Jealous Quotes

Jealous Quotes

Due to the feeling of jealousy i.e. jealousy, people are neither able to do good for themselves nor do they allow others to do good. You can convey your message to such people in a poetic manner. Who knows, priceless thoughts on jealousy may change their thinking. With the hope of this change and to convey your heart’s words to the people, Jealous Quotes. You can send these Jalan Shayari to the people who are jealous through status and messages.

Let’s start the article with Jealous Quotes.

65+ Jealous Quotes :

Brand new jealous poetry is being given here. Apart from sharing these Jealous Quotes with anyone, you can also apply it as jealousy status. Read the article till the end for jealous status.

  1. Don’t waste time, do
    n’t mess with yourself, be
    jealous of someone,
    don’t ruin your life.
  2. There is no jealousy with
    anyone, there is no competition with anyone,
    my destination is mine,
    and my race is mine.
  3. A person changes in a moment,
    burns in the strong fire of jealousy.
  4. Jealousy never comes alone,
    brings many evils with it.
  5. It doesn’t hurt when two enemies fight, out of
    jealousy friends also fight like enemies.
  6. It doesn’t hurt when the leaves fall in autumn,
    it hurts when friends move forward.
  7. They don’t know what crime they are committing,
    seeing progress they are burning in the fire of jealousy.
  8. Instead of happiness, it fills the bag with sorrows,
    the feeling of jealousy destroys life.
  9. Hard workers win,
    and jealous people often lose.

  10. Jealousy corrupts people just as junk destroys iron .

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  1. Those who have knowledge, they are able to fall every time,
    those who do not have knowledge, they burn with the feeling of jealousy.
  2. Those who are satisfied find happiness in little,
    and greedy people get jealous seeing them.
  3. Don’t know what has started growing in whose heart,
    today he is jealous of each other.
  4. You were in front, so seeing you, we became calm, we got jealous seeing
    what happened next.
  1. There is passion inside every person who wins, there is
    no jealousy in anyone, there is only peace in the heart.
  2. After getting promoted, you kept on changing so much,
    when we came forward, you kept getting jealous seeing us.
  3. This is the world, step here carefully,
    you will remain unhappy by burning someone just like that.
  4. After all, who has got what by being jealous of someone,
    tomorrow he will leave and walk, today there is a convoy with him.
  5. After all, why is anyone so jealous of someone,
    they also got what others get.
  6. People should never get jealous of others, this has never happened, there
    is no dearth of people who are jealous of the benefit of others.

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  1. Even though you may have become rich with money, you will
    remain poor if jealousy does not go away from your heart.
  2. He neither works hard, nor chooses the destination,
    but he is jealous of every person who moves forward.
  3. Someone better than you came, then you started jealous of him,
    and if you did not become like him, then you started jealous.
  4. Life is very precious, why are you wasting it, why are you
    burning yourself by being jealous of others.
  5. When we had no one then they started laughing at me,
    today I have achieved my destination then why are you jealous.
  1. The person who works hard falls in love with the destination, the one
    who gets jealous seeing others, he is sick of mind.
  2. Arrogant people are jealous of the progress of others,
    those who believe in themselves, they are careful on every path.
  3. The heart of those who are jealous is shattered by pride,
    the abode of happiness is far away from them.
  4. You keep your jealousy intact like this,
    we will move forward, you be ready to burn.
  5. Anyone may keep burning, but successful people do not stop, no
    matter what the trouble, they never bow down before anyone.
  1. It is the work of some people to burn on the progress of others, those
    who move forward reach their destination and their name is there.
  2. Who has been able to remain happy here by being
    envious of others, everyone has been cheated by envious people.
  3. What will you get by being jealous of someone, if you
    have love in your heart then you will win the world.
  4. Burn like a lamp,
    those who do good to others , those who are
    envious just
    burn to destroy others.
  5. Those who wished for success are now jealous of us,
    what if they move a little further, then they start coming out on them.
  6. Now everyone’s heart is jealous for others,
    what to say to someone sir, this is the trend of the world.
  7. Those who burn to ashes
    , those who work hard get the crown.
  8. Those who are jealous of anyone’s success
    often stop their own progress.
  9. Those who learn by watching others
    sleep peacefully , those
    who get jealous by watching others,
    often get devastated.
  1. I have seen those who help others get settled, I have seen those who are jealous
    of others getting ruined.
  1. Those who work hard, do
    not get lost in the head of success,
    those who are jealous of others,
    they never rest in peace.
  2. Don’t interfere in someone’s life jealously, do
    n’t imitate those who leave their company under compulsion.
  3. Those who are jealous on seeing others remain restless,
    who become the shadow of others, live very peacefully.
  4. Don’t laugh at someone’s helplessness, don’t get jealous on
    someone’s progress,
    if you want to live, be a true friend,
    cheat someone by being a friend.
  5. Jealousy works like poison in this world,
    jealous of those who defame others.
  1. Burn like a sun,
    burn in yourself and give light to others.
  2. Those who can achieve their destination through hard work,
    what can those who are jealous do?
  3. By deceiving others, he achieved the destination,
    but the jealousy of the mind ate away the humanity inside.
  4. Ever since our time has started running,
    then the whole world has started burning with us.
  5. We take great pleasure in making those whose blood burns because of our success

stay jealous status

  1. The blessings of the poor are many,
    in order to get blessings,
    even those who are jealous give blessings,
    only to be defeated.
  2. Jealousy is not just a feeling but a spark,
    the whole world burns in its grip.
  3. The destination is reached by those,
    whose hard work never diminishes,
    and those who have jealousy in their heart,
    their eyes never get moist.
  1. Those who don’t care about anyone’s progress,
    they themselves become rich by working hard,
    and those who get jealous after seeing others,
    they become beggars after burning themselves.
  2. There is so much jealousy in the hearts of people,
    who can explain to anyone, this is the trend in the world.
  1. Keep smiling peacefully after reaching the destination,
    those who are jealous of you, keep burning them more.
  2. Being jealous is the worst thing in the world, the
    name gets ruined, it gets insulted all the time.
  3. No matter what the trouble is, don’t give up on your dreams,
    keep burning those who burn, don’t stop burning them.
  4. The more jealous the person who is jealous of you,
    the more your name will be known in the city.
  5. Don’t know what you are proud of,
    nothing to say, then why do you make noise
    , you have to do something, at least name yourself,
    why do you burn yourself by looking at others like this.

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  1. The one who helps in trouble cannot be a stranger, the one
    who gets jealous seeing happiness cannot be our shadow.
  2. If someone is jealous, let him be jealous, it is
    not my job to convince anyone , if
    you harm someone out of jealousy,
    then listen, this is not the message of God.
  3. Now people have started wasting their time in jealousy, having
    lost everything they have started blaming others.
  4. If you want to do only progress in life, if you
    want to move forward then do not be jealous of anyone.
  5. Earlier there was a time, when you started walking with me,
    we were a little further ahead, you started getting jealous seeing us.
  6. After reaching the destination, the scenery changes,
    seeing our hard work, others get jealous.
  7. Don’t know why people get jealous of others, they
    stumble but still people don’t take care of themselves.
  8. The habit of jealousy creates jealousy in the hearts, this is the
    only dirty habit, which separates us from our loved ones.
  9. It becomes very difficult to understand the intentions of loved ones,
    those who are jealous of others, it becomes difficult to recognize them.
  10. What should I complain to those who are jealous of my name,
    I have no interest in their ridiculous work.

The feeling of jealousy can show a bad effect not only on the person but also on his loved ones, so keep this feeling away from yourself. If someone has a feeling of jealousy towards you, then by sending Jealous Quotes given in the article, make them realize how wrong they are doing. Through these shayaris you can tell them that what jealous people lose in life and in the end they get nothing.