How to say I love you to a girl

How to say I love you to a girl

Do you really love a girl from your heart and want to make her your girlfriend, but till now you have not proposed her and have not told her I love you, then you must read this post completely.

Because in this post, I will tell you a very easy and simple way, by following which you can speak your heart to your favorite girl.

There are many boys who love a girl very much and they dream of making that girl their girlfriend. Many boys even impress the girl and they also doubt that maybe the girl also loves him.

But the problem is that boys are very scared to say I love you to any girl and they become very nervous.

Because of which those people take a lot of time to say i love you to any girl, if you also want a solution to this problem, then you have to read this post till the end so that you will know how you can easily marry someone. You can also talk about your heart with the girl.

And after some time we are also going to share 101 ways to say I love you with you, but before that you must read this post carefully.

how to say i love you to a girl

How to say I love you to a girl
How to say I love you to a girl

1. Find Love

See, first of all you have to find out whether that girl also loves you or not, because it is very important and you must find out by doing this thing before proposing any girl.

Because until you do not find out about this, then there is no use of expressing your love to that girl. Just think for yourself that if that girl does not love or like you, then how will she accept your proposal.

But if you are absolutely sure that that girl also loves you, then you must say I love you to her, but you must follow the steps mentioned in this post.

Because by following these steps, the chances of getting your proposal accepted will increase.

2. Ask your heart

This step will give you a lot of confidence, before doing any work you have to prepare yourself. When you are mentally ready to do that work, then a lot of confidence comes in you.

You definitely get success in the work which you do with full confidence. In this step, first of all you have to ask yourself some questions like –

  • Do I really love that girl from my heart?
  • Can I spend my whole life with him?
  • Do I really like the company of that girl?
  • Will my life get better if he comes into my life?
  • Do you think that girl has everything that you like?

You have to ask yourself all these questions and you have to answer all these questions with a true heart. If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you should not be afraid of anything.

When you will ask all these questions to yourself and answer these questions with a true heart, then you will see a lot of confidence in you.

At that time you will feel that if that girl was in front of me at this time, I would have told her I love you right now.

3. Drive away fear

This is a big problem that almost every boy faces, he is very scared to speak his heart and he thinks what will happen if the girl refuses.

This fear is especially felt by those people who really love the girl sincerely and from the heart, those boys who do not feel afraid, then understand that they propose that girl only for timepass and they do not love them from the heart. Do.

So if you feel scared then it is natural because you love that girl very much and do not want to lose her under any circumstances.

But by living in fear, you will never be able to get out of it and this fear will always suppress you. Look friends, if your heart is true and your love too, then what to be afraid of.

You must have heard this proverb that “When you love, what to fear”, then you should repeat this thing in your mind, even this will give you some enthusiasm.

4. Use special days

Friends, this is a very good trick which you can definitely take advantage of. You know that Valentine’s Day, Rose Day and Friendship Day are celebrated every year.

If any of these days is coming near, then you can express your love to that girl on this day and the chances of that girl saying yes increase a lot.

Because this day is only for those who love and you can take full advantage of this day. There is one more day that you must make use of.

When you are going to say I love you to that girl, then it would be obvious that that girl would definitely be your good and best friend, right?

And birthday is such a day on which everyone gives gifts to the birthday boy and fulfills his every wish. So on this day you can speak your heart to that girl.

If your luck is good and that girl also likes you, then 100% that girl will definitely say yes to you, so isn’t it friends?

5. Don’t be in a hurry

Friends, do not ignore this step because I am saying this because there are many boys who very quickly say I love you to any girl.

But until you are completely sure that that girl really likes or loves you, then you should not express your love to that girl.

I wanted to tell this step earlier, but a little bit slipped from my mind, now I say that you do not have to be in a hurry, first you have to win the heart of that girl completely and then propose later.

6. Choose a quiet place

Now let’s get a little serious, now you have to request that girl that I want to talk to you very important, so please can you come to meet me please.

Friends, you have to request her and not order, otherwise the girl can also tell you directly that what is the work, speak on this.

And then here the boy again speaks softly, nothing in the bus, he was speaking like this only :). See girls should always be talked with love and if she is your friend and you will request her well then she will surely accept your request.

But it is not that you call him to such a place where he is afraid to come and does not feel comfortable.

You can call that girl to meet in a nice restaurant, coffee shop or park and if you call that girl at such a place, then she will not be afraid and she will definitely come there.

You also have to console him that please I just want to talk to you only for 5 minutes and then it will not be a problem for you to leave from there. But coming there once only for 5 minutes.

When you request him so much, then the chances of him refusing are very less.

7. Express love

Now friends, this is your final step, in this step you should speak your heart to that girl. Look, whatever preparation you had to do, you have already done it.

Now you do not have to be nervous and do not have to be afraid. As soon as that girl comes to meet you, you have to take a deep breath and say I love you to her.

You should reach that place 10 to 15 minutes in advance, otherwise it may not happen that the girl reaches there without knowing your whereabouts, it will become a comedy.

The girl will also think that he was making a big request that day and did not come today and it is possible that the girl may return from there and never listen to you again.

That’s why you have to reach that place 10 to 15 minutes in advance and at that time you have to think that “what will happen will be seen today, I will speak my heart.”

When you say this to yourself, you will feel very confident. When that girl comes in front of you, then you have to tell that girl sincerely and honestly the feeling of your heart and all the things that you think about her.

Friends, girls find out very well whether the boy is telling the truth or not. And if you like and love that girl from your heart, then it will be clearly visible in your words.

You don’t have to hide anything and don’t even feel ashamed because if you don’t tell your heart clearly to him now, then when will you tell.

When you tell her all your feeling and heart, then in the end you have to say I love you to that girl and then wait for her answer.

If that girl also likes or loves you, then she will immediately say yes to you. But there are some girls who want some time because it is a very important decision for them.

So you don’t have to force that girl and if that girl says that I need some time, then you should happily accept her point.

After 2 to 3 days you have to ask the answer from that girl and if you have followed all the steps well then 100% that girl will definitely say yes to you and then what? Take…. You have found the girl of your choice and she has become your girlfriend.


Friends, the time it took me to write this post was not that much in any other post, but I do all this because I like to help you guys.