Long Distance Friendship Quotes

Long Distance Friendship Quotes

Friends in this world are those with whom you share your happiness and sorrows and beautiful moments of life. Those who are remembered first when there is trouble and when it comes to marriage and party, then the name of friends is at the top of the list. With time these friends go away, but remain in the heart forever. You can take the help of beautiful words to maintain such long-distance friendship. If you are looking for poetry on long-distance friendship , then stop worrying. We have brought brand new long distance friendship quotes and shayari.

Long Distance Friendship Quotes
Long Distance Friendship Quotes

Presenting first of all long distance true friendship quotes and shayari

True Long Distance Friendship Quotes–

  1. As long as there is moisture in the eyes,
    there will be a helplessness in life,
    no matter how much we care about the world,
    you are far away and there will be a lack of you.
  2. God is another name of friendship,
    but it is felt when it is separated.
  3. A moment should also be ours in the bundle of memories,
    a flower should also be ours in the garden of happiness,
    whenever your heart remembers true friends,
    just one name should be ours at that time.
  4. So compelled under the burden of responsibilities,
    the friends who were together every moment turned away from each other.
  5. I wish I could go back in time,
    come back to you,
    I miss you a lot my friend, I
    could hug you and tell you.
  1. Agreed that we both have our own compulsions,
    meeting my friends is also necessary in this era of time.
  2. You never go away from me,
    we will never go away from you,
    we will meet each other forever,
    and we will maintain friendship together.
  3. Even after separation, friend, you are still somewhere in me,
    my heart is filled with tears when I remember you.
  4. Eyes can’t forget your face,
    No power can bend friendship,
    No matter how difficult times we try,
    Even these distances can’t erase friendship.
  5. Say it is only words,
    and believe it is worship,
    friend is my world,
    and friendship is life.
  6. Suppose we got stuck in our work,
    got entangled in these problems of life,
    still this heart remembers you,
    my friend, we longed to see you.
  7. Long distance friendship is also amazing,
    our friendship is so unique,
    we remember you even after living far away,
    whatever your condition is, that is my condition.
  1. We are far away, never worry about this,
    no matter how far we are, but never reduce friendship,
    if we meet at some point by mistake,
    then never make your eyes moist after seeing us.
  2. No property can be more expensive than friendship,
    no picture can be more beautiful than friendship,
    although friendship is the raw thread of love, but
    no chain can be stronger than this.
  3. You will find few true friends in the world,
    where you put your heart, there you will find sorrow,
    even if the world is upset, don’t be sad,
    we will meet you at every turn of life.
  4. Everyone loves and falls in love,
    and every lover is afraid of being separated,
    I don’t care about love or love,
    because my heart beats for your friendship.
  5. It is not guarded by anyone,
    it is that relation which is the deepest,
    we can understand the condition of the heart by words,
    the relation of friendship is the most genuine.
  1. Friendship can teach friends to live,
    can make even crying hearts laugh,
    this friendship is not just such a thing,
    it has the power to unite with God.

Here is the funny quotes and shayari for long distance friendship.

Funny Long Distance Friendship Quotes–

  1. Brother, you swung alone on the swing of marriage.
    Sister-in-law, what have you come, you have forgotten your friend only.
  2. Agreed that your words are very nonsense,
    but you are always very special for me,
    after marriage you went away from me,
    but even today there is hope of meeting you.
  3. I can turn the happiness of the world for you, I
    can even break the moon and stars for you,
    if you are not happy in this,
    I can tell two or four more lies.
  4. If we have friendship, then we will fulfill the duty of friendship,
    if you keep laughing like this,
    we ourselves will leave you in the mental hospital.
  1. Friend, you are very strange,
    but you are close to my heart,
    you do not send any message to me,
    really you are poorer than me.
  2. Don’t let bad friendship happen,
    don’t let good friendship be lost,
    friend is asleep without saying anything,
    disturb him and don’t let him sleep.
  3. Saw you friend, your face settled in my heart
    like a black buffalo got stuck in a door.
  4. O Gulistan, shower your fragrance on my friend,
    these are the specimens who do not often bathe in winter.
  5. You should not have any sorrow in the world,
    your happiness should not be less than anyone, may
    God give you such a girlfriend who
    should not be less than a small elephant.
  6. You laugh a lot and
    smile a lot,
    I feel like inviting you for a feast,
    but what should I do, you eat a lot.
  7. Neither from the edge of the sword,
    nor from the shower of bullets,
    your friend is only afraid
    of his father’s beating.
  1. Some people talk with eyes,
    some people make eye contact, it
    is very difficult to answer my friend,
    when people talk in English.
  2. A friend took away my heart as well as my peace,
    the limit was reached when he took away even my cheapest pen.
  3. Tears will rain on you,
    friend, today will be your dark night,
    the heart you have hurt by not sending the message,
    today you will be itchy all night.
  4. Who all should be named friends in their ruin,
    all the friends had come to bless my marriage.
  5. My friend’s smile shook the whole world,
    a patient was awakened from a coma,
    the poor man was put to sleep permanently.
  6. Don’t make us fall in love with the beautiful,
    because she attacks with her eyes,
    I have seen your wife very well,
    she loves me more than you.
  1. We had gone with a convoy of many friends, but
    some got married and some got separated,
    some went missing and the rest got married.

Next are more quotes

At the end of the article, we are presenting emotional quotes and shayari for long distance friendship.

Emotional Long Distance Friendship Quotes–

  1. Friend, if you are ever very sad,
    my thoughts will be around you,
    whenever you remember from the bottom of your heart,
    you will feel close to me.
  2. Will bring the world of happiness,
    Will bring spring in autumn,
    Whenever you call me friend from heart,
    We will bring breaths borrowed from God.
  3. Agreed friends don’t remember but we can’t forget,
    agreed friends can’t laugh but we can’t cry,
    but our friendship is so beautiful
    that friends can’t tell, we can’t even express.
  1. My friend, the only principle of friendship is
    that when you are accepted, then everything is accepted by you.
  2. The result of childhood love is friendship,
    the message of some untold relationships is friendship,
    the name of day and night fun is friendship,
    without you but lifeless friendship.
  3. If this relationship had not been made by God,
    I would not have been able to meet my dear friend,
    this life of ours would have become completely deserted,
    if I had not found a friend like you.
  4. Friendship is the shadow of happiness,
    friendship is the depth of love,
    friend is a lovely word here,
    friendship is the lovely laugh of a friend.
  5. When I remember the time spent together, it
    leaves a flood of tears on my eyelids,
    don’t forget us when we meet someone else,
    because the name of life also comes after friendship.
  6. No one is betrayed in friendship,
    tears are not given as a gift to friends, no one is given such a chance to
    cry whole life .
  1. Distance has to be removed in friendship,
    everything is necessary that has to be told,
    it seems that friends do not have time,
    nowadays one has to remember himself.
  2. When some thought collides with the heart,
    the heart remains silent even without wanting it,
    some show friendship by saying everything,
    some maintain friendship by not saying anything.
  3. The sky is very angry with us,
    the anger of the stars is also uncountable,
    all of them are jealous of me because
    we have a better friend than the moon.
  4. Friendship is a beautiful fair in life,
    the style of friendship is the most carefree,
    find the one who is happy even in loneliness,
    and don’t find the one who is alone in the crowd.
  5. Friendship is the story of happiness and sorrow,
    friendship always smiles together,
    it is not just a small identity, if
    friends are together, then friendship is life.
  1. Many people keep coming and going, don’t
    know how many people meet,
    distance doesn’t make any difference,
    friendship is made by the closeness of the heart.
  2. There can be no destination of every turn,
    there can be no name of the heart if there is a relationship, I
    have sought you after praying to God,
    it cannot be easy to find friends like you.
  3. You forgive every mistake of a friend,
    clear every complaint and complaint from your heart,
    friend, do not bear any problem alone,
    be it happiness or sorrow, divide it in half.
  4. Some friends became special in life,
    became the feeling of being alive,
    some friends met and left,
    those who did not leave the heart became you.

The more you say on friends and friendship, the less it is. Still here we have tried to give Shayari on Long Distance Friendship for friends living far away. Hope you like the given long distance friendship quotes and shayari for friends and also share them with your friends.