How to use scrub on face

How to use scrub on face

By adopting the right way of scrubbing at home, the face remains nourished and glowing but how do you scrub for this? It is important to be aware of this. Face scrub and body scrub have their own benefits. These help in removing dead cells from our skin. This problem becomes more in the changing season. Due to dryness, especially in winters, the skin tends to look dry and lifeless. This makes your face look dull and loses its tone. To avoid this kind of problem, you should scrub at home every other day during the winter season. Learn here the easy and right way to scrub…

How to use scrub on face
How to use scrub on face

Why is it good to scrub

Before using a scrub, it is important to know its benefits. Scrub is helpful in skin exfoliation . Meaning, by applying this dead skin gets removed and new skin comes out. This is the reason why the skin of those who scrub regularly looks very young. Because of this, there are no pimples and the skin glows.

You will get better result of scrubbing

If you want the best scrubbing results, you have to choose it according to your skin type. Read on to know how to choose the right scrub for your face according to your skin type.

Choose such scrub if you have oily skin

There are many problems associated with oily skin. It is common with this skin to be sticky and always have oil deposits all over the face. In such a situation, you need to keep these things in mind to choose the best scrub for oily skin .
If you have oily skin, you need to stay away from oils that clog pores like coconut oil . When it comes to choosing a scrub for oily skin, one particular ingredient to definitely look out for is salicylic acid. This acid has the ability to prevent acne .

Choose such scrub if you have dry skin

If you have dry skin then there is absolutely no need to use any special scrub for this. For this, it is beneficial not to use the scrub too frequently. For example, if people with other skin types are exfoliating twice a week, then people with dry skin should exfoliate once a week. Or it would be better to use a scrub once in 10 days.

Choose such scrub if you have sensitive skin

Even sensitive skin needs to be exfoliated regularly. Just keep in mind that this should be done once a week with very light hands. But yes, the effect of beauty products on this skin is quick. That’s why scrub for sensitive skin should be bought very thoughtfully.

Scrubbing is a good thing, but if it is not used properly, it will not be 100 percent effective. Then you yourself will start feeling the lack of scrub. That’s why it is important to learn the right way to apply the scrub.

When to scrub

Scrubbing is necessary but it should not be done daily. It is advisable to apply it twice a week. Meaning you do not have to do exfoliation regularly . Otherwise, its bad effects can also be seen.

What is the quantity of scrub?

For proper scrubbing and good results, it is necessary to take it in very small quantity. A coin-sized amount of scrub will be enough for your entire face.

How to scrub face at home

• If you have long hair and it often falls on your face, you should tie it first.
• Then start scrubbing your face by washing your hands. By washing your hands properly, you will not get bacteria from your hands on your face.
• Then wash the face with lukewarm water. Never use very hot water to wash your face. This can make your skin dry and damaged.
• Now take the scrub on your hand. Now apply it all over the face.
• Apply it gently on face, neck and neckline. Also, keep the scrub away from sensitive areas such as the area around the eyes.
• Next, move the fingers in a circular motion on the cheeks and forehead. Scrub all over the face with very light hands. Remember to move the scrub on the face in circulation motion only.
• Along with this, scrub well in other areas like T-zone (forehead, nose, chin and lips).
• You can scrub according to the time written on the scrubbing product. Alternatively, scrub the skin for 10-15 minutes.
• Then wash the skin with lukewarm water and after that use cold water to wash the face, which will help to tighten the skin and close the pores.
• When the face washing process is complete, do not wipe the face with a hard towel. Gently press the soft towel onto the skin and wipe it off.

What to apply on face after scrubbing?

After exfoliating, use a hydrating moisturizer . Moisturizing becomes a very important task after scrubbing. Therefore, after scrubbing, apply moisturizer on the face, it hydrates the skin from inside.
Toning should also be done well after scrubbing . You can use a cream or your favorite anti-aging serum after scrubbing before going to bed. This will make your skin more shiny and your skin will be very smooth when you wake up in the morning.
Benefits of scrubbing face – Benefits of face scrub

Scrubbing removes dead cells to reveal the healthy skin underneath. Moreover, once this dead skin is removed, it is able to breathe freely, which makes our skin look more radiant and glowing.
Scrubbing is a process that makes the skin healthy and beautiful. In this process, the work of removing dead cells deposited on the outer surface of the skin is done. This process can be easily done with machines in the parlor or even at home.
Regularly scrubbing the skin removes the spots on our skin .
This process is also effective for those who have oily skin or have a problem with pimples . Because it removes excess oil from the skin. But it should not be done when there are pimples on the face.
After scrubbing the skin, the skin is also soft and soft . This reduces the roughness of the face and increases the beauty.
It is beneficial not only for those with oily skin but also for those with dry skin. Applying moisturizer on the skin after scrubbing allows it to penetrate the skin and keep the skin soft for a long time.
Scrubbing does not allow the real age of the skin to appear. It controls the fine lines of the face and the glow lost due to age.
People’s questions about scrubbing

For how many minutes the scrub should be done

Scrubbing should be done on the entire face, neck and throat for 5 to 10 minutes. You can scrub according to the time written on the scrubbing product.

In how many days the scrub should be done?

Even though the scrub makes the skin smooth and scrubbing removes the dead skin cells. But if this process is repeated again and again, then the skin can also be damaged. Then the result is that after a few days it does not shine as before and the roughness increases. So scrubbing only 2 times a week is enough.

Which is the best scrub?

If we talk about the best face scrub, then you can choose the scrub according to your skin type , there are many brands of face scrubs available in the market, you can choose the best face scrub for yourself or you can do homemade face scrub at home. Scrub can be made.