How to romance

How to romance

In today’s article, we will tell you how to do romance. Romance is always between two loving people like husband wife or boyfriend girlfriend.

To make any relationship last for a long time, it is very important to say love, love and romance in that relationship. If there is a lack of romance in the relationship, then love also starts decreasing gradually.

If you are reading this article, then it is obvious that you want to know good tips on this topic and the right way to romance. There are many boyfriends, girlfriends or husband and wife who do not know how to romance.

It is not necessary that every boyfriend girlfriend or husband wife knows how to romance from the beginning. Everyone is not the same.

But if you read this post of ours carefully once, then you can make your love partner very romantic.

What is romance?

How to romance
How to romance

Before we know how to do romance, first of all we know what is romance after all.

Friends, due to love in the heart, the person in front does not know how much you love him.

To express the feeling of your love, you do romance with your love partner. It lets the person in front know how much you love us.

When you will not express the feeling of your love with the person in front, how will he know that how much love you have for him.

This way of showing love is called romance. By which you express your love feeling to your boyfriend or girlfriend by romancing.

11 The Right Way To Romance

1. Go on a romantic date

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, people do not get time to spend romantic time with their partner, due to which there is a lack of love between them.

In such a situation, go on a romantic date with your partner, this is a very good way to strengthen your love even more.

You can also take your partner on a surprise romantic date, it will make them very happy. Suddenly tell your partner to be ready, today we are going on a very romantic date, your partner will be very happy to hear this.

After this, you go to a nice restaurant or a place where there is no one else except you two.

2. Go to the seaside

You must have seen in movies that lover and girlfriend are walking on the beach holding each other’s hand and they both are feeling very romantic.

In the same way, you go to a nice beach with your partner and hold each other’s hand and walk along the beach.

While walking, both of you must share your heart’s words and feelings with each other. Apart from this, both of you can sit on the beach and talk about love.

This way of romancing is very unique. If you romance with your partner in this way, then their mind will be very relaxed.

3. Give rose flower

You must have seen that when a boy proposes a girl, then he sits on his knees and tells his heart to that girl and proposes her.

In such a situation, the girl gets very impressed, in the same way you can give a good rose flower or bouquet to your partner.

Many times it happens that after some time the feeling of love between boyfriend girlfriend or husband wife does not remain as it was before.

But you always have to keep such feeling alive and whenever you feel like taking a rose flower for your partner and gifting it to them.

By doing this, your partner will feel hundred percent that even today you love your partner as much as you used to do earlier.

4. Call them affectionately

Whether it is boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, everyone calls their partner by one or the other name of love, this creates a feeling of love between them.

But there are many loving couples who call their partner by their name only. Although there is nothing bad in this, but if we call our partner by a cute name then they like it very much.

If you have not yet chosen a nice and lovely name for your partner, then choose it today and next time call your partner by the same loving name.

We guarantee you that your partner will be very pleased with you.

5. Be Romantic in the Bedroom

Romance starts from the bedroom itself, so you have to put your bedroom in a clean and a little romantic atmosphere.

For this, you can use fragrant flowers, colorful lights, velvet sheets, aromatic room fresheners on the bed.

The atmosphere of romancing it will become even better. If both of you are husband and wife, then you must do this, because of this the feeling of romance between you two will increase even more.

6. Say I love you to your partner

The best way to express your love is to say I love you to your partner. Before marriage, the boy says I love you 50 to 60 times to the girl.

But as soon as those people become husband and wife, then after that I love you never comes out of their mouth.

This thing seems very strange. Is there no love between husband and wife as before after getting married? Or what is the reason for this?

If you guys want to maintain romance between each other, then whenever you get a chance, you must say I love you to your partner, it will make their mind feel very good.

7. Hugs with love

To make your partner feel loved, you can hug them in a very romantic way.

You must have seen in the pictures that when the lover stays away from his girlfriend for a long time or has not met, then both of them hug each other so hard.

And at that time both of their eyes remain closed and they both feel each other’s love and restlessness by hugging each other.

In the same way, whenever you meet your partner, give them a big hug, their mind will get a lot of peace.

Romance does not mean only physical romance, it is very important to do emotional romance as well.

8. Kiss on the forehead

This is a very good way to romance that you kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband wife with love on the forehead, which makes them very happy.

Whenever you talk, then suddenly in the middle you can give a loving puppy on his forehead. Or if you are a husband wife, then whenever you go out of work or come home from outside, then kiss your partner on the forehead full of love.

We give you a firm promise that we cannot express in words the happiness that will come in their hearts by doing this.

9. have fun

Sometimes we should also have fun with our partner. Friends, sometimes there is a lot of fun in having such fun and suddenly we do not realize when this fun turns into romance.

You can flirt and have fun with your partner. This creates a romantic mood very quickly.

If your partner is a little less romantic, then have fun with him and tease him with love, it may make him romantic.

10. Write Love Letters

Especially the distance between boyfriend and girlfriend is very high and they are not able to meet each other everyday. Then in such a situation, you can send your boyfriend or girlfriend by writing a loving and romantic love letter.

In the love letter, you ask about the feelings of your heart and about their well-being. This will make your partner feel very good.

Apart from this, there are many husbands who have to stay outside their city in connection with the job or job. Then in such a situation, husband and wife miss each other a lot.

In such a situation, you can send your partner by writing a loving love letter. Friends, although who writes love letters in today’s time, but the fun and love that is in reading letters, where is the fun found in talking on the phone these days.

11. Chatting

Nowadays it is the era of social media, internet is very cheap and everyone has a smartphone. Then if for some reason you are not able to meet your partner, then with the help of social media you can do loving and romantic chatting with each other.

Apart from this, you can also have good loving talks with your partner on Facebook and WhatsApp.

This is also a very unique way to romance.

how to romance on phone

Friends, now let us know that if you stay away from your partner. Or you are unable to meet your partner due to any reason, then how can you romance with your partner on the phone.

1. Sleep talking on the bed

If you want to romance on the phone with your partner, then for this you should lie comfortably on the bed and talk with your partner.

With this, the feeling of romance inside you will increase a lot and the person in front of you will also find your words very romantic.

We have seen that in today’s time, every boyfriend talks romantically with his girlfriend while lying on the bed, due to which the atmosphere becomes very romantic.

2. Kiss on the phone

You can give a loving kiss to your partner on the phone, it will increase the feeling of romance between you two.

As soon as you feel a lot of love for your partner, then immediately give them a loving kiss. This will give a lot of peace to his mind and a lot of feeling of love will arise in his mind too.

3. Compliment them

You should praise your partner on the phone. Whenever we praise our partner a lot, then they feel very good.

Talking about romance, then you can praise your partner’s lips, their hair, their eyes.

By doing this, a lot of romantic feeling will arise inside your partner.

4. Imagine

Whenever we talk on the phone with our partner, then it is obvious that our partner is not with us or is poor.

Then while talking with your partner, you have to feel that he is with you. Friends, this way of romancing on the phone is very good.

Whenever you say something or praise your partner, then try to feel that thing very well, in such a situation, the mood of both of you will become very romantic.


This was how romance is done. We hope that after reading this post, you must have come to know the right way to romance.

We also told you in this post that if you are away from your partner, then how can you romance on the phone.