Memories quotes

Memories quotes

Memories are the way to live the past life once again in feelings. Whenever the procession of laughing, crying, tickling memories comes to our mind, it refreshes the old times and the things related to it. Sharing these memories and feelings with your loved ones through poetry can be a beautiful experience. Keeping this in mind, we have shared some memories, poetry and quotes with all of you. Hope you like these heart-touching Yaadein Shayari and Quotes.

Memories quotes
Memories quotes

50+Heart touching Old Memories Quotes

Here we are sharing more than 50 Yaadein Shayari and Quotes with our readers. We have divided these beautiful shayaris and quotes into different categories. Hope you all like these memories put into words. Let’s start Yaadein Shayari in two lines:

If the matter of mind is said in less words, then what can be better than this. So, we thought why not decorate Yaadon Ki Baaraat with a two line poem. Here we are sharing some beautiful two line shayaris with you, which are as follows:

1. Your memory hurts me all the time, I miss you so much all the time,
you also fell in love with passion, then why don’t you remember me.

2. In whose memories this night passes, whose eyes are filled with memories, it
is difficult for him to say that even the heartbeat stops without you.

3. There is no sleep in the eyes and dreams are lost, I have become lonely without you,
my tongue faltered, my heart yearned, I fell asleep shedding tears in your memory.

4. Memories are the cure for loneliness, Memories are a smile,
When there is nothing to say, Only special memories are near.

5. When I breathe, I remember you, Your fragrance resides in my breath,
My life is inhabited by your memories, My world changes in your memory.

6. How quickly this meeting passes, the thirst does not get quenched and the rain also goes away,
tell me not to torment your memories like this, I do not get sleep and this night passes.

7. Can’t hide his memories in any corner, can never forget the smile on his face, if
only I could walk, he would have forgotten every memory, but we can’t explain this broken heart.

8. Today is the moment, tomorrow there will be memories, when these moments will not be there, then there will be only talks,
when you turn the pages of life, then your eyes will be moist and you will smile.

9. They don’t desist from torturing you by being away, they don’t desist from burning your heart when separated,
we want to forget every memory of them, but they don’t desist from coming in our dreams.

10. Didn’t know that you would be included in my heart like this,
didn’t know that you would be missed so much.

After two line poetry, poetry related to friend’s memories has been shared here.

Friends Memories Quotes

When a friend is away, the more you remember him, the less it is. There are many memories associated with friendship, some of which are so special that they settle in a corner of the heart forever. In such a situation, here we are sharing the sweet and sour memories of friendship with you through poetry. Some of the Friendship Quotes and Yaadein Shayari are as follows:

11. If we are away from you, then there is no sorrow,
we are not the ones who forget you while staying away,
if we do not meet everyday, then what happened friend,
the memory is nothing less than your meeting.

12. It is a bit difficult to stop someone’s memories,
it is a bit difficult to persuade a sad heart, it is a bit difficult to tell in words
how much this heart misses friends.

13. He doesn’t come, but sends a sign,
he sends old stories in dreams,
how dear they are, memories of friends,
sends tears of happiness in my eyes.

14. Whenever the name of friends comes on the tongue,
this heart just smiles,
we feel satisfied thinking
that there is someone who remembers all the time.

15. Once upon a time in the world of memories,
there should be a flower of ours in the blooming garden,
whenever you want to remember your friends
, one of those names should be mine.

16. I find you so close to me, I
find it a bit strange to think of you separately,
these memories, this friendship, this love,
friend, I find you close to my heart.

17. You came into my life like this as a friend,
we have forgotten this era,
whether you remember us or not,
but we forgot to forget you.

18. This time will pass like this by staying together,
who will remember whom when they are away,
we are together, so live this moment friends,
who knows where the time will take tomorrow.

19. Whenever you are very sad, friend,
my thoughts will be near your heart,
whenever you remember from the depths of your heart,
then you will realize that we are close.

20. We remember the friendship of friends,
then my heart is filled with memories, we
used to live together till yesterday,
today my heart longs to meet.

Come on, now let’s read poems and quotes related to childhood memories.

Childhood Quotes

Childhood days are special for everyone, hardly anyone can forget the childhood memories. In such a situation, share these memories of your childhood with everyone through words. Some of the memories related to childhood are as follows:

21. A small sea made of drops of memories,
a small colony of friendship drenched by the waves,
let’s search for memories of friendship in the rain,
taking the same old paper boat in hand.

22. A star was seen going in the sky,
then I saw our childhood dear.

23. Even without understanding, we were all very truthful,
what were the days when we were all children.

24. Childhood injury, I still remember,
Mother’s lovely caress, I still remember,
Running in the streets with friends,
All that fun of childhood is still remembered.

25. There is not so much desire to get lakhs of rupees,
as much as to get the childhood of childhood by looking at the picture.

26. Whenever life gives us peace,
we remember your childhood.

27. Don’t know where the richness of childhood has gone,
when many of our ships used to sail in the water.

28. Then we had no reason to cry and no excuse to laugh,
why have we grown up so much, our childhood was sweeter than this.

29. There was no desire to get anything, nor was there any fear of losing, no grudge
against anyone, just the house of my dreams,
laughing, crying, playing and then lost in the world of dreams, I
wish I could get it again, the one who It was the time of childhood.

30. Used to lie a little, but still was truthful,
then we were children pure of heart and youth.

go down memory lane

After poetry related to childhood memories, now it is the turn of love poetry.

Love Memories Quotes

The feeling of being with your love in love, remains in his memory after he is gone. Here we are presenting love poetry related to those feelings.

31. Don’t remember which prayer we asked,
yes, I do remember that two palms were joined,
one was yours and the other was mine.

32. The sun has gone, the shade has also gone, the day has gone and the night has gone,
yet the request to meet and the heart did not remember you.

33. I kept missing you all night,
my heart kept on agonizing like this.

34. Some beautiful moments of life just pass away,
only memories remain and humans get separated.

35. The desire is not that we should forget someone,
the desire is not that we should make someone cry, we
remember someone as much as
we have the desire to remember someone.

36. A dream was remembered in the eyes for the whole life,
the centuries have passed but the moment was remembered, do
n’t know what was the matter between us and them,
forgot the whole gathering, just remembered their face.

37. Ever since I have made my life your wish,
I have made it a habit to be sad,
every night and every day passes in your memories,
I have made your memories my prayer and worship.

38. The condition of the heart is not told to anyone,
their desire is not hidden from us,
after they are gone, only their memory is left,
even that memory is not erased from the heart.

39. Sweet moments pass by just like a traveller,
and memories remain standing there, like stopped roads.

40. How strange is this relationship of love,
long talks when we meet and long memories when separated.

After quotes and memories related to love, now read never-ending poems and quotes.

Unforgettable Memories Quotes

Some memories are also such that they leave their existence in the hearts forever. Here we are sharing quotes related to such memories with you.

41. Sometimes I miss him, sometimes I dream of him, he
can think of ways to torture me.

42. Who says that we and you live separately,
in this journey of memories, we and you are together every moment.

43. My every morning starts with your memory,
how can I say then that I have a bad day.

44. The heart breaks when there is no sound,
not everyone likes love,
it is a matter of one’s own destiny,
no one can forget and no one remembers at all.

45. Not everything is there to explain,
life is often not there to get something,
I miss you often, but
not every memory is there to express.

46. ​​The heart is not spoken to everyone,
now this condition of the heart does not go well with us,
she too must be suffering like us,
otherwise I do not remember anyone every moment.

47. I have spent many years without you, but
the gust of your memories still shatters me into pieces.

48. Sadness has covered every scene, there
is also a lack of moon in the light,
we were good alone in our house,
then don’t know why, I have remembered you today.

49. How does he know the value of memories, those who forget someone just like that,
ask them the meaning of memories, who live with the help of memories.

50. Paper, book, words and words,
I keep the account of your memories everywhere.

51. My eyes yearn for a sight of yours,
my soul yearns for this love of yours,
how can I tell you that even my soul yearns for your memory.

52. By becoming words, get mixed in my books,
by becoming fragrance, by mixing in my roses,
whenever you remember me,
by becoming a dream, in these eyes.