How to make mint juice

How to make mint juice

Let’s know about How to make mint juice. Mint is very beneficial in summer. This keeps our health good. You can easily make it at home. That’s why in today’s post we are sharing with you the recipe of making Pudina Juice . You must try it.

How to make mint juice

Ingredients to make Pudina Juice

  • 250 grams mint leaves
  • eight teaspoons of sugar
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • a quart of salt


  • First of all, wash the mint leaves thoroughly.
  • Now we will take a mixie jar and put mint leaves in it.
  • Also we will put sugar, half cup and salt in it.
  • Now we will grind all these things.
  • If you want, you can also add milk to the juice.
  • If you are adding milk to the juice , then you cannot add salt to it and the amount of sugar will also be more.
  • Now we will filter the juice.
  • For this, we will take a sieve and keep a vessel under it.
  • Now put the juice in a sieve.
  • By filtering the juice, the waste of the mint comes out and the clear juice goes down into the vessel.
  • Now we will put lemon juice in it.

How to serve mint juice

  • Take out the mint juice in a glass tumbler.
  • Put mint leaves on top of a glass of juice.
  • Then you put small pieces in the juice and serve.