Love Jealous Quotes

Love Jealous Quotes

Let’s know about Love Jealous Quotes. With time, the closeness between the partners increases, but due to excessive love, a feeling of jealousy also comes. To make this feeling a little poetic, we have come up with some jealous poetry. These Shayaris and messages along with showing love towards the partner also tell how serious you are for them. Just tell your partner through the jealous poetry for the girlfriend present in the article that you do not want them to be with someone else.

Love Jealous Quotes
Love Jealous Quotes

Let’s start the article with jealous poetry for a girlfriend.

Jealous Quotes For Girlfriend

Expressing your heart in poetry has its own fun. Come, let’s start the series of jealous poetry for girlfriend.

1. This jealousy is something like you are a candle and I am Parvana,
now smile too dear, I like your smile.

2. Jealousy is the sign of love,
this is the story of every true lover.

3. Don’t burn like a fire,
you are soft like a rose.

I want to hug you like this,
I want to hide you from the eyes of the world.

5. You leave me and go with someone else, I didn’t like it,
even though your love is pure, don’t know why it didn’t feel true at that time.

6. I am in love with you Devdas,
don’t ignore me for someone else’s sake.

7. The one who burns with the moon, must be a lover like me,
fucking moon, he must be watching you everyday from the terrace.

8. The age of our love should be long,
there should be no jealousy, no jealousy in it.

9. When you are with someone else, then I start getting jealous of them,
even though I am with friends, but I feel lonely even in a crowd.

10. You are moonlight, you look like moon,
don’t burn so much, you look like fire.

Read the Jealous Quotes for Girlfriend in the next part of the article.

Jealous Quotes For Girlfriend

Through the Jealous Girlfriend Quotes given here, you can tell your girlfriend that you have so much love for her that you never want to let her be separated from you.

Your love is that precious treasure of my life, which I cannot share with anyone else.

12. Believe me, you are my last love. Having found you, I do not wish for anyone else.

13. Love means trust and where there is trust there is no place for jealousy.

Your jealousy shows how much you love me. May God protect our love from the evil eye.

15. Although there are many beautiful faces in this world, but my heart beats only after seeing you.

16. I don’t want you to look at our relationship of love through the glasses of jealousy. I am afraid that this jealousy may one day take away our happiness.

17. A woman who has a sense of jealousy is the most dangerous woman in the world.

18. Your jealousy sometimes hurts me, sometimes it makes me laugh. Maybe love would be like this.

19. Jealousy is like a termite, which gradually hollows out even a beautiful relationship.

In the last part read jealous messages for girlfriend.

Jealous Messages For Girlfriend

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Seeing the beauty of my beloved, the mirror lit up in such a way that it collided and shattered.

21. I know you are jealous of my ex, but remember that she was my yesterday and you are my today and tomorrow.

22. No matter how much you are jealous of someone, but I know that you are still the same innocent and sweet girl whom I fell in love with at first sight.

23. Enemies are jealous and my lover can never be my enemy.

My blood boils when I see you with someone else, now you call it my jealousy or my love.

25. My dear, don’t feel jealous. There is only one girl in the world whom I love with all my heart and that girl is only you.

26. She loves us so much that she does not tolerate anyone else being close to us.

27. Your talking with someone else stings me as if you have embraced thorns.

This is the best collection of jealous quotes, shayari and status for girlfriend. Now what are you thinking, if you are jealous of your girlfriend, then express your heart through the quotes, poetry and messages given in the article. Apart from expressing love, these poems will also help in expressing other feelings of the heart.