Maca During Pregnancy

Maca During Pregnancy

Let’s know about Maca During Pregnancy. Maca root helps in increasing fertility, especially when you are trying to conceive, during that time consuming it as a supplement can prove beneficial for you. Maca has adaptogenic properties, affecting the ‘key hormones’ in both women and men. Due to the properties found in it, it boosts your fertility, balances hormones, apart from this it also provides many health benefits. According to some health professionals, it is completely safe to be consumed by pregnant women.

Maca During Pregnancy
Maca During Pregnancy

What is maca root?

Maca is a plant that has become very popular recently. Maca root is consumed as a food item, which is found in many colors. The root is dried and consumed in powder form. It is also available in liquid and capsule form. It can be consumed by adding to oatmeal, smoothies or sweet treats. Maca root is very nutritious, containing good amounts of vitamin C, iron, and copper, as well as carbs, fiber, and protein.

Is it safe to consume maca during pregnancy?

Whether or not maca root is safe to consume during pregnancy is still not known to many. People still doubt whether maca root is beneficial during pregnancy or not. But let us tell you that the prenatal vitamins present in it are very important for pregnant women. These help balance hormones in early pregnancy. Consuming maca root can both increase your stamina and energy, while also providing your body with iodine and iron. However, before consuming this supplement, you must consult your doctor.

Health Benefits of Consuming Maca During Pregnancy

Maca root is considered like a superfood. Micronutrients and antioxidants are found in it which proves to be very beneficial for you. Below are some of the benefits of maca root to you:

1. Boosts Mood, Energy, and Memory

Maca positively affects your stamina and energy. It helps your body deal with stress and also maintains high energy levels. Maca root has high antioxidant properties and also improves your memory and focus.

2. Helps Balance Estrogen Levels 

Maca root balances hormone levels and controls estrogen levels in the body. It is the primary female sex hormone, which controls the reproductive system.

Are There Any Risks of Consuming Maca Root During Pregnancy?

Every food item has its own advantages and disadvantages. Insomnia, heartburn, skin problems, headache and increased heart rate are some of the conditions that may pose a risk to you if you consume maca. However, maca root can be consumed in case of PCOS pregnancy. Maca root powder helps in treating PCOS during pregnancy.

You can include superfoods like maca root as a supplement in your diet during pregnancy. It naturally increases your fertility and balances hormones. However, be well informed about its side effects and consult your doctor before consuming it.