Is mango good for weight loss

Is mango good for weight loss

Let’s know about Is mango good for weight loss. The summer season has started. Mango production is very high in this season. In such a situation, many people eagerly wait for this season to eat mangoes. Everyone likes its taste. Also, it is considered very healthy for health. The nutrients present in it can be effective in removing many problems of the body. But when it comes to losing weight, many people believe that consuming mangoes leads to weight gain. That’s why mango should not be consumed in the journey of weight loss. Now the question is, does eating mango reduce weight or not? We spoke to Dietician Kamini Kumari of Diet Mantra Clinic to know more about this. Let’s know about this from the expert-

What do experts say?

Dietician says that consuming mango does not reduce weight. However, this does not mean at all that you cannot consume mangoes in your weight loss journey. During the weight loss journey, you can eat mangoes in small quantities about 1 to 2 slides daily. However, during this time, excessive consumption of mangoes should be avoided. If you eat mangoes in excess, it will not reduce your body weight. Apart from this, mangoes should be consumed properly in the weight loss journey.

How to consume mango during weight loss?

Avoid consuming mangoes in excess

Dietician says that if you want to lose weight then do not eat too much mango. Consuming mangoes in excess can increase your body weight. Actually, the amount of calories in mango is quite high. In such a situation, if you consume more calories, then it will not benefit you much in the journey of weight loss.

When to eat mango?

Dietician says that many of us consume mangoes after eating, so it is absolutely wrong. Mango should not be consumed immediately after eating. Because during this time you consume more calories. Always eat mangoes in the afternoon. This might be the best time to eat mangoes. Apart from this, it is also considered good to consume it as a snack.

Can I eat mango after a workout?

In this regard, the dietician says that consuming mangoes after a workout can be beneficial. It acts as an energy booster for you. Also maintains energy for a long time during workouts. At the same time, you can consume it in the form of curd or smoothie. This is very beneficial.

Mango is very beneficial for health. You can eat mangoes during weight loss. But keep in mind that avoid consuming mangoes in excess. If you eat more mangoes in your weight loss journey then it can increase your body weight.

Some unique benefits of eating mangoes – 

Effective in weight loss –  The fibers present in mango kernels are very beneficial in reducing excess body fat. Apart from this, hunger also decreases after eating mangoes, which reduces the risk of overeating.

Beneficial for the skin as well – Applying a pack of mango pulp or rubbing it on the face brings glow to the face.

Cholesterol –  Mangoes are rich in fiber and vitamins, which help in reducing or balancing bad cholesterol.

For the eyes –   Mango is a good source of Vitamin A, which is a boon for the eyes. Due to this, the light of the eyes remains.

Beneficial for digestion –  Mango contains enzymes that promote digestion of carbohydrates and proteins, which helps in converting food into energy.

For the brain –  Vitamin B is found in it which is essential for the proper functioning of your brain. An element called glutamine acid found in it acts as a catalyst in increasing memory power.

Prevention from heat stroke in  summer – Before going out in the scorching sun in summer, go out after drinking mango panna. Due to this, there is no effect of heat on the body and there is no shortage of water.

For pregnant women –  Folate is very important for the development of the baby in the stomach and a good amount of folate is found in mangoes, so pregnant women must eat at least one or two mangoes daily.