Jake Paul Net Worth

Jake Paul Net Worth

Jake Paul net worth is US$310 million. Jake Paul’s net worth has grown at a rapid pace over the past two years, jake Paul is an American social media personality and professional boxer, jake Paul’s boxing career began in August 2018 when he defeated British YouTuber Deji Olatunji via TKO in an amateur competition in the fifth round. Throughout his career, Jake Paul has been the subject of many controversies due to his behaviour, including risky stunts. Jake Paul has earned millions of dollars from his boxing matches. Check T-Series Net Worth.

What is Jake Paul Net Worth?

Current Net Worth$310 million USD
Annual Income$65 million USD
boxing income$18 million USD
youtube income$21 million USD
owned cars12
house properties7
weight165 lb (75 kg)
Jake Paul Net Worth

Car collection

Jake Paul Net Worth
Jake Paul Net Worth

Jake Paul spends millions of dollars annually on luxury cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley. More recently, Jake Paul bought a Lamborghini Huracan for $750,000 USD. The list of cars owned by Jake Paul are:

  1. Porsche Panamera – $305,000 USD
  2. Rolls-Royce Ghost – $950,000 USD
  3. Bugatti Divo – $7 million USD
  4. Ferrari Roma – 80 680,000 USD
  5. BMW Z4 – 150,000 USD


Jake Paul owns more than ten house properties, jake Paul owns a 14,000 sq ft luxury villa in California. The cost of this house is US$11 million. Some of the other real estate properties owned by Jake Paul are:

  • Flat in New York – $4 million USD
  • Mansion in Florida – $7 million USD
  • Villa in Los Angeles – $3 million USD

Jake Paul’s Watch Collection

  • Richard Mill – 150,000 USD
  • Patek Philippe – $130,000 USD
  • Patek Philippe – $210,000 USD
  • FP Journey – ,000 190,000 USD
  • Montblanc – $100,000 USD
  • Baum & Mercier – $30,000 USD
  • Van Cleef & Arpels – $40,000 USD

More about Jake Paul

Zodiac signAries
Jake Paul’s Favorite ActorChristian Bale
InspirationElon Musk
favorite ColourBlue
favorite car brandferrari
Jake Paul’s pet namePingo
favourite sportice Hockey
favorite music artisteminem
favorite vacation destinationGreece
Jake Paul Net Worth


Being a star, Jake Paul hasn’t developed controversies, in fact, he has thrived well in them. Here are some interesting ones that have taken the young YouTube celebrity iso far.

Nuisance Pointer – At their home in Beverly Groove, Paul’s neighbors file a petition against him for rioting and disturbing their peace. However, the lawsuit was taken by the company that owned Paul’s assets and was fined $2.5 million.

Subsequently, Jake Paul entered into a partnership with Disney Channel which, as per the announcement read by the channel, was a mutual agreement between the parties involved. This was contradicted by Jake Paul, who stated that he was actually fired from Bizzardvark by Disney who wanted a faster process and gradually stopped the show due to KTLA segments.

Hot on the heels of Disney’s controversial Jake Paul uploaded a video titled, ‘I lost my virginity’ to his YouTube channel, sparking outrage among many of his subscribers, especially young people. The video showed him and his ex-girlfriend Erika Kostel both dressed badly and later fully clothed. What was most inappropriate is his choice of words in the video, where his customers astonished.

Who is girlfriend?

The 6 foot (1.83 m) tall YouTube celebrity was in a long relationship with fellow Youtuber Erika Costell who has over 4.3 million subscribers on his channel. At the time, she was also the secretary of Team 10 which was founded by Jake Paul. He and Erica started dating in July 2017 but sadly broke up after a theatrical performance in November 2018. According to Costell, Paul brought other girls into the house for the night and, in response, he even brought back his male fans and friends, who harassed JK Paul. A performance that saw their relationship hit the rocks in the end. However, Erika Costell is not the only woman Jake Paul has ever been romantically linked to; She was a thing for Kelly Stewart (2014), Alyssa Violent (June 2016 to February 2017), Tessa Brooks (February 2017).

Early life of Jake Paul

Jake Paul was born on 17 January 1997 in Ohio, USA. Jake grew up in Ohio along with his older brother Logan, jake Paul’s nickname is the problem child. He used to do wrestling in school, Jake was made a Navy seal. In 2013, Jake started putting videos on the Wine app and one of his videos went viral, which made Jake to get fame and later he Leaving his navy dream, he started making videos on social media. But by the time Twitter shut down Vine, he had 50 lakh (5 million) followers and more than 20 million likes.

Jake Paul and Youtube starting

After the closure of the Vine app, Jake opened his channel on YouTube in 2014. He used to put videos of pranks, comedy and songs on YouTube. They also got success on YouTube very soon. After YouTube, Jake also got to work in a Disney show but due to some reason he was later fired from the show.

Jake Paul started Team Ten Company at the age of 20 with 10 lakh money, big investors also invested in it. This company was for influencer marketing management.

Jake Paul and Boxing

Jake Paul worked on his songs and YouTube till 2019, then he decided to get into boxing. His first fight was with Daisy in 2018 and he wins this fight in the fifth round. His second fight was with YouTuber Anbson Gib in January 2020 and Jake won in the first round. Their next fight was with Nate and Jake won this fight via Knockout in the second round. After this, Jake Paul defeats him in the first round to live with Ben Askren, the biggest fight of his boxing profession.

How much does Jake Paul earn from boxing?

Jake Paul has earned over US$50 million from boxing.

Is Jake Paul a Billionaire?

No, Jake Paul’s net worth is only US$300 million.

Who among the Paul brothers is richer?

Jake Paul is richer than his brother Logan Paul. Read Pokemon net worth.

Is Jake Paul Married to Julia Rose?

No. Jake Paul is engaged to Julia Rose and they are not married yet.

How much is Jake Paul worth?

Jake Paul is worth more than $300 million USD.

Is Jake Paul Still Rich?

Yes. Jake Paul’s net worth has increased by over 100% in the past two years. You might like Marx Brownlee Net Worth.

How did Jake Paul make his money?

Jake Paul earns his money from YouTube, boxing and brand endorsements.

How much does Jake Paul earn from YouTube?

Jake Paul earned over $100 million USD from YouTube throughout his career.

Does Jake Paul have a jet?

No, Jake Paul doesn’t have a jet plane.

How did Jake Paul become famous?

Jake Paul got famous through his Tiktok and Youtube videos .

How much would Jake Paul earn against Tyrone Woodley?

Jake Paul earned more than $2 million US dollars through his boxing match against Tyron Woodley.

What is the weight of Jake Paul?

Jake Paul weighs 165 lb (75 kg).