Leg extension exercise benefits

Leg extension exercise benefits

In today’s article we will learn about Leg extension exercise benefits. To make the body completely fit, balanced exercise of all the body parts is very important. It is relatively difficult to develop the muscles of the legs compared to the upper parts of the body, hence it is generally seen that people pay less attention to leg exercises. People who keep walking throughout the day, the leg muscles of such people remain healthy and active, but for those who have to sit in offices for a long time, it is very important to pay attention to the exercises of the legs along with other parts of the body.

There are many benefits of leg exercises. With this, blood circulation in the body can be improved. People who continuously sit in the office, many times the blood circulation in their legs gets affected, due to which many types of problems start appearing. Leg muscles like the quadriceps ( muscles in the front of the thighs) are extremely difficult to develop compared to other body parts . If you walk too much during the day and your legs start hurting, then you must do leg exercises. Leg extension can be a better exercise for this. It is very beneficial in shaping your quads and strengthening your thigh muscles. This also reduces the extra pressure on your knees.

You should also include leg extensions in your leg-day exercises in the gym. If you want to strengthen the quad muscles along with increasing the muscles, leg extensions can also be very beneficial for you. This exercise became a favorite among body builders in the mid-20th century. Machines were also manufactured to perform this exercise.

There are two major exercises commonly performed during leg extension exercises. Bending and straightening the legs with the help of knees. Generally, when we do any exercise with equipment, the risk of injury increases. But, since this exercise can be done normally, it has become quite a favorite among professionals.

Types of Leg Extension Exercise

Leg extension exercise benefits
Leg extension exercise benefits

Leg extension exercises can be easily done with some common equipment. There are also machines for exercise in the gym, in which this exercise can be done by trapping your feet in the roller pads fitted. Leg extension can be done in two ways.

  • machine leg extension
  • dumbbell leg extension

Benefits of Leg Extension Exercise – Leg Extension Exercise ke Fayde

The main benefit of this exercise is to increase and strengthen the muscles in the front of the thighs. If this exercise is done correctly, the tissues and joints connecting the thighs to the knees can also be strengthened. Mainly muscle groups are targeted during this exercise. Hamstring curl or leg curl exercise is done for the muscles of the back of the thighs.

Leg extensions strengthen the thighs and knees, which also helps you perform exercises like squats. When we do exercises like cycling , squats and lunges, it strengthens the muscles of the front thighs. Whereas people who do only walking and running exercises, only their hamstring muscles are activated, while there is no significant effect on the front muscles. Such people should practice weight training, so that along with increasing their muscles, they also remain healthy.

Right way to do Leg Extension Exercise –

During any exercise, there is a risk of muscle pain , weakness, cramps etc. To avoid such dangers , it is very important to warm up properly before exercise. As a warm up, you can do exercises like high-knees, jumping jacks, cycling and treadmill . What needs to be kept in mind during leg extension exercises is that by making slight changes in the position of the legs, you can target different muscles of the front thighs.

Which muscles are affected?


Who can do this exercise

People can also start exercising.

What equipment is required

leg extension machine or dumbbells

set and wrap

3 sets of 12-15 reps

How to do this exercise with a machine

  • Sit comfortably on the seat of the machine. Trap your heels in the roller pad of the machine.
  • Lift up off the roller pad with bent knees and straighten legs.
  • During this exercise, tension or impact should be felt in the thighs and not in the hamstrings.
  • After straightening the legs, pause for a few seconds.
  • Slowly come back to the previous position. It’s a rap.

Tip: Make sure that the roller is completely in place and that you do not feel any discomfort when lifting it.

How to do this exercise with dumbbells

  • Sit on a bench from where there is no difficulty in bending the knees at the right angle.
  • Set the dumbbell between your legs. Be absolutely sure that the dumbbells will not fall while lifting your legs.
  • Now raise your legs along with the dumbbells in an upward direction.
  • When your feet become parallel to the ground, hold for a few seconds.
  • Now slowly return to the starting position. It’s a rap.

Suggestion: Use weight as per your capacity. Heavy weight can damage your feet. It can also cause knee pain.

Alternative exercises and suggestions for Leg Extension – Leg Extension Exercise ke alternate exercises and suggestions

Leg extension machines are usually available in most gyms. But if there are no machines and you have difficulty in doing this exercise with dumbbells, then you can do the following exercises as an alternative. These exercises are also effective for the muscles in the front of the thighs.

  • squats
  • Hindu squats
  • hack squat
  • leg press
  • walking lunges

Keep these things in mind also

Leg extension is a very effective exercise for developing and strengthening the muscles of the front of the thighs. People who want to increase leg muscles must do this exercise. This exercise can be very beneficial for people who run daily, all the muscles of their thighs are fully active and strong.