Marriage Anniversary Wishes

Marriage Anniversary Wishes

Wedding day is one of the most beautiful moments of their life for everyone. It is full of happiness not only for the couple but for their entire family. To celebrate the success and happiness of their married life, people often celebrate wedding anniversaries with great pomp. In such a situation, instead of just “Happy Wedding Anniversary” from your side, a message of beautiful marriage anniversary wishes can add to their happiness, we have written 40 Marriage Anniversary Wishes which will convey your best wishes in the form of Shayari to your loved ones.

Marriage Anniversary Quotes for Husband

1. You and me stay together like this, I do this prayer.

Happy anniversary, my dear.

2. A new name for love, has given me a new world,

You have decorated my life with moon and stars.

Happy Marriage Anniversary

3. I am a song and you are my instrument,

If I were a queen, you would be the crown of my head.

Happy anniversary.

4. Like a blank canvas in my life, you are the color,

In this calm flowing river, you are the joy,

Don’t miss the fair of happiness from life,

It is our prayer that you are always with me.

Happy anniversary

5. The smell of your laughter smells of my life,

Your words flutter like fish in the wind,

You just hold my hand,

This life chirps because of you.

Happy Marriage Anniversary

6. Days will pass and years will pass,

The clock will tick and the moments will pass,

at the end of time and beyond,

We will only find you our sweetheart.

Happy Anniversary

7. Loving you is like reading a book,

A new story is found on every page,

Which keeps me attached to the book.

I will go on reading you white-by-white,

You go on weaving a new story everyday.

Happy anniversary

8. Write poetry for you like,

watching a butterfly steal the juice from flowers

or see a dew drop

Glide through a leaf in the pink city;

To write poetry for you like,

gazing at the moonlight at night

or behold a child

twirling in sleep;

like writing poetry for you

to love you

Or just the feeling of loving you.

Happy anniversary

9. Seeing you every time, I keep looking;

If you have not noticed, then I express love with my eyes.

Happy Marriage Anniversary

10. Like a lamp in the dark,

Like a splash in the scorching sun,

We will keep supporting you,

Like spring in the savannah.

Happy anniversary

Marriage Anniversary Quotes for Wife

1. Morning takes light from you, Mehtab takes Noor from you,

You give fragrance to flowers, you give me fragrance.

Happy anniversary

2. Seeing you in the morning, she smiles,

Even the moonlight is shy in front of you,

How can I praise your beauty?

You come out in my life.

Happy Marriage Anniversary

3. Seeing you stop beating,

Wherever you go, you can see only you,

This heart has only one wish

this song of my life

Every birth only you sing

Happy Anniversary

4. Thank you for making this house of mine,

Thank you for making me yours

I was a kafir before I met you,

Thank you for showing me the mercy of God.

Happy anniversary

5. There is no need in life after you,

We do not accept going away from you,

What’s the matter if one stays with you?

Otherwise there is nowhere in life.

Happy Marriage Anniversary

6. We do not know how to play with words,

I don’t like anyone except you,

Wherever both of us are together, we are helpless,

The heart does not sing any song without you.

Happy Anniversary

7. I had heard that every wish sought from a falling star is fulfilled,

Where did I know that my wish was so beautiful.

happy anniversary my wish

8. You are my love, I am Kamil from you,

You are my way, I am your traveller.

Happy anniversary

9. Seeing you, I often think that you are probably my dream that came true,

In reality, has the moon ever landed on the ground?

Happy anniversary

10. In an unknown journey, you were found like an unknown traveler,

When this path became the destination, I did not know

Happy Anniversary

Marriage Anniversary Quotes for Friends

1. This prayer comes out of the heart,

Keep the smoke of sorrows away from your life.

happy wedding anniversary

2. This path of love will go far,

happy anniversary wishes to my friend

Fairies will also come down to the ground.

Happy anniversary

3. This bond of heart to heart

Greetings to you on your wedding anniversary.

happy wedding anniversary

4. Happy this day to you,

May the lives of both of you always be merged in love.

happy wedding anniversary

5. May every day of life be filled with happiness,

May every season of your life be green,

Never come tears in both of your eyes,

May your every dream, every truth be golden.

happy wedding anniversary

6. May this relationship of seven rounds become the happiness of your seven births,

Happy anniversary with this prayer.

7. Like the sun for the morning,

As the moon is necessary for the night,

same for both of you

It is necessary to support each other.

happy wedding anniversary

8. Moonlight from the moon, from the sun we have brought light,

As an anniversary gift, we have brought a sky full of stars.

happy wedding anniversary

9. Never lose sight of your relationship,

Love rained on both of you like

In the scorching sun, the passerby got Shajar

happy wedding anniversary

10. Love is a name,

who is a blessing from above,

Giving lives for each other,

That’s why love is great.

Happy anniversary

Marriage Anniversary Quotes for Coworkers

1. To the one above we cry out,

Away from your life all sorrow, all evil.

happy wedding anniversary

2. May there be happiness in your life, this is what we pray for,

May your couple always be safe, we ask God.

happy wedding anniversary

3. Do not ever break this pair,

Never leave it with you,

Your pair is Shiva and Shakti,

May happiness never stop you.

Happy anniversary

4. I wish that you always fill each other’s life with color and your love remains like this.

happy wedding anniversary

5. May this sacred bond of marriage fill your life with happiness

happy wedding anniversary

6. This wedding chaat is filled with the sour and sweet taste of life

You are both like Anushka and Virat of the office.

happy wedding anniversary

7. Eyes have woven a dream,

in the journey of life you

have chosen each other as humsafar,

Today is your house party

Have we heard right?

happy wedding anniversary

8. It is the union of two hearts and souls, marriage is a unique bond,

I pray to God that this bond of yours never breaks.

happy anniversary friend

9. Marriage is the soil that makes the tree of life fruitful,

I talked to the boss, today is your holiday.

happy anniversary friend

10. May your love be showered in life,

Don’t you regret anything,

May you both always smile like this,

Happiness should never be less than life.

happy wedding anniversary

Friends, we hope that you and your loved ones liked the Marriage Anniversary Wishes mentioned in this article. You can also write these wedding anniversary shayari in your own style, so that your spiritual feeling will also be added to the marriage anniversary wishes. Apart from these, if you also have any new and funny way to wish marriage anniversary or anniversary wishes, then do let us know by writing in the comment box below.