Mountain climber exercise benefits

Mountain climber exercise benefits

Let’s know about Mountain climber exercise benefits. Mountain climber is an advanced exercise , which strengthens the body as well as prevents heart disease . The special thing is that it does not even require a lot of space to do this. Today in this article you will learn about the methods, benefits and types of mountain climber exercise –

How to do mountain climber exercise

Mountain climber exercise should be started with its classic variation. The basic method of doing this exercise is as follows –

  1. Bring the body in the plank position i.e. the entire weight of the body will be on the hands and feet. In this position, care has to be taken that the weight of the body is being distributed equally between the hands and feet.
  2. The hands should be in line with the shoulders, the back and legs should be absolutely flat and the head should also be in a straight line parallel to the body.
  3. Now as much as possible, the right knee has to be brought near the chest.
  4. Then straighten the right knee and bring the left knee near the chest.
  5. This has to be done as consistently and rapidly as possible.
  6. While changing the legs, keep breathing in and out.
  7. When mountain climber exercise is done for an hour, 650-700 calories are burnt.

benefits of mountain climber exercise

Mountain climber exercise benefits
Mountain climber exercise benefits

Mountain climber exercises are great for working out multiple muscles and joints of the body at once. Due to this, the health of the heart also remains healthy. Come, let us know in detail about the benefits of mountain climber exercise –

Whole body workout

Mountain climber exercise is also called ‘ compound exercise ‘ i.e. by doing this exercise all the muscles and joints of the body get workout. In this way, the whole body gets a workout through a single exercise in a short time. By doing mountain climber exercise, back, hips, abs, glutes, legs and shoulders all remain healthy.

increases mobility

The mountain climber exercise is great for the whole body and is capable of increasing mobility. While doing this exercise, the hips and joints become loose and they are easy to work. By doing this continuously, there is no problem of joint pain .

functional fitness

It is also helpful in improving co-ordination and agility. It is also a great exercise to speed up daily tasks and can help in making a person healthy.

Heart health remains healthy

Mountain climber exercise is for full body workout, so it also keeps the heart healthy. Along with making the heart healthy, it also helps in solving minor problems of the heart.

weight loss aid

Since, mountain climber exercise involves a complete body workout, it plays an important role in reducing weight. By doing this continuously, there is a speed in reducing the weight.

Types of Mountain Climber Exercises

Mountain climber exercises are beneficial for people of all ages and fitness levels. By making changes in this exercise, its difficulty can be reduced or increased. Come, let us know about the variation of mountain climber exercise in detail –

elevated mountain climber

If there is discomfort in the hands and shoulders while doing the traditional mountain climber exercise, elevated mountain climber can be done. In this, one should try to keep the hand on a high place like a bench. In this way, more weight of the body will come on the feet.

gym ball mountain climber

By supporting the upper part of the body at a fixed place, it becomes easy to do mountain climbers. On the other hand, when the hands are placed on the gym ball, it becomes a bit difficult to do this exercise. It is called Jim Ball Mountain Climber. The body is challenged by trying to maintain correct form as the ball moves under the body.

cross body mountain climber

To make the mountain climber workout difficult, the knee should be taken towards the opposite shoulder. While doing this, the speed should be good. It is a bit difficult to do as compared to the classic mountain climber.

spiderman mountain climber

This variation of the mountain climber is done by targeting the lower abdomen. Along with this, it also helps in balancing the body and making the hips flexible. While doing this, the knee has to be brought towards the right elbow while making the right leg outward. Once the right leg comes back to the place, the movement has to be repeated with the left leg in the same way.

wall mountain climber

Stand with your feet off the ground and your hands close to the wall, as if you are trying to push off the wall. Keep the hands straight in line with the shoulders. Now try to bring both the knees to the chest one by one.


Mountain climber exercise is an advanced type of exercise, in which all the muscles of the body are worked out. This is a great exercise for functional fitness and is also helpful in maintaining heart health. There are many variations of mountain climber exercise, which can be done according to the ability of the body. So far the disadvantages of this exercise have not come to the fore.