Love Marriage Tips

Love Marriage Tips

Let’s know about Love Marriage Tips. Everyone must have heard the saying “Marriage is not a child’s play”. Householders often use it, especially when the marriage is not arranged but related to love marriage. Although its prevalence has increased a lot in today’s time, but many people are still unaware of its definition. We have come up with information about an important topic like love marriage. Along with this, here we are also going to tell about its advantages and disadvantages.

Love Marriage Tips
Love Marriage Tips

So let’s first understand the definition of love marriage.

What Is Love Marriage?

It is said that marriage is a relationship of life. On the other hand, if we talk about love marriage, it means a marriage where the boy and girl already know each other and there is deep love between them. When both of them marry with mutual consent, it is called love marriage. Further in the article, we have explained in detail about the benefits of love marriage full of love and trust .

In this part of the article, we are telling the advantages of love marriage.

Benefits Of Love Marriage Tips

There are many advantages of love marriage. If any parents do not agree for love marriage, then they can be persuaded for it by telling them the following advantages. Also, if you are still unaware of love marriage, then the benefits mentioned here will also help you to understand it closely.

  1. Desire to meet life partner

The biggest advantage of love marriage is getting the desired life partner. Like arranged marriage, the family members do not search for a partner in love marriage , rather the boy or girl themselves choose a life partner of their own choice and then marry with mutual consent.

  1. A relationship full of love

As the name suggests, love marriage is based on a relationship of love. At the same time, there is a research on the site of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) related to love, in which some women have told that if there is love between a married couple before marriage, then their relationship will be more successful after marriage . Love happens ( 1 ). That is, in an arranged marriage, where the bond of love grows stronger gradually, in a love marriage, the bond of love already remains strong.

  1. Better identification of the partner

Another advantage of love marriage is to get to know your partner better . In arranged marriage, where there is a disturbance of “quick matchmaking”. On the other hand, in love marriage, the couple understands their partner very well. They completely take care of each other’s likes and dislikes. Also, they are well aware of good and bad behavior. That’s why there is less chance of estrangement in their relationship.

  1. Reduction in fighting

Although it is considered common to have a fight in any relationship, but it is less likely in a love marriage than in an arranged marriage. This is because, love marriage couples have known each other for a long time, so they are well aware of each other’s habits. They know which of their words may hurt the other person and which may not.

5. Being happy with the mind

Who would not be happy if they get what they want. Same is the case with people who do love marriage. They get a life of their choice, due to which they get a lot of satisfaction in their life and they can spend their future life happily.

Scroll down to know the side effects of love marriage.

Disadvantages Of Love Marriage Tips

Every coin has two sides. While there are advantages of love marriage, there are some disadvantages as well. Read this section to know the side effects of love marriage:

1. Being away from loved ones

If the family members agree for love marriage, then there is no problem for the couples. On the other hand, if the family members do not agree, then the struggle for the couples starts from here. Sometimes they may even have to go against the family, especially when the partner is from another caste or religion. In such a situation, due to the fear of society, even family, friends and relatives keep distance. This can be considered as the biggest disadvantage of love marriage.

2. Becoming a social offender

Couples who do love marriage sometimes do not get the support of the society. Actually, all religions have their own customs and rituals, which have to be followed for the sake of the society. On the other hand, if the couples doing love marriage do not follow these customs, then this society starts considering them as criminals. They don’t have the right relationship in the eyes of this society.

3. Fear of losing love

There is also a fear of loss of love in the minds of couples who marry for love, especially when the most important reason for love between them is related to some kind of attraction and hope. In such a situation, the partner starts feeling insecure about the fact that when the attraction in the relationship ends, there may be a decrease in the love of the partner. Also, if they are not able to meet the expectations of their partner after marriage, then their attraction towards their partner may gradually decrease.

4. Family feud

A situation of estrangement can arise between the families of both the boy and the girl regarding love marriage. Actually, in this type of marriage, the families of the couple are not knowing each other very well, so both sit with high expectations from each other. On the other hand, if their wishes are not fulfilled, then a situation of estrangement can arise.

5. Fear of being defamed

If the love marriage is in another religion or caste, then not only the boy and the girl but also their family members and relatives are in fear of defamation. In fact, there are some families who rise above caste and religion and agree to love marriage. Society refuses to adopt such family members. Because of this they may have to face defamation.

How to do love marriage, now we are telling about it.

How To Do Love Marriage Tips?

It is not that the path of love marriage is very easy. If you want your love marriage to happen, then definitely keep in mind some of the things mentioned in this part of the article. These things are not only related to you and your family, but are also very important for your partner.

1. Understand each other’s customs

If you are doing love marriage in a different religion or culture than your own, then in such a situation, give full respect to your partner’s religion and culture. By doing this, both can understand each other closely and respect for each other can also increase in the mind. Also, the partner and his family can also increase their respect for other religions.

2. Be patient

Love marriage is a difficult decision, so couples need to be patient. Before marriage, both should understand each other well, then together tell about this to the family members. If they do not agree, then give them some time too, so that they can understand this relationship and think again.

3. Sync

In every relationship, a lot has to be adjusted from both the sides. In such a situation, even in love marriage, both the partners should make adjustments with mutual understanding. By doing this both will be happy with their decision. Along with this, both should also make adjustments regarding some things and customs related to the family so that the married life remains full of happiness.

4. Take care of your spouse

To make the decision of love marriage successful, it is also necessary to take care of the life partner. From the likes and dislikes of the partner, it is also necessary to include their opinion in every decision. This will make it easier for the partner to take a decision towards love marriage and he will also be able to commit himself to this relationship.

5. Take Your Stand

It is very difficult to convince the family members for love marriage. In such a situation, do not turn away from the decision of your love marriage due to the fear of family members. Both the partners should together convince their respective family members for love marriage. Along with this, the family members should also understand why this love marriage should be done and how your future can be improved by this.

Love marriage is actually a bond of two hearts, through which two families meet. If this decision is taken after thinking, then it is right. On the other hand, if this decision is taken against the family, then it can destroy the lives of many people. In such a situation, it would be better to always take such a decision with the consent of the family and start a happy life.