Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Let’s know about long distance relationship quotes. Someone has rightly said that even a moment’s separation in love seems like centuries. On the other hand, if you are in a long distance relationship, then you can understand how difficult it is to make your boyfriend/girlfriend feel special when you are away from them. In this article, 50 long distance relationship shayaris have been given which will make them feel your love after being apart and will help them to believe that you are close even after being far away.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes
Long Distance Relationship Quotes

First of all read long distance relationship quotes for boys.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes for boys

  1. Once upon a time it used to be morning after seeing you,
    the moon used to come out only after seeing you,
    now the situation is like this my beloved,
    we feel that this is the season of separation.
  2. The days pass by but
    the nights pass by looking at the moon,
    the distance from Bangalore to Delhi
    seems like crossing seven oceans.

(Here you can enter the name of your cities)

  1. These distances take
    the test of everyone’s love,
    they also had to prove it,
    who had done the test of love.
  2. You are there and we are here, where is happiness now,
    we thought every morning would be seeing you,
    now it seems like the sun is there too, where you are.
  3. These distances will also be defeated in front of true love,
    After the season of autumn, spring will come again in life.
  4. There is distance between us, but there is love in our hearts,
    go away, it is not ours, it is the defeat of these distances.
  1. Neither the house is the same, nor the street is the same, nor the city is the same,
    still it seems that you are close to the heart,
    maybe because our sky is the same.
  2. This distance between us doesn’t go right now, I
    only remember you in the morning and evening, I
    was so used to being with you,
    these days I don’t even like my friends.
  3. My heart wants to erase this distance now,
    my heart wants to hug you now,
    I will never go away after meeting you,
    only this dream is now growing in my eyes.
  4. Last night I asked Chand,
    what is the condition of my lover,
    Chand smiled and asked,
    will you ask the same question everyday?
  5. We both are probably like two parallel lines, we
    are walking together, but don’t know when we will meet.
  6. These distances will bring us a little closer,
    our love will increase by staying in between,
    we both had promised to stay together,
    will the distance of a few miles be able to separate us.
  1. You may be apart, but you are always in me,
    even after the distance, our love will be perfect.
  2. These days I don’t think of anything else,
    except you, now no one likes your face,
    now you are so far away from my eyes,
    this face does not smile without seeing you.
  3. This heart has become a bit of a stray,
    my life has become a bit of a banjara,
    have you gone far away from this city,
    it has been difficult to live here.
  4. This heart often gets drowned in thinking,
    if you were near, there would have been other stories,
    because of these distances, dear,
    the heart is singing the entanglements of distance.
  5. This is my request to God everyday,
    I hope to meet you soon,
    not even a single day passes by
    when I don’t remember you.
  6. I have written your name and filled
    each and every part of my diary,
    whenever this heart beats,
    I remember you every time.
  1. Says this crazy heart,
    you just want to be mine,
    whatever distance you come in love,
    never go away from this life.
  2. You stay with me even after being far away,
    everything about you is special for me,
    believe me, trust me,
    how beautiful is the feeling of your presence.
  3. There are distances between, did this also matter?
    Sitting so far away, did this also matter?
    Sir, this is love, not a war,
    so much agony, did this also matter?
  4. There is only your memory in my heart,
    there is no smile more than your face,
    what should I tell you and the condition of this heart,
    laughter is on these lips only because of your smile.
  5. My eyes only wait for you,
    without seeing you, my heart should not be bound,
    when will you come? When will you hold my hand?
    These eyes are eager to see your face.
  6. This heart is always giving,
    you come to me,
    come and see what is my condition,
    like this land without a shadow.
  1. There is one thing stuck in the mind,
    which has to be brought to the lips now,
    if this tongue can never speak to you,
    you have to narrate the pain of separation with your eyes.

Read in the next part of the article Long Distance Relationship Poems for Girl.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes for girl

Long Distance Relationship Quotes
  1. It’s the rainy season,
    I miss you a lot,
    are you wearing wet clothes there too, do
    you sing songs of love?
  2. Evening-o-city, my mind calls you,
    why does this season of distance bother me so much?
  3. I write in these letters,
    the feelings of my love,
    read them and remember,
    I am with you at every step.
  4. Your face is in these eyes so much
    that now they don’t want to see anyone else,
    your memory is in this heart in such a way
    that now it doesn’t care about itself.
  5. I have written millions of letters in your name, I have
    written only one desire in every letter,
    I should stay with you, now I should not go far away,
    you are my heart, you are my life.
  1. I said, just listen to me,
    I am missing you a lot,
    take some time out,
    you also take our news sometime.
  2.  We used to live in the shelter of those who
    are now miles away from us,
    we have become separated in the way of love,
    what kind of helplessness is this.
  3. This heart wants to touch your cheeks, the
    mind gets restless to hold your hand,
    although we have many friends here,
    but if you are not there then no one likes us.
  4. Even in the path of this love,
    we bear the pain of separation,
    every night passes thinking
    that we live under one sky.
  5. Life would have become easier if we could tell everything from our heart to the world,
    it would have been easier to live even if we could have stayed with you all our life.
  6.  How can I tell you how I am,
    without you I am like Holi without Gulal,
    now I cannot live without seeing you,
    every day without seeing you is like a year.
  1. This heart says that I will call you near, I
    will call you near, I will
    make you sit with me, then taking your hand in my hands,
    I will sing new songs of love, new songs.
  2. This question often arises in the mind,
    whom are you troubling now without me,
    tell the truth, living in these distances,
    are you able to sleep at night?
  3. Your face resides in my eyes,
    I smile, whenever you laugh,
    I feel like flying to you,
    I know you, my personality is because of you.
  4. I tell you my heart’s regret,
    being away from you, I am in a bad condition now,
    come near, never to go away again,
    without you, every tune, every rhythm of life is disharmonious.
  5. Last evening your name came on my lips,
    I kept remembering that golden time all night long,
    your dusky face kept roaming in front of my eyes,
    and I was standing at your door, tying my face.
  1. Even distance from you is not acceptable to us,
    my love
    is probably not as famous as Ranjhe, I have loved with all my heart,
    how can I say, I am not proud of this love.
  2. I only see you even with my eyes closed, I
    just want to see you when I open my eyes,
    What if the distance of two cities has come,
    I only keep your name on my lips.
  3. Despite being far away, you have always been near,
    you have been a beautiful feeling of life,
    I have never seen anyone else’s dreams,
    you have been my first and last hope.
  4. No matter how helpless we are, but stay in love,
    be a traveller, always be waiting for your destination,
    pray that my God blesses you with your love,
    let us live in the pure intoxication of this love all our life.
  5. When did the story of love erase the distance,
    we lovers meet in dreams,
    let’s leave the complaints of the whole world,
    you take care of this love, we take care of your dreams.
  1. Hiccups are more frequent these days, if
    you are not there then breath comes in half,
    sometimes I remember those past moments,
    sometimes these memories come without any intention.
  2. Found an old book today,
    opened it and found some dried flowers inside,
    looking at that flower, I remembered
    your petal-like face like Parul.
  3. When I miss you, my eyes fill with tears,
    the days pass by, the nights haunt me a lot, I
    am fortunate that you are my shadow,
    like the moonlight, it supports the moon.
  4. Even if we didn’t get meetings in our part,
    those nights that used to pass in our arms didn’t come,
    we will rain from our eyes, the spring will come,
    what happened that the rains did not come here.

Friends, it is not easy for two lovers to stay away from each other, but sometimes due to some circumstances distance can come. In such a situation, even after being in a long distance relationship, what can be better than the love between the two. We hope you have liked the Long Distance Relationship Poems written here. So with the help of these today tell your love sitting far away how important they are to you and how much you love them.