Is it safe to wear seat belt during pregnancy

Is it safe to wear seat belt during pregnancy

Let us know about Is it safe to wear seat belt during pregnancy? When a woman becomes pregnant, many changes take place in her life. Things that seemed easy earlier may seem very difficult during this time. Morning sickness , nausea, fatigue etc. are common problems during pregnancy and all these get cured with time. But the things which you never paid attention to will fill your mind with many kinds of doubts.

For example, car While sitting in I would have never thought that even wearing a seat belt would become a challenge. But, when you are pregnant, you may wonder whether you should wear a seat belt or not? Usually no one pays attention to such small things but during pregnancy you should. Car seat belts prevent serious injuries and also save lives. When you are pregnant, it is not just about you but also the life of the baby, so be careful.

Is it safe to wear seat belt during pregnancy

Is it safe to wear seat belt during pregnancy
Is it safe to wear seat belt during pregnancy

It is considered safe to use a seat belt in a car when you are pregnant. Studies have shown that women who do not wear a seat belt are more likely to harm their unborn baby if they are involved in an accident than women who do. If you wear the seat belt properly then there will be no harm.

how to wear seat belt while pregnant 

If you fasten your seat belt correctly, it can prevent serious injury to both you and your child. So, here are some tips for wearing a car seat belt the right way:

  • Pregnant women should wear a three-point seat belt. In a 3-point seat belt, one strap goes across the oblique shoulder and one strap goes across the lap.
  • Wear the belt comfortably on the hips.
  • During the first trimester , wear your belt as you normally would.
  • Tilt the seat back to make more room for your stomach.
  • Keep in mind that you wear the shoulder strap between your breasts and slightly towards the stomach. It is important to wear it because it will keep your weight away from the baby if you get into an accident.
  • Wear the lap belt under the belly to protect the baby from any kind of injury or pressure.

Keep these safety tips in mind while wearing seat belt 

You know precaution is better than an accident, so here we have given you some safety tips that you can follow while sitting in the car:

  1. Wear seat belts correctly during pregnancy.
  2. If you have airbags, move your seat as far back as possible.
  3. Do not attempt to remove the airbag as it saves your and your child’s life.
  4. If you are a passenger, try to sit in the back seat, as back seat injuries are often less severe than those in the front.
  5. If you’re driving, lean the steering wheel toward your head instead of your chest or stomach.
  6. Do not put the shoulder strap behind your back.
  7. If you wear extra clothing , such as a jacket, remove it temporarily if it causes problems with the lap strap, such as being too tight or slipping off.
  8. If you are pregnant with twins , try not to drive until after delivery.
  9. From your second trimester onwards, use a cushion or a folded blanket under your butt until you’re sitting flat. This will reduce your back pain and reduce the chances of having a posterior baby .

Tips To Sit Comfortably After Wearing Seat Belt During Pregnancy

You are not going to be happy at the thought of going on a long drive and strapping a heavy seat belt on your body. Hence, here are two important tips that can make wearing a seat belt during pregnancy a comfortable experience:

  1. If you are going on a long drive, make sure to take breaks in between. You must get a chance to stretch your legs and get blood circulation.
  2. To prevent back pain, carry a cushion and use it to support your lower back.

frequently Asked question 

Here are some frequently asked questions about seat belts during pregnancy:

1. Do I need to buy a pregnancy seat belt?

There is a special type of pregnancy seat belt available in the market which has been tested for safety and is designed to secure the seat belt near the thighs and away from the stomach, because the stomach area is very sensitive and your Can hurt the child. It comes with a stainless steel anchor that is wrapped in a foam cushion. The anchor is a hook on the seat that is placed between the legs so that the belt can be hooked.

Although this is a good option, it is not necessary to go out and spend extra money because it also comes with some problems. This can restrict your movement as it unbuckles the seat belt much further than normal. If you prefer to wear a dress, remember that placing the seat belt near the legs is not very convenient.

This only works for the front seat and not the back seat, as the back seat is like a bench. A pregnancy seat belt protector will also not work if you are overweight and don’t have enough space to stretch your legs. If you are tall, your head may hit the roof of your car as the seat will further increase your height. A regular seat belt will work just as well if you wear it correctly.

2. Are seat belt positioning devices safe during pregnancy?

Most seat belt positioning devices are not tested and this makes them unsafe for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman. Try not to use seat belt positioning devices, but stick with standard equipment instead. Seat belt positioning devices have been known to place the lap belt on the uterus due to poor design, and this is a very dangerous place for the seat belt.

Many times people become victims of accidents despite being careful. If you are involved in a car accident, no matter how minor, go to your doctor and get tested immediately. Even if you feel like you are not hurt, you should still check if everything is fine with your baby as any extra pressure on your belly can affect the baby. If something goes wrong, it is better to know it as soon as possible so that treatment can be started in time.