hair and keeps them glued, then you can call him Champu in a funny way.

49. Tubelight :

If your brother understands certain things more slowly than others, you can give him the nickname Tubelight to tease him.

50. Lid:

If someone’s brother does not understand something easily, then he can jokingly call him by the nickname Lid.

51. Gossip:

The person who talks in an exaggerated way can be called a gossip, a gossip or a bigot. In such a situation, if your brother is fond of talking a lot and exaggerates things, then you can give him the nickname gossip.

52. Throw :

If you think that your brother talks big things, but in reality these things do not exist. So in such a situation, you can call your brother Fenku in a funny way.

53. Kumbhkarana: Six:

Who doesn’t know Kumbhkaran who used to sleep for a month. Like the same Kumbhkaran, you can call a brother who has the habit of sleeping excessively as Kumbhkaran.

54. Stroller:

A person who moves around a lot is called a wanderer. Similarly, if your brother likes to hang out all the time, you can give him the nickname ‘Gumkaad’.

55. Motu :

Physically chubby and healthy brother can also be called as sister Motu.

56. Bhukkad:

If your brother is a foodie and is always in need of something to eat, then you can call him Bhukkad.

57. Confectioner :

Just like the confectioner specializes in making different types of dishes, similarly if your brother also likes to cook new dishes in the kitchen, then it would be best to give him the confectioner nickname.

58. Philosopher:

It would be right to give the nickname Philosopher to the brother who talks big and knowledgeable.

59. Red Chilli:

A brother with a hot and quick-tempered nature like red chillies can be addressed with this funny nickname.

60. Calculator :

With the help of a calculator, even the most difficult questions can be solved easily. In such a situation, if someone’s brother is so sharp in maths that he solves big calculations verbally, then you can call him by this funny nickname.

61. Leader :

In general, the meaning of a leader is a leader or a hero. And the head of a political party is also called a leader. Similarly, if your brother is interested in politics, you can fondly call him Netaji.

62. Facebook :

Today it has become common to be busy on social media. In such a situation, a brother who is always on Facebook can be given a Facebook nickname.

63. Bugga:

A brother who gets angry on small things can be addressed by the nickname Bugga.

64. Grandfather:

If your brother gives knowledge on everything like elders, then you can also call him as Dadu.

65. Jasmine:

Jasmine flower is known for its special fragrance. Similarly, if your brother’s complexion and the scent of his personality represent his distinct identity, you can call him jasmine to tease him.

66. Tinda:

There are many vegetables, which people like very little. In such a situation, if your brother does not like Tinda, then you can call him Tinda in a funny way.

67. Chatora:

Who does not like delicious and spicy food. Similarly, if your brother only likes spicy food, you can call him Chatora.

68. Virus :

It is believed that the disease caused by the virus does not leave the chase quickly. In the same way, if someone’s brother roams around in front of his sister, then you can lovingly give him the virus nickname.

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In the next part of the article, we will now give information about the sweet nickname used for brother.

Sweet Nicknames for Brother

In this part of the article, we are giving a list of sweet nicknames used for brothers. You can use one of these sweet nicknames to address your brother. Not only will your brother love this nickname, but it will also help in making the brother-sister bond stronger than ever.

69. Champ :

Champion is called Champ in short words. If your brother performs very well like a champion in sports to academics, you can call him champ.

70. Chotu :

The word chotu is used to call boys or children younger than themselves. Similarly, you can lovingly call your younger and dear brother Chhotu.

71. Gunda :

If a brother has a habit of fighting on every issue, then you can lovingly give him the nickname Gunda.

72. Dates:

Although it is a dry fruit, but this word is also used for people with less mind. That’s why such a brother who understands things late, you can call him by this nickname.

73. F.M. ,

If your brother keeps talking non-stop and doesn’t let anyone speak in front of him, you can call him by his nickname.

74. Rajaji:

If your brother has a royal style like a king, then it would be perfect to call him Raja ji instead of his name.

75. Ghajini:

Forgetting small things is usually normal, similarly you can name Ghajini as a nickname for an innocent brother who forgets most of the everyday things.

76. Naughty:

If someone’s brother is very mischievous and keeps troubling his sister all the time, then this nickname will be perfect for him.

77. Bug :

If your brother keeps bugging you like a bug, you can call him a bug to tease him.

78. Dude:

Usually friends use this word to call each other. In such a situation, a sister who is friendly with her brother can call her brother by this nickname.

79. Big B :

Sisters can use this nickname to fondly call their elder brother.

80. Captain :

Just like a captain leads his team in a very efficient way, similarly if your brother keeps on teaching you small and big things. So in this case you can give him the nickname Captain.

81. Generous:

If your brother does not see anyone’s trouble and is always ready to help people, then this nickname will suit your brother.

82. Wrestler :

You can affectionately call a brother who is fond of wrestling and wrestling as a wrestler.

83. Priest :

If someone’s brother likes to worship more, then you can address him as a priest.

84. Einstein:

Who does not know Einstein, the scientist who discovered the theory of light. In such a situation, such a brother, who is more interested in science, you can lovingly call him by this nickname.

85. Krishna-Kanhaiya:

By the way it is a name of Lord Krishna. But, one of his specialties was that he was always surrounded by gopis. In such a situation, you can lovingly call the brother who has more friendship with girls than boys as Krishna-Kanhaiya.