Jaggery benefits

Jaggery benefits

Be it elders or doctors, everyone advises staying away from sugar to stay healthy. If seen, this is also true. Sugar is the root of many diseases, but a little sweet food is made after eating it. In such a situation, jaggery can be used as an alternative to sugar, which is considered healthy. It is said that food is digested quickly with jaggery and the digestive system remains fine. How much truth is there in all these things? Along with this, we will also talk about the benefits of another jaggery which are obtained from the medicinal properties of jaggery, and the disadvantages of eating jaggery due to excessive consumption.

What is jaggery

Jaggery is a sweet food made from sugarcane juice. For this, sugarcane juice is placed in a big pot and heated in the fire, which takes the form of jaggery after some time. Although sugar is also made from sugarcane juice, but sugar is the refined form of sugarcane juice, while jaggery is the unrefined type. For this reason, more nutrients are found in jaggery, so jaggery is considered healthier than brown sugar and ordinary sugar.

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Come, now let us know what can be the benefits of eating jaggery.

Benefits of Jaggery

Jaggery is full of many medicinal properties, due to which there are many benefits of eating jaggery. Just note that this is not a cure for any disease. It can simply be helpful in relieving and preventing some of the problems mentioned below.

1. For digestion

People often like to eat sweets after a meal. In such a situation, jaggery can be consumed instead of eating anything made of sugar. It is considered good for digestion (2) . Actually, after consuming jaggery, it can improve digestion by acting as a digestive agent in the body (3) . For this reason, digestion is also counted among the benefits of jaggery.

2. Anemia

During anemia, the red blood cells in the body are reduced. This causes fatigue and weakness. Most anemia is caused by iron deficiency. This has also been confirmed in a scientific research published in NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). According to this research, iron-rich jaggery as well as other foods can be included in the diet to prevent anemia. Apart from this, jaggery can be used as a sweetener in place of refined sugar in the diet.

3. For liver detoxification

The benefits of eating jaggery include detoxifying the liver, that is, removing toxic substances. The micronutrients present in jaggery show an antitoxic effect, which can help remove toxic substances from the body ( 2 ). Apart from this, consuming jaggery can also help in regulating the liver and keep it clean (5).

4. For immunity

It is believed that the immune system can be strengthened by consuming jaggery. This does not happen by consuming all types of jaggery. Actually, amla powder is used while making some jaggery. Such jaggery contains vitamin-C, which can improve immunity . Whether other types of jaggery can do this is not clear.

5. Helpful in bronchitis

The benefits of jaggery also include providing relief from the problem of bronchitis. It is mentioned in a research that jaggery has many properties that can work to get rid of bronchitis and lung infections (7) . On this basis, consumption of jaggery can be beneficial in removing the problem of bronchitis.

6. As an antioxidant

Jaggery is considered a good source of antioxidants. According to a medical research published in this regard, jaggery has an antioxidant effect . This effect can work to reduce the effect of free radicals in the body and protect them from damage. In fact, molasses has been shown to have antioxidant effects due to the phenolic constituents present in sugarcane juice (8) .

7. For blood pressure

The benefits of eating jaggery also include controlling blood pressure . Actually, jaggery contains a good amount of iron, which can help in blood pressure regulation. This can avoid the risk of increasing blood pressure ( 9 ) . Along with this, jaggery also contains potassium and a small amount of sodium. They maintain the balance of acid in the cells of the body, due to which blood pressure can be kept under control (6) .

8. For the heart

The benefits of jaggery can be seen to keep the heart healthy. According to a scientific research published in this regard, jaggery can be beneficial for the heart. Actually, it contains nutrients like magnesium, potassium, selenium, manganese and zinc. All of these can help regulate the functioning of the heart (10) . At present, more scientific research is needed regarding the mechanism associated with this benefit of jaggery.

9. For Energy

Consuming jaggery can prove to be better for providing energy to the body. According to a medical research related to this, a good amount of energy is found in jaggery. Due to the energy received from this, a person remains active throughout the day (6) . Actually, jaggery digests slowly and keeps giving energy to the body for a long time, due to which it is considered a source of energy .

10. For the skin

The benefits of jaggery can also be for the skin. Actually, the use of jaggery can provide relief from the problem of bacteria and fungus, because it has antimicrobial properties (11) . The bacteria can cause various skin problems, including impetigo (a red rash on the skin), edema, and swelling At the same time, jaggery also has antioxidant effects, which we have already mentioned above. This effect may serve to protect cells and tissues from damage. In addition, it may be helpful in slowing down the aging process as well

11. For hair

Due to the medicinal properties of jaggery, it is also considered good for hair. By the way, there is no exact scientific evidence about this. Yes, some people also have hair fall due to iron deficiency (14) . In such a situation, the iron present in jaggery can reduce hair fall .

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After knowing the benefits of eating jaggery above, we are giving information about the nutrients of jaggery.

Jaggery Nutritional Value

The importance of any food item can be understood from the nutrients present in it. Here we are telling through the table that which nutrients are present in jaggery in what quantity.

energy367 Kcal
carbohydrates88.67 g
Sugar88 g
Calcium, Ca83 mg
Iron, Fe10 mg
Potassium, K1213 mg
Sodium Na8 mg

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Now we will know further in what ways jaggery can be used.

How to Use Jaggery

Jaggery can be used for food in many ways, which are as follows:

How to eat :

  • Jaggery can be eaten directly.
  • Jaggery can be eaten with roti.
  • It can be added to tea instead of sugar.
  • Ladoo can be made by mixing jaggery and sesame.
  • It can be used to make pudding.
  • Delicious dumplings can also be made from jaggery.
  • Many people eat chikki made of jaggery with relish.

When to eat:

  • You can drink jaggery tea in the morning and evening.
  • A little jaggery can be eaten after lunch and dinner.

How much to eat: At present, there is no such scientific evidence, so that it can be clear that how much jaggery should be eaten daily. Nevertheless, 10-15 grams of jaggery can be consumed on the advice of a dietician.

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Come, now let us know what can be the disadvantages of eating jaggery .

Disadvantages of Jaggery

The benefits of jaggery are many, but consuming it in excess can also cause disadvantages of eating jaggery. Although there is not much scientific research available regarding its harm, its harm may include:

  • Eating jaggery in excess can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes due to the sugar present in it (16) .
  • Eating too much jaggery can cause problems of worms in the teeth.
  • The amount of calories in the body can increase, which can cause obesity.

By now it must have become clear that jaggery is the best alternative to sugar. Now people who are fond of eating sweets can use jaggery by avoiding sugar. Yes, use jaggery also carefully and in limited quantity. This will not only satisfy the craving for sweets, but will also give medicinal properties of jaggery. If someone is suffering from diabetes, then he should use jaggery only on the advice of the doctor. We hope that the information given in this article will prove useful to you.

frequently asked questions

Is jaggery more nutritious than sugar?

Yes, jaggery contains more minerals than sugar, due to which it is considered more nutritious .

Is jaggery better than sugar?

Yes, jaggery is better than sugar (1) .

How is the effect of jaggery?

The effect of jaggery is hot.

Can we eat jaggery daily?

Jaggery can be consumed daily in limited quantity.

Does jaggery increase weight?

Eating too much of any sweet thing leads to weight gain. Yes, but consuming jaggery in moderation can also help in controlling weight, which we have mentioned above.

Which one is better honey or jaggery?

Honey and jaggery both are better in their respective places. Honey has a good effect on the health of some people, and jaggery on some. If we talk about the nutrients of both, then honey has more nutrients than jaggery ( 17 ) ( 15 ) . Just fake honey is also available in the market, but the scope of getting fake jaggery is less.

Is jaggery tea good?

It can be good to consume jaggery tea as compared to sugary tea.