Moon quotes

Moon quotes

It cannot happen that there is a gathering of poets and there is no mention of the moon. For some poet, the moon is the mirror of his love, and for some, the companion of loneliness. The relationship between Chand and Shayari is very old. Not knowing the moon and its moonlight, many poets and lovers have made it a medium to express their feelings. We have also brought such best Chand Shayari and Moon quotes for you in this article. With their help, you can also tell the condition of your heart. In these poetry, both the color of love and the tone about infidelity are uncountabl

40+ Moon quotes

The collection of Shayari and Quotes on Moon is huge. From the classical shayaris of the old times to the new age WhatsApp shayaris, the mention of the moon is found in all. This article of 55+ Chand Shayari and Quotes has the best collection of love, infidelity, loneliness and 2 line shayari on moon through which you can express your feelings.

Romantic Moon Quotes

Moon quotes
Moon quotes

Moon is considered a symbol of love. Poets have often compared the beauty of their love and beloved to the moon, because poets see the face of their beloved in the moon. We have brought such romantic poetry and quotes on the moon for you below.

  1. Allow me to see your face like the moon,
    allow me to make you mine,
    I want to love you,
    allow me to love you.
  2. Who says that it is necessary to break the moon and stars in love,
    tell them that they love us, this is enough for us .
  3. I have hanged his picture in the sky after making it,
    and people ask why the moon is spotless in the sky today.
  4. Now his face is visible even in the moon,
    ever since the expression of love has happened.
  5. People ask why we keep seeing the moon like this again and again,
    now who can explain to them that we see our beloved in the moon.
  6. We can also be a little proud of the moon,
    but first my eyes should be removed from the lover.
  7. Where is that happiness in the markets, which is in the open sky,
    where is that beauty in the moon, which is in you.
  8. Everyone loves the moon,
    I am lucky that the moon loves me.
  9. They often blush like this by bowing their eyelids,
    when we call them lovingly as Chand.

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  1. My lover’s face also resembles that moon,
    just like her there is no stain in her heart .
  2. Today after a long time I got to see my moon,
    of course we did not meet each other hugging,
    but I did get to see her just for a couple of moments.
  3. When I mentioned your beauty, even the moon was shy,
    we kept on telling stories, it disappeared in the clouds.
  4. Flowers will hold the heart and the moon will sigh
    when it comes to beauty, everyone will first take your name.
  5. May God make her the moon in the morning and me the sun in the evening, may
    we meet in such a way that I merge into her and she merges into me.
  6. The moon was very proud of its beauty,
    today seeing the glow of my love, it hid in the clouds.
  7. I don’t want that moon, I don’t want those stars,
    I just want the safety of my love.

Read 2 line poetry on moon after romantic poetry.

2 Line Moon Quotes

Two lines of poetry on the moon is enough to impress anyone. You can send the following two lines Shayari on Moon to your friends and close ones or you can also make it your status.

  1. Mine and that moon’s fate is also the same,
    I am alone here among thousands and he is alone there among the stars.
  2. He teases every morning even when the sun rises,
    says where is the moon on which you were very proud.
  3. Last night I saw a star falling just like me,
    The moon didn’t care at all, because he is also like you .
  4. I was so eager to meet him that I could not sleep the whole night, I
    had dreams of him in my eyes and kept writing his name on the moon.
  5. O God, you have also done a lot of torture on the lovers, if
    you have made the moon then why is the lover not in my destiny.
  6. I go out in cold dark nights,
    to hide my loneliness and to erase the loneliness of the moon.

The cycle of Moon Quotes continues

  1. Why do you keep awake at night O moon,
    tell me with whom you have expressed your love.
  2. We kept loving him more than ourselves everyday and he kept going away from us,
    just like we kept looking at the moon and it kept getting lost in the clouds.
  1. We are the journey of our life,
    how long will we keep staring at the moon like this?
  2. I wish that I were a star in the sky, you would be dear to me and I would be dear to you,
    I would have the right to see the moon which the world sees from a distance, closely.
  3. It was love until there was no place more beautiful than the moon, when
    the intoxication of love subsided, then we also started seeing stains in it .
  4. Even without wanting, this complaint comes on the lips,
    by showing your opinion, oh moon, I remember someone.
  5. Let this night pass in this dilemma,
    I go out to see the moon and it hides in the clouds.
  6. Clouds may try a million times to hide the moon from me,
    I have got it written by God in my destiny.

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  1. This moon sinks every morning,
    I wish someone had taught it to swim.
  2. I know you are very proud O moon,
    what should I do, you are the only companion of my loneliness.
  3. Neither longing for the moon nor waiting for the sky,
    how can I say that I love only you.
  4. Some of them are blank, some are simple,
    like two moons in the same sky, half and half.
  5. There was only one moon, seeing which we used to be satisfied,
    the fucking clouds hid that too.
  6. Listening to the stories of your infidelity, this moon also decreased every night,
    when it became too much, then that too left me alone on the new moon.
  7. This moon must be crying a lot and cursing us too,
    our few wishes broke all its stars.

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Further in this Moon Shayari article, we have brought shayaris on full moon.

Full Moon Quotes – 

Be it the full moon of Eid or the full moon, neither its beauty nor its importance changes. Everyone likes the beautiful sight of the full moon in a night full of stars, so how can poets remain untouched by it. Just read further full moon quotes and best shayaris, which we have written especially for you.

  1. We kept looking at his path all his life, standing at the crossroads,
    those who saw that moon, it became Eid for them .
  2. It happens when your face is seen from the moon,
    I swear to God, love overflows in my heart.
  3. This full moon is just as beautiful as you,
    but it happens only sometimes.
  1. You have come to meet us, then talk to your heart’s content,
    where does the full moon like you come everyday in the courtyard.
  2. They kept staring at the moon of Eid in the sky,
    we celebrated Eid seeing them with a glance.

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  1. Don’t know what is the religion of this moon,
    Eid is also its, Karva Chauth is also its.
  2. Seeing the full moon, I remember you,
    there was a time when I used to gaze at you for hours like this.
  3. Today this full moon is shining in the sky, it
    seems that it has also expressed love.
  4. Today the moon is full in the sky,
    the stars are also in their full glory,
    yet they are all pale from our beloved.
  5. At least work the magic of your love on us today,
    look, today the moon is also full in the sky.
  6. His love was also like the moon,
    first it was full, then it started decreasing day by day.
  7. Everything seems pale in front of your beauty,
    the moon is full in the sky, yet it seems half in front of your glow .
  8. I don’t know what heaven is,
    but seeing you in the full moon night,
    takes me closer to heaven.