Liv 52

Liv 52

Advantages and Disadvantages of Liv 52 – But hello friends, in today’s post we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of Liv 52, along with this we will also tell you how to take or eat it. Friends, in this post you will get complete information about liv 52 and the right way to use it will also be known. That’s why we would request you to read this post completely so that you can get to know about the use and benefits of liv 52 tablet and syrup.

Full details of Liv 52

Friends, first of all we give you information about liv 52, what is this medicine useful for and why people use it. Friends, liv 52 is a very popular Ayurvedic medicine, which is made by Himalaya, India’s most popular Ayurvedic company.

liv 52 is available in tablet and syrup form in any medical store and it is available all over India.

Himalaya is a very well known company which is operating since 1930 and all its products are very good and 100% Ayurvedic with no side effects.

Liv 52 Tablets

Friends, if you like taking tablets, then you can buy liv 52 tablets from any medical shop and you get 2 types of tablets in it.

liv 52 normal tablet and liv 52 ds, friends, now many people will feel that what is the difference between these two. Friends, there is not much difference between liv 52 ds and normal liv 52.

The only difference is that liv 52 ds is double strong i.e. its power is slightly more than the normal liv 52.

The tablet of liv 52 normal is red in color while the tablet of liv52 ds is of purple color and its size is also slightly larger.

You can take and use any of these as you wish, there is only a slight difference and the ingredients of these two are beans, so you can take any of these two according to your need, the work of both is the same. .

In normal Liv52 you get 100 tablets and in the same Liv52 DS you get 60 tablets. The price is almost the same for both the Liv52 ds which is priced at Rs.130.

Liv 52 Syrup

Now there are many people who have problem in taking the tablet, as soon as they put the tablet in their mouth, those people vomit. Apart from this, the Himalaya company has made Liv-52 syrup so that more and more people can use it and people do not have any problem in drinking it.

Now you may not be able to understand whether you should take tablet or you should take syrup. Let us also give you some information about this.

Friends, any type of tablet works very slowly in our body, but the syrup which is there starts working very quickly and it gets mixed very fast in your blood, due to which you can see its effect soon. to get.

It is your choice whether you have to take Liver 52 in tablet form or it does not make much difference in syrup form.

The cost of Liv52 syrup is around Rs.150 and you can get it in any medical store.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Liv-52

Friends, now let us tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of Liv52. Friends, first we see the benefits and benefits of Liv-52, then after that we will see about its disadvantages.

Benefits of Liv-52

1. liver protection

Friends Liv-52 Tablets and Syrup is most famous for liver protection. This medicine is the most sold for this reason all over India.

By using Liv52 medicine regularly, your liver becomes strong and it works well.

You must know that to have a healthy body, it is very important for you to have a healthy liver.

If your liver does not work properly then your health will not be good. Therefore, if you people want to keep your liver healthy, then you should use Liver 52 tablet or syrup.

By regular use of this Ayurvedic medicine, your liver will always be safe and you will not have any kind of liver problem.

2. increases appetite

Friends, it is a big problem in today’s time that many people do not feel hungry well, due to which they are not able to eat their food well.

If you do not feel good, then your health will go down and your strength will also decrease and you will also feel weakness.

Regular use of liv 52 will increase your intelligence and your diet will also become good. We were facing this problem personally.

We were not feeling the smell properly, then we started taking liv 52 ds tablet and then after that we started feeling bad.

Friends, if you also do not feel well, then you people can also take liv 52 tablet or syrup, this will give you 100% benefit and your diet will also increase.

3. Increases Digestive Power

To have good health, your digestive power must be strong. If your digestion power is not strong then you will not be able to digest your food properly.

Its biggest disadvantage is that whatever you lose, it will not be used in your health and your health will not be good.

If your food is not digested well, then what you eat and drink will not affect your health. liv 52 Your digestive power becomes strong and strong.

4. gas problem

If you people have gas problem in your stomach or your stomach feels like bloated, then you should use liv52, its regular use will end your gas problem.

If you have gas problem then you people will know how much trouble it hurts. There is also a lot of problem in getting up and sitting.

When there is a problem of gas in your stomach, then you are not able to eat your food well because your stomach already feels full.

A big reason for having gas problem is that your food is not adjusting well and your liver is not working properly.

Therefore, you people should use Liv52 tablet or syrup regularly, it will be of great benefit to you in gas problem.

5. stomach cleanse

Nowadays people eat very little home food and consume more fast food outside. Because of which that food is not digested well.

Because of which your stomach is not cleaned well in the morning. Friends, for good health, it is very important to clean your stomach properly in the toilet in the morning.

This is the dirt of your body, you should take it out. But if your stomach is not cleaned properly in the morning, then this dirt remains in your stomach, due to which you are prone to gas problems and other diseases.

If your stomach is also not cleaned properly then you can use Liv-52, it will clear your stomach very openly in the morning.

6. blood cleanse

Friends, by using Liv-52 tablet or syrup regularly, your blood becomes clean. Due to this, your health remains good, as well as the glow on your face increases and you do not have problems like boils and pimples.

Whatever Ayurvedic herbs have been used in Liv52, it also increases your red blood cells.

7. beneficial in body building

For those people who do body building, it is very important to take Liver 52 because they eat different types of supplements, due to which there is a lot of pressure on their liver.

If you people do body building or use supplements then you should use Liv52 regularly.

Apart from this, people who are professional body builders use steroids. Stride can be very harmful for your liver and can cause permanent damage to your liver.

To avoid this, it becomes very necessary for a professional bodybuilder to use Liv52 ds.

Liv 52 Side Effects

Friends, by the way, the Himalaya company says that whatever ayurvedic product is, it is completely safe and safe and does not have any side effects.

Because no chemicals are used to make all our Ayurvedic products and naturally occurring Ayurvedic herbs are used in it.

Therefore, all Ayurvedic products of Himalaya Company can be used by men, women, children or old people and no side effects are seen and it is 100% safe.

But we want to tell you that no matter what the company’s product is, you should always be careful.

If you people have any serious disease like jaundice, asthma, high blood pressure, heart problem etc. In such a situation, you should use Liv-52 only after consulting your doctor.

But if you people do not have any such serious problem and you are a healthy youth then you guys can use Liv52 and it will definitely benefit you.

How to eat or use Liv-52?

Friends, now we have told you the advantages and disadvantages of Liv52 tablet and syrup, let us now see how it should be used and what is the right way to take it so that you people get maximum benefits and benefits. .

The Himalaya company says that initially you should take two tablets twice a day, but later you should take one tablet in the morning and evening.

This is a bean for both tablet and syrup. If you people have been told by your doctor where to eat Liv52, then you should take them according to their prescribed dosage.

If you take Liv-52 tablet with water, then you will get more benefit because the medicine shows its full effect with water and gives more benefit.

You should keep Liv-52 Ayurvedic medicine in a cool and dry place. But you should not keep it in the fridge, it will spoil your medicine.

Liv 52 ingredients

Let us now see which ayurvedic herbs are used to make Liv-52 tablet or syrup.

1. Himsra 130 mg
2. Tightness 130 mg
3. Mandur Bhasma 66 mg
4. Kakamachi 66 mg
5. Arjuna 64 mg
6. Kasmarda 32 mg
7. biranjasifa 32 mg
8. Jhavuka 32 mg

Friends, you have seen that all ayurvedic herbs have been used to make Liv-52 tablet or syrup and no chemical has been used in it, so it is hundred percent safe for your health and does not have any side effects. Not there.

you and friends

Friends, this was the advantages and disadvantages of liv-52 tablet or syrup, we hope that after reading this post you must have got complete information about liv-52 and you guys Must have come to know how it is used.

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