Is walking or running better for weight loss

Is walking or running better for weight loss

Let us know about Is walking or running better for weight loss. When it comes to improving health, both running and walking are considered better. Due to this, the body weight can remain balanced and heart health also remains correct. At the same time, some people remain skeptical about whether running should be given more time mainly for weight loss or walking is sufficient. In various research done in this regard, it is believed that both running and walking are right in their place. Both have their own advantages.

Is walking or running better for weight loss
Is walking or running better for weight loss

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Today in this article you will know whether running or walking is good for weight loss.

Research on walking and running

During the research conducted in 2013, data related to the health of running and walking people was collected. In this study, it was observed that compared to exercise , the weight of those who walk for a long time decreased much faster.

The study found that almost all people can lose weight by walking. Although running can be effective overall for men and overweight women, regular walking can reduce weight by almost half.

Another study has seen that if a person wants to lose weight fast, then running can give a clear result. The most overweight runners in the study showed that they expended more energy while running than when walking. Weight can be reduced more quickly than this.

What’s right for you?

If someone wants to start with low activity things to lose weight, then walking can be the best option for him. At the same time, when regular walking becomes a habit, try to burn calories with a smart walking program. This will reduce the weight fast.

After this , you can include heavy workouts like running slowly, fast walking and interval training with intense exercise in your routine. This will be of great benefit. After exercise, the body needs calories, so diet also needs special attention.

Running leads to faster and more weight loss. Especially men and overweight women can benefit more from this.

Who is at risk?

It has become clear that to lose weight, one can choose between running and walking as per the requirement. On the other hand, talking about the risk of both, running is considered a bit risky in this case. There is a higher risk of injury during running as compared to walking , because there is more force in running. The following types of injuries can occur during running –

  • fracture
  • soft tissue injury
  • sprain etc


Both running and walking are considered effective in weight loss. If someone wants to lose weight with heavy and intense exercise, then include running in your routine. On the other hand, if there is any problem in running, then try to lose weight by walking. Just keep in mind that in both cases, consistency is essential. Weight can be reduced only by regular exercise. On the other hand, if someone has a heart related or arthritis problem, then expert advice must be taken before choosing between running and walking to lose weight.