Lohri Wishes

Lohri Wishes

Let us know about Lohri Wishes. Lohri is the main festival of Punjab province and Punjabis, but its beauty can be seen all over North India. Every year the festival of Lohri is celebrated on 13 January. The festival of Lohri is mainly associated with crops and this festival communicates positive energy among the people. The festival of Lohri is celebrated with the whole family by lighting a fire in the evening after the sun has set. In the winter season, the fire of Lohri makes the atmosphere more pleasant. On Lohri, people also wish each other for Lohri.

Best wishes message on Lohri

Lohri Wishes
Lohri Wishes

If you also want to wish Lohri, then we have brought some selected messages for you. You can give warm wishes for Lohri from the Lohri Wishes given in our post. Earlier people used to go from door to door and wish each other Lohri. But now with the advent of internet and social media, people congratulate only through WhatsApp and Facebook. Now people type a message from their mobile while sitting at home and send it to someone else’s mobile in just a few seconds. Read the warm wishes of Lohri from below.

May the fire of Lohri destroy sorrows
and light of happiness in its light-filled life.
Happy Lohri.

Again the turn has come to get Bhangra,
make all the preparations to celebrate Lohri,
everyone come near the fire,
sing Sundar-Mundriya loudly.
Best wishes for Lohri.

May all the sorrows get burnt in the fire of Lohri,
may happiness always come in your life.
Millions of congratulations on Lohri.

The fragrance of peanuts and the sweetness of jaggery,
corn bread and mustard greens,
the joy of heart and the love of your loved ones,
wish you this festival of Lohri.
Happy Lohri to you.

May the light of Lohri dispel the darkness of life,
let us celebrate the festival of Lohri together with this wish.
Happy Lohri.

6. May
the light of Lohri illuminate your life,
as the fire of Lohri grows brighter, so may our sorrows end.
happy lohri 2023

Then it’s time for the bhangra, get ready to celebrate Lohri
Come all to the fire, sing loudly, beautiful.
Happy Lohri

The smell of popcorn, the spring of peanuts,
the festival of Lohri and the love of loved ones,
a little fun, a little love.
Happy Lohri festival to you.
Happy Lohri 2022

In the shiver of winter, with the sweetness of peanuts, rewari and jaggery,
Happy Lohri to you, with the warmth of friendship and relationship.
happy lohri 2023

Desires have been sent with the winds,
messages have been sent through the network,
if you get free time, accept it,
we have first sent you the message of Lohri.
Happy Lohri 2023