Multani Mitti face mask

Multani Mitti face mask

Let us know today Multani Mitti face mask. Nowadays our life has become so much stressful due to which our body to our skin has to suffer. Due to the increasing pollution from above, our skin also has to supple more. In such a situation, when there is no option, we use creams with expensive expensive chemicals so that our face does not deteriorate and looks normal.

But the chemicals which are in those expensive expensive creams cause a lot of damage to our face. In such a situation, there is one thing which is no less than a boon for us. Yes friends, that thing is Multani Mitti. Multani mitti is very beneficial not only for our face but also for our hair. In today’s post we will know about the benefits of Multani Mitti.

Benefits of Multani Mitti face mask

Multani Mitti face mask
Multani Mitti face mask

1. Get Rid of Pimples

Be it a girl or a boy, 10 to 8 people have to be troubled by pimple. For which finding a permanent cure sometimes becomes very difficult. In such a situation, Multani Mitti can prove to be very effective for us. Multani mitti with a little aloe vera gel

Method of application: Take a little multani mitti in a bowl and prepare a solution by mixing two or three spoons of aloe vera gel with that soil. Now apply it well on your face and leave it for about 1 hour. After 1 hour wash your face with lukewarm water.

You will feel the difference only after two or three uses and if you do this method regularly then you will never have pimples on your face. You can do this method thrice a week or even daily if you want.

2. To remove sun tan

Often our face becomes dark due to sunlight and our fair complexion gets hidden somewhere. If you also have this problem, then you can easily bring out your fair complexion by using multani mitti.

Method of application: Take some multani mitti in a bowl and mix the soil well with rose water. Now apply that mixture on your face and after half an hour wash your face with lukewarm water. If you do this method before bathing daily, then your face will be glowing within a week.

3. To cool the eyes

Often in the summer season, we have itching, burning sensation in our eyes, which is very irritating. We splash cold water on the eyes but after half an hour the itching starts back and by rubbing more with the finger, our eyes become red and water starts coming from the eyes. In such a situation, the solution to this problem is Multani Mitti.

Method of application: Mixing multani mitti with cold water or rose water and applying it on the area around your eyes brings coolness to the eyes and then there is no itching, burning in the eyes. Do this remedy for a week or even one day. Your eyes will be completely healthy and the eyes will get coolness due to which there will be no itching.

4. Make your hair silky and strong

What do we do for silky hair? We do not hold back from using the most expensive shampoos and conditioners. But the quality which is in natural methods can never be in chemical products. Using multani mitti, you can tell your hair naturally silky. The interesting thing is that not many people know about the treatment of multani mitti for hair. Only those people who have lived in the village area know about this.

Method of application: Take multani mitti in a bowl and break an egg and mix it with that soil. When the paste is well prepared, then apply that solution on your hair like henna. Do this method once a week and within a month your hair color will change.

5. To soften the skin

If your skin is very tough, then you can make your face very soft and soft by using multani mitti. Sometimes our face becomes very hard due to pollution, while some people’s face is always hard. Even if your face has become hard due to any reason, regular use of multani mitti can make your face very soft and soft.

Method of application: Every day, whenever you wash your mouth with soap or anything else, use multani mitti instead of soap or any face wash to wash your mouth. Due to this, there will be no side effect on your face, as well as your face will remain soft and blooming throughout the day. After washing your face with regular multani mitti for a few days, your face will become very soft and soft.

6. To remove blemishes on the face

Often people are very worried due to the spots on their face. So its solution is also Multani Mitti. With regular use of multani mitti, you can get a clear and glowing face by erasing the blemishes of your face.

Method of applying Multani Mitti

Take out a little juice of carrot and mix multani mitti with that juice well. If you want, you can also add a little orange juice to it. Then apply that solution on your face. Do this method after leaving a day or two. Whatever stains you have on your face will be removed very soon. But keep in mind that whenever you apply the solution on your face, massage it well for 5 to 10 minutes.

So friends, here are some benefits of multani mitti. But still this question may come in the mind of all of you that why only multani mitti? Today we will tell some such things which will make it clear to you why you should use multani mitti. Just say that this is some unique quality of multani mitti, which is probably in something else.

Why use Multani Mitti:

Multani mitti is most affordable and economical as compared to any other cream or product.

Multani mitti is a natural thing which has no side effects in any way.

Whenever we buy a product from the market, it is written on it that keep away from children. But multani mitti is such a thing that can be used on a person of any age and if a child accidentally gets multani mitti, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

If you are taking any medicine or you are undergoing treatment for any disease, still you can use multani mitti fearlessly.

You can mix multani mitti with any product and apply it for better results.

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In today’s post, you know what are the benefits of multani mitti and why we should use multani mitti. Hope you liked this article, then please give this article a like and share it as much as possible.