How To Propose A Boy

How To Propose A Boy

Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. As easy as it is to love someone, it is much more difficult to express love. The one you love, if he also loves you, then no one in this world is happier than you. On the other hand, the memory of how you expressed your love stays with you forever, so this moment is very special. If you are wondering how to express your feelings to the one you love, then this article is for you. Here are more than 25 ways to propose a boy or express your love.

How To Propose A Boy
How To Propose A Boy

Let’s start with the different ways to propose a boy.

Top 25+ Ways to Propose a Boy

Boys are often expected to propose first, but this has become a thing of the past. In the new era, girls know both how to express and maintain love. If you are confused how to tell your heart to your partner, then the ideas given below can be helpful for you. Read below How to Propose a Boy for Love.

1. Propose in simple words

There can be dozens of ways to express love, but the best is the one that pleases you and suits your mood and nature. You can speak your heart out as clearly and simply as you are. Whether in person or over the phone. It would be better to talk about the heart together.

2. Candle Light Dinner

Candle light dinner is liked not only by girls but also by boys. During a candle light dinner with your love in a pleasant evening, you can just talk about your heart to him. You can plan candle light dinner according to your budget and choice at home or in a restaurant.

3. By writing a letter

You can also express your love by writing your heart out in a letter. This method is old of course, but it is still effective today. In this era of modernity, where people express their love by sending an SMS and WhatsApp message, hand written letters are something else. If you are hesitating to think how to say ilove to a boy directly, then pouring out your feelings on the pages through words can be the best option for you.

4. By giving rose flower

The red rose flower has always been considered a symbol of love. If you are unable to gather the courage to express your love to the boy, then you can express your heart by giving him a red rose.

5. Go for a walk

If the person you like is fond of traveling, then plan a trip with him to a nice place, which destination he likes. You can propose the boy by seeing a good opportunity while roaming there together. If you wish, you can also express your love by making special arrangements in the hotel or restaurant during the trip.

6. Giving the Ring

It is often seen that boys propose a girl in film style by sitting on their knees or putting a ring in a glass of wine, but it is not necessary that only boys can do this. According to the nature of your partner, if you want, you can propose him in a simple way by giving him a ring or sitting on his knees. Believe me, the film style option can work.

7. Sing or record a song

If you are fond of singing, then you can express your love to your special someone by singing a lovely song in your own voice. We know that not everyone is so comfortable in singing, so if you want, you can prepare a collection of your lover’s favorite songs and propose them by recording your voice with them and tell them how much you love them. Loves

8. Video Message

You can also express your love by recording a video message for your special someone. In the video, you can tell them that since when and why you want them by including pictures and videos of beautiful moments spent with them. Believe it, the way to propose a boy through video message will touch his heart.

9. By giving cards

You can also propose the boy by writing your heart’s words in the card. If you want, you can make a handmade card at home or buy it from the market and write a lovely message on it. If you want, you can also gift them roses and chocolates along with this card.

10. Surprise

Who doesn’t like surprises and when it comes to expressing love, it becomes even more special. If you live far away from them, you can surprise them by specially going to propose them. Just keep in mind during this time that when you go to him, he should not be busy with his work.

11. Printed T-Shirt

If you want to express your feelings to a boy, then printed T-shirts can also be a good option. If you want, you can give a cute message by getting his picture printed on a T-shirt, if you like to express your love more openly, you can get your gang of friends to print one-by-one words (like – will you be my boyfriend) on their t-shirts to propose to her. Are.

12. Message Board

You can also express your love through message board or chart. Standing in front of your love, you can propose him by writing his qualities and why you like him on each chart and by writing ilove on the last chart. This way of expressing love is very unique and they will surely like it.

13. Spend Time Together

Spend time together before pouring your heart out. If you want, you can go for long walks and picnics with them or spend time with them at home. While spending time together, you can tell him about your heart at the right time.

14. Expressing love in sports

You can also express your love in sports. You can play games like Ludo, Chess, Aankh Micholi and Truth and Dare with them. During this, you can playfully tell them how you feel for them.

15. Giving a Sign Surprise

If you want to propose a boy in a unique way, then sign surprise is the best way for you. In this, you can force them to reach you by giving different clues for them. After which you can propose them in a romantic way.

In this type of sign surprise, if you want, you can surprise them by giving them small gifts with different messages through someone or by giving them different signs to reach the special destination from their home.

16. Cooking His Favorite Food

It is said that if you want to reach someone’s heart, then its way passes through the stomach. In such a situation, you can invite them to eat by making special food of their choice. During this, you can easily tell them about your heart.

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17. Special Message (Radio)

If your someone special is fond of listening to special programs on radio, then you can propose them by giving special messages for them on that program. This method is a bit difficult, but not impossible. Some special programs are played on the radio, in which you can send your messages.

18. Through poetry and poetry

If you are fond of writing, then you can write a special poem or poetry for them and tell them what is their importance in your life. If you cannot write poetry or poetry yourself, then you can use the works of any other poet or poet to express your heart.

19. Movie Date

You can plan a movie date to express your love. When both of you are together in the theater, during a movie break or in a romantic scene, whenever you feel that the time is right, you can tell him about your heart. While planning a movie date, keep in mind the choice of your partner and make a plan to watch a movie together that both of you like.

20. With Friends

If you and your special someone are in the same friend circle, then you can take the help of friends to share your feelings with them. You can make some special surprise plan with friends to propose them or you can plan a trip to some nice place and propose them there.

21. Long Drive

You can also go on a long drive with your partner to express your feelings. You can also go on a long drive in a bike or car with them to watch the sunrise or sunset. During the long drive or after reaching the destination, you can tell them your heart.

22. Printed Magic Cup

If the one you love likes to drink tea or coffee, then you can also express your love through printed magic cups. You can get your message and picture printed on this magic cup. The special thing about this magic cup is that it will look like a common coffee mug, but as soon as you pour hot tea, coffee or water in it, the printed message and picture will emerge on it.

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23. Picture Collage Box

You can put countless pictures of him and yourself in the picture collage box. You can propose them by putting many pictures layer by layer in this box and finally by writing a ring or a letter in a small box, you can make this message box at home with a little effort or you can order it online by giving your photos.

24. Propose on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is also called the day of lovers. If the whole year you could not gather the courage to express your love, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for you. On Valentine’s Day, you can propose by giving them a gift, letter or by taking them to a special place.

25. Propose at a special event concert

If your crush likes watching a particular musician’s concert, cricket or football game live, then you can go to that game or show with them. During this, you can propose her in front of everyone after getting a chance. Believe me, they will definitely like this style of yours and they will not be able to say no to you.

26. Putting up a banner

If you are very vocal in expressing your love, then you can also propose her by getting a big banner installed. You can tell them how much you love them by putting a big banner outside their house or office. While proposing in this way, keep in mind the nature of your partner. Some people do not like to be the center of attraction in this way, so be careful not to embarrass them.

27. Kneeling

This way of expressing your love by sitting on your knees is very old. You can propose them by taking a ring and a bouquet of flowers in their hands with a few lines in their praise. In such a situation, they will not be able to deny you.

28. Where We First Met

To tell your heart, take them to the place where you both met for the first time. Remembering the moments you spent together at that place, tell him that you remember every moment spent with him from the beginning till now and how much you enjoy spending time with him. During this, you can express your love in words.

Next, let us tell you what to keep in mind while proposing a boy.

What should be kept in mind before telling the matter of the heart to the boy?

That moment is very special, when you express your love. During this, even a small mistake can turn water on all your hard work. So, when you plan to express your love to the boy, take special care of the following things.

  1. Tell the truth: Before expressing love, pay attention that whatever you say should be true. The foundation of any relationship should not be laid on lies. If you resort to lies to express your heart, then it is not good for your relationship either.
  2. Avoid artificiality: If you are going to tell him about your heart, then stay away from any kind of artificiality. Express your love clearly as you are. One should not have to change oneself and resort to any gimmick to get someone’s love.
  3. Don’t be shy: Don’t be shy at all while expressing your love. Just like boys are vocal in proposing their love, similarly you should also speak your heart without shyness.
  4. Take care of the mood: Whenever you plan to express your love, do take care of the mood of your partner. It may happen that when you are planning to propose them, their mood is not good and they are in tension due to some incident or incident at home, office or outside. In such a situation, many times a person can reject you even without wanting to.
  5. Wait for the Right Time: Wait for the right time to pour your heart out to your special someone. If you are new to each other, take time to understand and get to know each other. It is possible that the person you love also likes you, but is not ready to accept you right now because of his past or some other problem. In such a situation, you should give them more time.
  6. Don’t be afraid of rejection: Many times we hesitate to express our love for fear of rejection. In such a situation, you should stop worrying about the result and tell them your heart immediately. We can’t force someone to like you, but maybe the person you like is just waiting for you to make a move.
  7. Confidence: It is said that even God does not support the one who does not believe in himself. So, don’t lose your confidence when you express your love. Muster up the courage to propose him and listen to his reply with full confidence.
  8. Choosing the right place: Keeping in mind the nature and personality of your partner, choose the right place to propose. Some people feel uncomfortable in front of large number of people and prefer to spend time in solitude. So, make sure that your partner feels comfortable in the place where you plan to express your love.
  9. Give time to respond: After proposing to your partner, if he does not respond immediately, do not be in a hurry. After speaking your heart out, give him time to think and take a decision.
  10. Take care of the looks: We know how special this day is for you. So, when you go to propose her, take care of your looks as well. For this, prepare yourself according to your plan.

It doesn’t matter whether the boy or the girl expresses love. If you love someone, you should not suppress your feelings out of fear of shame and rejection. Through this article, we have tried to tell the best ways to propose a boy, so that you can easily express your love. We hope you have now understood very well how to propose a boy. We wish to God that the person to whom you are going to express your love accepts your proposal and fills your life with happiness.