Love letter for boyfriend

Love letter for boyfriend

The festival of loving couples ‘Valentine’s Day’ is about to come. Every couple wants to make it very special in one way or the other. On this day, one wants to do something special for his partner, so that he can tell their importance in his life. Apart from fancy gifts, candle light dinner, night drive, if you are thinking of doing something different for your boyfriend this year, then love letter can be a great option, we have brought eight sample love letters for you, with the help of which you can express your heart to your boyfriend and make him feel special.

Love letter for boyfriend
Love letter for boyfriend

So let’s have a look at these emotional and romantic love letters included in the article.

8 Sample Love Letter For Boyfriend

Many times it happens that girls hesitate to express what they feel for their partner or what they want to say to them. In such a situation, writing a love letter can be a unique idea. In the age of texting and video chat, writing a love letter to your boyfriend can be a cute way of expressing your love and your partner will definitely love it. Some of the emotional love letters for boyfriend are as follows:

Here first we are giving some samples of emotional love letter to be written for boyfriend.

emotional love letter for boyfriend

1. Dear (your boyfriend’s name/nick name),

Your coming into my life is the happiest moment of my life. I still remember the day when we met for the first time. We became friends and slowly we didn’t realize when we became so important to each other. Since then till today you have supported me in every happiness and sorrow. Yes, many times I misunderstood you, but still you did not leave my side. You always respected my feelings and held my hand considering my problems as your own. You must be thinking that I could have said all these things in front also, then why am I writing a letter. 

I tried many times in front of you to say thank you but could not say. I pray to God everyday that we should always be together and be with each other. Ever since you came into my life, everything has started looking very nice and beautiful. When you are together, the fun of life’s ride doubles. Please don’t you ever be apart from me

‘Love, romanticism, love everything seems loyal, if
you are upset then the whole world seems upset’

I love you very much and want to live only with you.

2. (Boyfriend’s name/Nick name) The love of my life,

Even in the age of messages and video calls, I am writing you a letter to let you know that just as pen’s writing on paper cannot be changed, in the same way no one can take your place in my heart. We fight, quarrel everyday, but do not separate. Because we both know that we cannot live without talking to each other. I feel safe whenever I am with you. You take full care of my every small and big happiness. With each passing day I am getting closer to you. 

I don’t know what will happen next in life, but I will always love you. By coming into my life, you have taught me to dream, fight for them and prioritize my own happiness. I have learned a lot from you. It was only after you came into my life that I came to know what is the real meaning of love. the way you love my family, You pay attention to my happiness… You make me understand right and wrong, save me on my mistakes and later scold me.I like all this very much. I know you love me a lot, care for me and that’s why you stop me. But, sometimes trying to understand things from my point of view as well. I never want to lose you and I know that you also want to be with me forever. 

Let’s try together, hope all will be well. ‘I love you’ and always keep smiling like this. Sometimes trying to understand things from my point of view too. I never want to lose you and I know that you also want to be with me forever. Let’s try together, hope all will be well. ‘I love you’ and always keep smiling like this. Sometimes trying to understand things from my point of view too. I never want to lose you and I know that you also want to be with me forever. Let’s try together, hope all will be well. ‘I love you’ and always keep smiling like this.

your, (your name/nick name)

3. To the man of my life,

My (boyfriend’s name/nick name), today, through this letter, I am going to tell you things that I may never be able to say in front of you. You know all my friends in school had boyfriends. Since then I used to wish that I too had a boyfriend, but then I could not find anyone like you. This search of mine was fulfilled by meeting you during college days. You told me about your heart. I held your hand and thus began a beautiful relationship. We have known each other for many years now. Our relationship has seen a lot of ups and downs and fights over the years. Despite this, our relationship grew deeper everyday. We both understand each other very well. Everyone praises our bonding and chemistry.

Many of my friends are jealous of me because of this. She always says that I am very lucky. Well yes, I also believe that I am very lucky, that you met me But, when you are angry, you don’t listen to anyone. Because of this habit of yours, many times things get spoiled. In anger, you often say such things, which things sting me a lot. I cry but still always try to make you understand, but in anger you don’t even listen to me. Please learn to control your anger. The day you do this, you will become the best boyfriend in the world.

Every prayer of ours is accepted,

I got what I wanted from you

Your Love (Apna Naam)

4. My dear (boyfriend name/nick name),

You know how much I love you. Today I am writing you a letter because I want to say ‘Sorry’ to you. I have expressed my love to you many times, but never apologized. Every quarrel, misunderstanding between us is as much your fault as it is mine too and I know this very well. Still I never said sorry to you. Through this letter, I apologize to you for all the mistakes that I have made so far. Any relationship runs on trust and love, distance doesn’t matter. 

You have proved these things. You have always believed in me and loved me with my flaws. I fight with you on small things, get angry… ‘I am sorry’ for that. Whereas when you celebrate me like a child, I love it when you pamper me. You never leave a single chance to make me feel special. Still I always tell you that you don’t love me, for that I am sorry. But, I do this intentionally, so that you give me more attention and care. I’ll try my best not to bother you any further.

your beloved (own name/nick name)

Further in this article, we have brought some samples of romantic love letters for boyfriend.

romantic love letter for boyfriend

5. My (boyfriend’s name),

It is very difficult to express our love in words. There is no poetry, no song that can tell you how much I love you. Still, I am making an effort through this letter. Ever since we met, not a single day passed when we didn’t talk. Fight-quarrel, grumbling-persuasion happens in every relationship, it is also in our relationship. Sometimes we fight deliberately so that the relationship doesn’t become boring. Despite this, we never think of separation. 

I know you love me a lot and can do anything for my happiness. I also love you with all my heart, I love you more when you bring me roses, gifts or chocolates. Yes, I also know that you deliberately call me fat to irritate me, But now I have understood your trick. That’s why I don’t get angry on this thing anymore. Now you have to think of some other idea. Baby, you looking at me lovingly, holding my hand on the road, caring for me… I notice it all. Your actions bring me closer to you. I want to spend every moment of my future life with you. I want to make our relationship stronger, I hope, after reading this letter, you will understand my feelings and will be able to realize the importance of you in my life.

i really love you

your (own name)

6. Darling

You are my everything. Yes, it is true that you are my everything. Ever since we became boyfriend-girlfriend, all the time I think about how to make you feel special. Let me tell you what you are to me. Darling, I am lost in your thoughts all the time. You are busy with your work. We haven’t met for many days, but I have missed the moments we spent together everyday. I spend the whole day looking at our photos, reading old chats and being happy in my heart. 

I always feel that you are somewhere near me. Whenever I get ready, dress up, I think of you only. Please spare some time for me and talk. I don’t like it at all when we don’t talk. Something feels incomplete and I always miss you. Whenever the phone rings, I wish it was your phone, But you don’t have time for me. I know that you love me very much and stay busy day and night just to get me, but at least give me some time. So that I can also keep smiling and laughing peacefully.

waiting for you (your name)

7. Dear Honey (nick name of boyfriend),

You are very special to me. Ever since you came into my life, every happiness seems to be doubled and every pain is halved. Every moment spent with you is very special for me. Every evening spent with you is a memory for me, which is always fresh in my mind. The tea drunk with you at the nook, the golgappas eaten at the hand cart, that long walk holding hands and the shopping done at the haat is no less than a date for me, I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world when you take time out of your busy schedule to drop or pick me up. 

I want us to be together like this forever. I promise that as we have lived all the difficulties and happiness together till now, we will continue to live like this in future also, I will always support you. You have all the qualities that a girl wants in her partner. I don’t know whether we will be together in future or not. But I will always consider myself lucky that you were once a part of my life. Whenever you need me in the journey of life, you will find me near you. I love you.

‘Life with you also seems like a paradise,
everything is incomplete without you’

your beloved (your name)

8. My (boyfriend name/nick name)

You know that I love you very much. It is not in my capacity to write my feelings in a love letter. But, your happiness is everything to me. That’s why I’m making an effort. You wanted to know, not how much I love you. You always used to say that I do not express my feelings. Today I am going to do that through this letter. I don’t even know what you are to me. But I know that I am incomplete without you. When you are not there, my mind remains restless. 

Your anger, your asserting your right over me gives me a lot of relief. When you come close to me, play with my fingers and hair… I get annoyed, but actually I love all these habits. It is not possible for me to express in words what I have in mind for you. By the way, it is not the fault of the words. You are so sweet that you can only be felt, cannot be written Today I have no hesitation in saying that I am yours and want to remain yours forever. Yes, I am a little crazy, I am stubborn, but whatever I am… I want to be yours forever. Please be mine forever.

I love you

your (your name)

In the next part of the article, now we are giving some tips to write love letter for boyfriend.

10 Tips To Write Love Letter For Boyfriend | How To Write Love Letter To Boyfriend

Boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is very cute and romantic. We have seen in movies that when there is love, the world becomes very colorful and happy. This happens in real life too. Further in this article, we have come up with 10 tips for writing love letters for boyfriend, by following which you can write a beautiful, emotional, loving and romantic love letter for your boyfriend. Some of these tips are as follows:

  • While writing a love letter, take special care that there should be reality in the letter, do not write anything artificial.
  • If you call your boyfriend by a special name, then definitely include it in the letter. By doing this, he will feel close to you while reading the letter.
  • Write those things in the letter, which you cannot say in front of your boyfriend.
  • Don’t forget to mention the habits you like about your partner.
  • Mention the times you spent together so your boyfriend knows you value those moments.
  • Every relationship is different. So write down what you think is different in your relationship.
  • Mention your expectations as well as your commitments in the letter.
  • If there are any flaws or for some reason you feel sad again and again, then with the help of the letter you can convey it to your boyfriend.
  • What is in your heart for him, what do you feel, what do you want, do mention all these things in the love letter.
  • Mention the past, present and future of your relationship so that your partner can know about your future plans.

When you are in a relationship with someone, you may be busy with work throughout the day, but you definitely think about them. You think about their happiness and their likes and start changing yourself accordingly. Take the help of these love letters and tips given in the article to maintain the newness in the relationship with increasing time. This will definitely strengthen your bond. At the same time, if you liked this article, then definitely share it with other people as well.