Is coconut water good for diabetic patient

Is coconut water good for diabetic patient

Coconut water is a natural beverage. Due to its various properties, it is one’s first choice and it is considered to be the best in terms of health. Even in problems like diabetes , it is advised to consume it. According to health experts, drinking coconut water can help in managing diabetes. Also, it has the ability to reduce blood sugar. Still, most of the people remain in doubt whether the diabetic patient should drink coconut water or not.

Is coconut water good for diabetic patient
Is coconut water good for diabetic patient

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Today in this article you will know in detail whether you can consume coconut water with sugar or not –

Is there more sugar in coconut water?

Sugar is naturally found in coconut water. It mainly contains glucose and fructose. The amount of sugar in coconut water is less as compared to fruit juices and other sweet drinks, but it is important to keep in mind that consuming too much sugar can increase blood sugar levels. Therefore, coconut water should also be consumed in limited quantity.

glycemic index of coconut water

The Glycemic Index (GI) measures how quickly something we eat or drink raises blood sugar levels. The GI of coconut water is considered to be relatively low, which is between 35 and 55. The low GI means that drinking coconut water is less likely to spike blood sugar, making it a better option for people with diabetes.

Benefits of drinking coconut water with sugar

Less research is available on how drinking coconut water benefits a diabetic patient. Based on these research, we are telling how the consumption of coconut water is beneficial in diabetes –

rich in antioxidants

Due to the increase of free radicals in the body, the effect of oxidative stress increases, due to which the cells get damaged and there is a risk of developing various diseases. At the same time, it has been proved in some research that coconut water has antioxidant properties, which can control free radicals. Also reduce hyperglycemia .

improve blood circulation

Diabetic patients may have circulatory problems, which can lead to eye problems and muscle cramps . In such a situation, drinking coconut water can improve the flow of blood in the body, due to which these problems can be avoided. At present, there is no solid scientific research in this regard.

essential nutrients

Coconut water contains many vitamins and minerals , which can help in maintaining proper levels of electrolytes in the body. These electrolytes include potassium , calcium , magnesium , sodium , iron and amino acids , which are essential for good health. Also can help in controlling diabetes.

low calorie intake

Compared to sweetened beverages, coconut water generally has a low calorie content. In this context, it can prove beneficial for people with diabetes.

natural vs canned coconut water

It is important to differentiate between natural coconut water and packaged coconut water for diabetes management. Natural coconut water is the best option in terms of health. Compared to this, packaged coconut water contains extra sugar and preservatives.


When people with diabetes consume coconut water in limited quantities, it can prove to be a better option for them. It has a low glycemic index, contains essential nutrients and can help hydrate the body. Of course, coconut water is beneficial in diabetes, but it is necessary to consult a doctor before consuming it.