Love quotes for wife

Love quotes for wife

Let’s know about Love quotes for wife. The relationship between husband and wife is such that there is love as well as sweet arguments. These two are called two wheels of the same cart. The balance of the whole family rests on the mutual understanding of these two. The car of life keeps moving without stopping only because of the constant love between these two. Although, there is definitely love in both of them, but they are not able to express love even if they want to. Here we have brought some such selected poetry, through which every husband can express his love in front of his wife. In this article we will tell love shayari for wife. Here we have come up with some different shayaris for every occasion. Let’s start Love quotes for wife

Romantic Quotes for Wife – Love quotes for wife

Love quotes for wife
Love quotes for wife

For the love between husband and wife to remain forever, it is necessary to make each other feel loved from time to time. To make it easier, you can send these romantic quotes to your wife.

  1. you dream

The corporeal will do it together.

in this world without you

What shall we do.

I love you

  1. my life is successful

All my thoughts have disappeared

When I saw you for the first time,

Since then I have wanted to have you.

  1. Used to roam the streets to see you,

Have come in this world to love you.

love you my wife

  1. You are my heartbeat,

The yearning of my breath is because of you,

I don’t know what’s in me

I have everything from you.

  1. Dastaan-e-Kalam’s words,

To write the story of our life

in which I will be the king,

And you will be my queen

  1. you are love

You are the feeling

that makes life go on,

You are my breath

  1. You are the dream of my eyes

You feel my heartbeat

You are my morning

And you are the night too.

  1. I worry about you

more than myself

Will love you forever

I promise

  1. It’s nice to hear your voice

With you every dream seems real. – Love quotes for wife

I love you.

  1. Ever since I met you

I miss you all the time

May you always be safe

This is my request to God.

Next, those who send poetry to their wife on the anniversary will tell.

Anniversary Wishes for Wife

After marriage, as years pass by, the love between husband and wife also increases. In such a situation, on the occasion of marriage anniversary, you can send this type of poetry to your wife.

  1. Even heaven is sacrificed for your beauty.

God is also kind to you,

You have met me,

So, I am proud of myself.

Happy anniversary my love.

  1. You walk two steps, I walk two steps

And saw how long the journey of life has passed.

  1. no matter what the circumstances,

we are always together,

have faith in each other,

That’s why our relationship is special.

happy wedding anniversary

  1. This life is your name

You are my identity

We husband and wife respect each other.

  1. You are not a dream that I will forget,

You are a fantasy, I will be with you for the rest of my life.

Happy Anniversary

  1. I will become a mirror to ride your beauty,

Wherever you look, I will be seen.

Happy wedding anniversary!

  1. let’s chat

face to face with each other,

Can’t live this life with a stranger,

So let’s fill each other with love.

  1. Every success is achieved

All dreams come true,

You have met me,

All the happiness has been achieved.

happy anniversary love

  1. On this day someone came into my life,

Made me your own despite being a stranger,

Supported me in every trouble.

Happy wedding anniversary

  1. You are the true love,

You are the reality of love

Only you are with me every moment.

Happy Anniversary

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Now let’s talk about the poetry to be sent on the wife’s birthday.

Birthday Message for Wife – Love quotes for wife

Even you will not deny that on a special occasion like birthday, talking to you with love is the most special gift for the wife. If it becomes beautiful poetry from above, then what is the point. You can use birthday quotes to express your feelings.

  1. happy birthday my love

I respect you with all my heart,

If you get angry, my life seems empty.

  1. Morning and evening on my lips

Your name remains

You got me like this

Like you are a blessing from God.

Happy birthday my love

  1. Life has become beautiful since your arrival,

Every dark night became colorful,

I don’t want anything else from life

All my prayers came true.

Happy birthday my love.

  1. Today is the birthday of my life,

There is an atmosphere of happiness everywhere,

I also gave them a surprise,

I have fulfilled my duty of being a husband.

  1. I was wandering alone

in search of success,

Then I found you

Everything is with me now.

Happy Birthday.

  1. as in the movies,

Such is our love story,

Not like Laila-Majnu,

But we have a beautiful love story.

  1. Fighting is also necessary.

It is also necessary to meet and part,

But we are made for each other,

It is also important to understand this.

  1. May your life shine like the sun,

May your life smell like the fragrance of flowers,

This is our only prayer to God,

Meet you again in the next life.

  1. be together for birth after birth,

You have my hand in your hands,

We will never be apart

Just have such faith.

best wishes for your birthday.

  1. When someone like you is with me,

May every happiness pass by,

With your presence even in the darkest night,

Feel the light

Now next we have come up with romantic quotes for wife on Karwachauth.

Karwa Chauth Message for Wife

Karwachauth is such a holy festival, in which women fast for the long life of their husbands. During the fast, they stay without eating or drinking anything for the whole day. In such a situation, it is your responsibility to make your wife happy on the occasion of Karwachauth. To make them happy you can send the Karwachauth quotes given here or you can stand in front of them and say these lines to them.

  1. All hunger and thirst have disappeared.

All desires have disappeared

These moments are the most special for me,

Because in these moments you are with me.

happy karwachauth

  1. You are dressed like a bride

Even the moon has disappeared after seeing you,

All the stars are surprised

Because there is another moon on the ground.

  1. The evening of Karwachauth in your name,

Left all the work of today,

I will not put any jam after today,

This is my reward for you.

  1. Your face is like the moon

I also need you like moonlight.

happy karwachauth

  1. My name is in the henna of their hands,

She respects me

I sacrifice my life for him

Or should I say that he is my life.

  1. Moonlight is proud of the light of the moon.

We are proud of our hero.

  1. Relationship is not easy

I was unaware of this relationship.

then i found you

Now you have the knowledge of this relationship.

happy karwachauth my dear love

  1. I ask God for you in every prayer,

We want you more than ourselves

  1. There is relief in the shade of your locks,

I have so much desire to live in the shadow of these hairs,

God keep us safe

There is only this much worship from him.

  1. I have become used to you,

As I am the body and you are the soul,

are incomplete without each other,

And together we are whole.

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Now you will read good morning quotes which you can send to your wife.

Good Morning Quotes for Wife

You can send loving good morning messages to your wife to make her happy in the morning. For this we are telling some new and romantic good morning quotes.

  1. flowers are blooming with fragrance,

the weather is colorful

texting you in the morning

Makes my day

  1. May your abode be among the flowers,

May your morning be in the courtyard of dreams,

This is our request to God.

Good morning jaan.

  1. listening to the morning azaan,

I take your name instead of prayer,

I consider you both God and religion.

  1. I feel you in the sunlight

I’m always afraid of losing you

Good morning my love.

  1. The distance of a moment does not go right,

You are not told how much you want,

But today, this thing cannot go without saying to us.

  1. When I see you early in the morning,

So falls in love with you even more deeply .

Good Morning

  1. Cup of tea and be with you,

I dream of you every moment in my eyes,

Whenever I wake up

Then you are with me

  1. This beautiful moment became a story,

Don’t know when you became a part of my life,

We were strangers before

Now it has become an unbreakable relationship.

Good morning dear.

  1. let me be in your sight

Let me be under the influence of your love,

I don’t know which way I’ve gone astray

Let me live in the city of my dreams.

  1. Whatever the question, the answer is you.

Whatever be the destination, you are the way,

Whoever the heart may be, the heartbeat is you.

Let us get lost in your love.

Knowing the quotes to start the day, now we will share good night quotes with you.

Good Night SMS for Wife

After a day’s work, every wife wants her husband to talk lovingly with her at night. In such a situation, our good night messages can help you. You can tell this message to your wife.

  1. I get lost in your dreams

You are the healer of every wound,

Ever since you met me

Since then we have not been on our own.

Good night my dear love.

  1. His heartbeat is heard in the silence of the night,

I am just yours every moment she says,

She doesn’t live a moment without me,

She tolerates my sorrows with a smile.

Good night

  1. Evening fell and night came,

The stars also covered the sky.

Looks like a broken star

came to my house

  1. Said such a thing which no one can understand,

Many nights full of memories remained.

Good night my dear love.

  1. it’s night

emotions coming out

this night of love

May this rain never pass.

Good night

  1. night and the moon

Even the stars are honoring you,

You are more beautiful than the moon

But you are unaware of this.

  1. Diwali started happening every night,

since you became mine

without wishing me good night

My life fell asleep today.

  1. the night is so dark,

But the moon is mine,

no shortage of happiness

Because it is a cup of happiness.

  1. The fault is of your eyes,

in which we settled

First there was an attempt to distance

Now I am trapped in your love.

good night my dear love

  1. I will never fall in love with you,

I have made this promise to myself,

want you day and night,

That’s the only intention from now on.

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