Leg press Exercise

Leg press Exercise

Exercise of every organ is necessary for the overall strength and development of the body . Generally it is seen that we consider the exercises of only a few body parts as complete. Similarly, push-ups and squats are known as the main exercises. ‘Leg press exercise’ which involves pushing with feet on the leg press machine is also very beneficial in many ways. This leg strengthening exercise can be done with machines available in most gyms.

The leg press exercise is also known as the squat press and seated leg press. This exercise may seem simple, but it can be quite effective in activating and strengthening the leg muscles. Leg press exercise is very beneficial in strengthening the large muscles of the thighs like hamstrings and quadriceps and giving them a balanced shape.

The leg press exercise, similar to the weighted barbell squat, strengthens the quadriceps, or muscles at the front of the thigh. Barbell squats exercise is difficult in many cases. If barbell squats exercise done by lifting heavy weight on the shoulders is not done with the correct technique, it can also cause problems like pain in the back, shoulders or knees . Leg press exercise also reduces the risk of workout injury . Not only this, even if you have suffered some kind of injury in your legs before, by doing this exercise you can effectively make the muscles powerful and well-organized.

Benefits of leg press

Leg press Exercise

During squat exercise, you have to exercise by keeping weight on your shoulders. In contrast, during leg press, heavy weight has to be pushed with the help of legs, in which the muscles of the legs are activated and they get strength. During this, the back and upper body act as supports, which reduces the risk of injury. Although squats exercise is quite beneficial and also builds your leg muscles. However, if you do not know its correct technique, or if any mistake is made during its practice, then serious problems like slipped disc can arise.

People suffering from knee problems are also advised to stay away from exercises like squats, as it puts a lot of pressure on the knees. Since leg press exercise is done with the help of a machine, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

Leg press exercise gives strength to your legs, which makes it easier for you to perform exercises even with heavy weight. Since leg press exercise increases the strength of your legs, it also reduces the problems you face in your legs during daily activities.

Right way to do leg press exercise

Like other exercises, it is very important to warm-up before doing leg press exercise. As a warm-up, you can do light exercises like bodyweight squats, lunges.

Which muscles are affected?

  • Quadriceps (muscles in the front of the thighs)
  • Hamstrings (muscles in the back of the thighs)
  • glutes (buttock muscles)
  • calves

What equipment is needed

leg press machine

Who can do this exercise

Intermediate (apprentice level people)

set and wrap

3 sets of 10-15 reps

How to do this exercise

  • First of all set the weight on the machine as per your capacity.
  • Lie on the seat of the leg press machine and place your feet on the pad about shoulder-width apart. During this, keep the knees bent.
  • Push off the plate with your heels and hold for a few seconds before your legs straighten completely.
  • Now slowly bend your knees and come to the starting position. It’s a rap.

Tips: If you want to target the hamstring muscles during the exercise, set your feet slightly elevated on the plate. If you want more pressure on the calves, then place your toes downwards on the plate.

Precautions and Alternate exercises during Leg press

While performing the leg press exercise one must ensure that your knees are not locked in position as they reach the top of the plate during the exercise. When you reach the top, keep your knees slightly bent. The risk of injury increases if the legs become too straight.

Keep yourself completely under control during exercise. If you are a beginner in the gym, then instead of this exercise you can do simple exercises like bodyweight squats, walking lunges , leg extensions, leg curls or squat jumps. Even during these exercises, tension builds up in most of the leg muscles.

Leg press alternative exercises

For leg press exercise, it is mandatory to have a leg press machine. In gyms which do not have this machine, these exercises can also be done alternatively.

  • leg extension
  • weighted squats
  • hack squats
  • barbell lunges
  • Hindu Squats (Squats)

conclusion –

Leg press exercise is a better exercise for the development and strength of leg muscles. Unlike squats and lunges, this exercise does not put stress on the shoulders, back and knees. People who have had leg injuries before usually do not do leg exercises. Leg press exercise is also a good option for such people, through which they can give strength to their legs.